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The Golem Race

General Traits:

Golems come in several different types - dirt, stone and wood. They are shaped like any of the other races of people, albeit without hair, feathers, fur or skin.
Most Golems have wings, but there's some that were created to look more like humans.
Being a created race, the golems have no patron god.
The average lifespan of a golem is unknown, a lot of them tend to keep to themselves and avoid contact with other people. It is suspected they are eternal - or as near enough to eternal as any would like.


Golems were created long ago by a league of magi using powerful magic now forgotten. They were created out of dirt, stone and wood as a cheap labour source for the magi (who were likely sick of having to feed conventional slaves) and given very limited intelligence.
Other magi who were privvy to the creation of the golems but weren't too keen on the idea of people creating a new species entirely for serving them secretly banded together and made a spell that would bless the golems with the same intelligence as regular people (of course, this spell was of a now-lost art of magic). Once this spell was cast the golems mostly left their creators peacefully and set up communities of their own.


As golems are a race created by magical means, their means of reproduction is a little... different. When two golems love each other very much they can create a new golem by taking a little of the magical life-force that keeps each of them alive (that's right, there can be more than two partners) and put it into a lump of stone, dirt or wood which then molds it into a person-like form and becomes a new golem. However golems do not do this often.
The creation of defensive monster statues is thought to be similar magic to what created the Golem race, which is probably why very few people use this magic anymore.
Rumours persist that the descendents of Golems have slowly become another race - the Homunculus.