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Marie "Truthful"

The Goddess of Truth

Responsibilities: Goddess of Truth, Goddess of Sight, Goddess of Justice

Symbols: Marie's common symbol is a dropped oval balanced on a small curved bowl. Her symbolic animal is the Rabbit.

Pantheons: Perception Triad, Nine Magic Gods, Judgment Gods

"Family": Brother Jude - God of Knowledge, Brother Jake - God of Lies


Personality: Marie is extremely aloof and does not have many interactions with gods or mortals. She is occassionally called on by mortals or gods to ascertain the truth of incidents, but she usually isn't interested.

Powers: As the goddess of truth, Marie sees all and knows all. Like the other perception gods, she has three eyes to allow her extra sight. She usually keeps all of her eyes covered under strips of cloth, which is rather ironic for a god whose power encompasses sight.

Marie and the rest of the perception gods used to be the most powerful gods underneath the triad of creation goddesses, but since her brother Jake the trickster god was er, demoted, the perception gods are the lowest tier of the nine magic gods. However, even when they were all poweful gods, Marie holds huge sway over her brothers, and always gets the best of her brother Jake when they make deals.

Due to a somewhat strange plan by Jake the trickster god, Marie became one of the gods who are present at the judgement of mortal souls on their death. The role of the judgement gods is to decide what debt a soul owes and will have to pay through hard trials before they are reborn. Marie always takes the side of the heavens in judgement, and presents reasons as to why a heavy penalty should be imposed on a mortal.

Marie's role as the goddess of justice was decided by mortals, as they saw her truth to be the ultimate justice and used her as a model for their various laws and proceedings. Followers of Marie can oversee courts of law, and Marie is always called before a legal matter is considered, though she seldom pays attention. Marie herself is not as concerned with justice as mortals perceive her, and has been known to pervert the cause of justice for personal gain.


Magic: As one of the magic gods, mortals can call on Marie's power for spells and enchantments. These include;
Second Sight. Uses specially prepared water as a regeant. Used to see through the eyes of another person, animal or monster. Has a limited range and duration, that grows with the skill of the caster.
True Sight. Uses specially prepared water with flowers of various types. Used to find out if a person is telling the truth. Is not known to be very reliable, unless used by an extremely talented truth mage.
Far Sight. Uses water, cloth and feathers as regeants. Used to temporarily view a place that is distant to the caster. Weak magi will only see fuzzy bits and pieces, but the most powerful truth magi can see great detail.

Curses: It is said that a curse from Marie will cause blindness, which is used by parents to compell their children to always tell the truth.