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Jude "Knowing"

The God of Knowledge

Responsibilities: God of Knowledge, God of Writing, God of Runes, Patron Deity of Lost Souls, Patron Deity of Lost Items, Patron Deity of Librarians

Symbols: Jude's symbol is an open eye with the pupil facing up. His formal symbol is elongated vertically, with a curved bar above and below. His symbolic animal is the owl.

Pantheons: Perception Triad, Nine Magic Gods, roped in as an interim Judgment God

"Family": Brother Jake - God of Lies, Sister Marie - Goddess of Truth


Personality: Jude is quiet and reserved, and has little to do with mortals. His interactions with the other gods are usually brief and to the point, and he doesn't like to get roped into plots. He is an upright sort of guy, who sees what is best and tries to bring it forward. However, he tends to only look at the big picture, and doesn't do well with or much care for little details. He was the only god who stood up for Jake the trickster god when he was ostracized.

Powers: Jude has very little direct power, beyond seeing and knowing everything as a perception god. Unlike the gods of truth and lies, what Jude sees he can always put into context and fully understand. He is also the only perception god to always have his third eye uncovered

Jude's knowledge makes him a powerful god, one of the nine gods of magic at the upper tier of the non-creation gods, though the magic he has is limited. His true power lies in his role as the god of runes and writing, which he gives to mortals to allow them to place other gods' magic into enchantments.

Since his brother Jake had to give up his duty as a judgement god, Jude took his place in the deciding of mortal souls' dues. This wasn't something Jude ever wanted to do, so his defence of mortals who stand in judgement is usually lackluster.

Jude's followers are a very calm bunch of people, whose main interest lies in the pursuit of knowledge. Usually they get by without needing to use his magic, but it is there when they need it.


Magic: As one of the magic gods, mortals can call on Jake's power for spells and enchantments. These include;
Translate. Depending on the language, complexity, and whether it is written or spoken, there are many different reagents that can be used. This magic can translate speech or writing into other languages, but relies heavily on the power of the caster. It is difficult to learn, and as such is usually not used as often as actually finding a person who speaks the two languages required to manually translate.
Find. Uses salt in specific patterns as a reagent. Used to find a person, creature, object or place that has been somehow lost. Requires a goodly amount of power and skill to work in a useful manner.
Enchant. Uses paint, ink, dirt, sand, charcoal or anything that can be used to write symbols, and water as reagents. Varies according to what other gods' magic will be used, but can be used to bind a few gods' magic into an object or place. Its specific uses include enchanting statues with perception magic to bring them to some sort of life as guardians, using Phoenix magic to create a fire spell that will hurt anybody who moves near the enchantment, and so on.
Dreamwalk. Uses salt or fine sand as a reagent. A specific form of enchantment spell, this uses the magic of Jude, Jake and occassionally Marie to see into the dreams of a person, animal or monster. It can also be used to travel to the general world of dreams and monsters that exists between LaRaGa and the mirror world. Magi with extremely powerful trickster magic can cast this spell without reagents.

Gifts: Jude gives gifts to the most dedicated of his followers - though often it can seem as though the way he measures dedication is somewhat random. To his favoured followers he gives the gift of a third eye. Though it is not a true third eyeball like the perception gods have, it is a stylised tattoo of an eye in their forehead, and many supernatural perceptive powers to boot. This eye lets them see things that they wouldn't otherwise see, like some invisible things, spirits, and occasionally they can see into people's minds, but usually not enough to directly read minds, unless the target is thinking particularly loud. But they can usually pick up emotions, and tell when somebody's lying.
Jake and Marie are also capable of giving third eyes like this, but they never do. However, tricksters will sometimes fake having a third eye to pull a scam.