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LaRaGa is the main world in which DHS Comix take place. It has three main continents; Gaenor, Solnor and Luonor, as well as an archipelago of islands commonly called Anor. These continents are split into many kingdoms, which are generally peaceful, though there are some notable exceptions. For the most part, travel between kingdoms is fairly safe.

Map of LaRaGa

(yes, this map is unfinished)

LaRaGa has many people and animal species, and when a creature dies they are reborn into a new form in the mirror world, unless they are magically attached to the world, in the case of the magic clans. Speaking of which, LaRaGa has three magic clans associated with the three Elemental Gods. They are the Phoenix, Leviathan and Ceraph clans of immortals. They are the servants of the elemental gods in the LaRaGan realm, and mostly spend their time helping people with their magic.

LaRaGa also has three schools for magic and heroes; Dhark's Hero School in North Solnor, Hero High in Southern Solnor, and Adventurer Academy in Luonor.