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General Traits:

Dragons are a highly magical type of monster. They are always scaled. Dragons may have four to six limbs - two arms, two legs, and sometimes two wings. Though, some are bipedal and others quadrapedal, so the arms may be forelegs. They can also have horns and spines over their head, back and tail, or manes and other tufts of hair. Dragons are usually very brightly-coloured.
Like most monsters, dragons have innate magic. Their magic is usually very powerful, but tends to be specialised around an element. Eg, a dragon may be fire elemental and have fiery breath, and the ability to withstand any flames. As well as this magic, they tend to be physically strong, and have tough hides that are difficult to pierce with standard weapons.
Intelligence-wise, dragons tend to be on par with people. They are very smart, and can learn to read, write and speak multiple languages. However, they tend to live in insular, tribal society groups, known as flocks. Most of them speak lingo and monster-tongue, less of them learn to read and write. They are usually peaceful, though they can be quite territorial. People try not to mess with dragons, because of their strength and magic.
Dragons tend to live in remote regions, high in the mountains. Some dragons do live among people, but it is rare. More often, individual dragons have been known to befriend heroes and adventurers.
The average lifespan of a dragon is around 300 years.


Dragons are an old race of monsters, coming from before the world split. It is said that they used to be considered a group of people... but despite their intelligence, they prefer to be known as monsters.

Because they tend to stay out of cities and don't often write, dragons do not appear much in recorded history.


Loki Kiborn of Random Encounter reckons dragons are "like people, only more annoying".