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Sunday, 13th November, 2005

Okay, so that was the final RE from the first volume. But recently, I have been reading real comic books, and am kind of embarrassed by how lame Random Encounter is. It just rambles on... So next volume, I am going to do something different!
First up, I'm going to put all of the first year of Random Encounter into a seperate archives page, and call it "book 0" or something lame like that. The next volume will be able to be read without reading that one, and with any luck it'll be much better. Now is some news that might irritate some people... and I'm really sorry, but I'm thinking I won't include all of the fancharacters in the next volume. So that means that all of those random people in the last year's comics that were at DHS (like the ninja, the pirate-viking and so on) won't be in the next volume, as well as all you people I promised would be.
I'm realllllllly sorry, but I swear I'll make it up to you by making decent comics. Or trying to, at the very least. At the moment I've got the title page of the next volume sketched, and I think it's pretty spiff. It's certainly more detailed than any of my previous works. As for the actual comics, for once I'm planning them before I draw them. Crazy stuff! I've got three comics planned out completely, and have started the sketches, and for once that means I have three comics in which things actually happen. Crazy! Many of the cells are much, much more detailed than anything I've done yet, so I hope it will work out well. The planning looks good, at the very least. When I get those comics done, you'll also notice that there are many more cells per page than I've previously done. Hopefully this will help me avoid comics where nothing happens, because geez I've been good at running off those in the past.
Um, so I really hope you guys like the next volume of Random Encounter, and if you don't and/or are really upset at any changes I've decided to make, please feel free to anger up the forums [ed note: forums were taken down in like 2008-ish?] because otherwise I wouldn't know what you think!