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The Human Race

General Traits:

You guys came here really wanting to know about what a human is...? Well, I know someone who can help you.
Humans in LaRaGa can use magic just as well as most species of people. They have no innate magic, and need to pray to a god to gain magic.
The patron god of the humans is Jared, the God of War.


Gaea created humans pretty early, and since then they're been doing stuff. Not much stuff, mind. Though I guess they are the race most likely to become heroes. Or half-monsters for that matter.


Humans are the most common race on LaRaGa. There are more of them than any two other species, so that's quite a lot.
Humans are the most common peoples to undergo magical transformation to become halfies.
Almost all of Gaea's servants (Nature powers and Chaos powers) were once human.