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Phoenix "Fire-God"

The God of Fire

Responsibilities: God of Fire, interim God of Healing

Symbols: Phoenix's elemental symbol is a stylised flame. His healing symbol is a simply-drawn feather with the tip pointing up. His symbolic animal is a flightless bird.

Pantheons: Nine Magic Gods, Elemental Gods, interim Healing God

"Family": Brother Leviathan - God of Water, Brother Ceraph - God of Wind. Son and Daughter Felix and Felicity, the Gods of Luck


Personality: Phoenix is fairly quiet. Not much is known about his mood. He is never seen on the mortal plane, and though he does value his followers, he never speaks directly to them or causes miracles.

Powers: Phoenix is the least powerful of the elemental gods, but that still puts him very high up on the scale of powerful gods. Heat and fire are his power, and most mortals use this magic as it is incredibly useful.

Phoenix and the other elemental gods were delegated healing magic when Gaea no longer wanted to interact directly with the mortals. He has the strongest healing power of his brothers, with the power to heal wounds and other injuries. Both his healing and elemental powers can be used by mortals, as he is one of the magic gods. Most of his magic is accessible without reagents.

As an elemental god, Phoenix has six immortal servants that help act as conduits of his power to LaRaGa. They are the Phoenix Clan, and are a pack of humans with his symbol on their neck. Phoenix has not been known to actually give them direct instructions though..


Magic: As one of the magic gods, mortals can call on Phoenix's power for spells and enchantments. These include some form of;
Fire. Uses sticks, sand or dirt as reagents, but does not require them. As an elemental spell, takes many different forms and can easily be mixed into an enchantment with Jude, god of runes' magic.
(Fatigue) Healing. Uses water, cloth and feathers as regeants. Used to heal wounds. Pretty handy stuff!

Curses: Phoenix never gives out curses, even if you go nuts and destroy a temple or something like that. His followers may take vengeance though.