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Mariam Noles

Name: Mariam Noles

Nicknames: None

Classification: Alchemist

Age: 15

Gender: F

Species: Halfie (human/dog)

Roomate: Sen Mori

Family: Brutus (father), Ellie (mother), considers her mentor, Zira, and fellow apprentices, Pachabel and Lee, to be family

Character: Mariam is an incredibly friendly person. She seems to enjoy anyone's company, even if that someone does not enjoy her company, which makes some people see her as annoying. Mariam is an optimist, even in the worst of situations, this makes others perceive her as naive. She likes to thoroughly think a problem through before jumping to conclusions and acting, but this makes people think she is indecisive and spacey. Mariam seems mostly oblivious to the impressions some people get from her, so she can't really mind it.

She does get caught up in her own thoughts very often, so sometimes she has difficulty paying attention. Even during class sometimes, her mind wanders to other problems. Though she is very intelligent, whenever she is called out on being absent-minded, she thinks of herself as stupid. No matter how thorough she is when trying to solve problem, she still makes mistakes, which she finds especially embarrassing. Whenever she messes up, she tends to spend hours mulling over it. Her self-doubt and lack of self-esteem often causes her to seek validation from friends.

History: Mariam's story will be told in Dhark's Hero Stories.

Mariam was apprenticed under the skilled alchemist, Zira. While Mariam was a talented potionmaker, she started feeling bored and restless and wanted to seek out something new and exciting, but also didn't want to give up something she was good at doing. Her mentor recommended hero school if Mariam wanted something more interesting. Zira was also under the impression that alchemy class was a standard thing at hero schools.

Mariam is rather disappointed that there is no alchemy class at DHS, to say the least.