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The Yowie Race

General Traits:

Also known as yetis or sasquatches, depending on the region, yowie are a tall, heavily built humanoid race. They are covered in fur that ranges from very long and silky, to very short and coarse. Their fur colours are natural browns, greys, blacks and whites, which may be spotted or striped. Some of them have manes down their backs or around their head and shoulders. They all have yellowed eyes, naturally broad shoulders, and a slightly hulking appearance. Their forearms and wrists are very thick, and they are naturally disposed to putting on a lot of muscle.

Despite their bulk, and their oversized fangs, yowie are generally not very fierce. They tend to prefer to take things slowly. Though their normal gait is a lumbering pace, they can move surprisingly fast when they have to.

Yowies have an average spellcasting ability, and get their magic from the gods, similar to most persons.

The average lifespan of a yowie is 100 years.


Yowies have been around in small numbers for as long as humans have. They are scattered around LaRaGa and GaRaLa, but are not especially numerous. They have small pockets of settlements in very remote places, which do welcome in non-yowie persons, but due to their remoteness, tend to be mostly yowie.

For several hundred years after the Splitting of the World, Yowie were thought to no longer exist. But an intrepid exploring scaler found one of the yeti villages in the high ranges of a mountain, and following that, more settlements came to light.

About the same number of yowies live in remote yowie settlements as live outside of them. But there aren't many settlements, and they are quite scattered, so it's rare to see a yowie.


Underneath their fur, yowie have dark skin.
For the plural, both "yowie" and "yowies" are acceptable.