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Muna Vox

Name: Muna Vox

Nicknames: None

Classification: Fey Mage

Age: 17

Gender: M

Species: Fey (human)

Roomate: Nova Kier

Family: Holland (adoptive father), Falcon (adoptive brother)

Character: Muna is a rather cynical fellow. He doesn't trust a lot of people and tries to keep others at a distance. He combats the well-meaning friendliness of others with biting sarcasm, acts arrogant, or will straight-up ignore someone. He does have a few friends, who he also is sarcastic and cocky with, but y'know, in more of a 'friendly banter' sort of way.

The main thing that makes him wary is how one's religion influences their social interactions. As a fey, Muna doesn't have to rely on a god to be powerful, so he chooses not to follow any gods. This is mainly because he doesn't want to be held up to the standards of certain religions, mostly the ones that advocate killing people. As a result, he tends to become friends with people who have unusual views on their religions, for example, Jin Colfer, who doesn't believe that she has to kill Light Powers because she is a Dark Power.

Muna also seems to have a soft-spot for tricksters. He pities them for being hunted down by elementalists, especially because they seem to be incredibly harmless. This has resulted in an unlikely friendship with Puyon Mannula, who is always grateful when her intimidating fey friend tells others to shove off of bothering her for being a trickster.

Muna especially dislikes zealots. He lacks any patience or tolerance for people who would gladly kill someone in the name of their god. He also hates people who act self-righteous because of their religion. Really, he hates Nova Kier, but stays his roommate out of the interest that nobody else will have to deal with him.

History: Muna's story will eventually be told in Dhark's Hero Stories.

As a child, Muna always felt like a bit of an oddball for being a fey. Nobody could really teach him how to use his powers, and he felt awkward trying to follow his family's religion. He learned at an early age that one shouldn't use their powers to deliberately cause harm. Muna looked up to people who used their strength and magic to do good, mainly, he admired heroes, and has dreamed of becoming one since he was young.

A devastating incident cost him his family one day, and was adopted by one of the heroes who rescued him. Holland, his adoptive father, sent Muna to DHS rather than apprenticing him because he wanted Muna to befriend people who have similar aspirations as him.

Powers: As a Fey, Muna's magic is uniquely his own. He is capable of producing his magical energy into something that acts as if it were physical. He's practiced his magic to make it so that it has rather flexible usage. With this, he can...

Muna is determined to make as much use of his Fey magic as possible, so he spends a lot of time practicing what he can do and experimenting with his abilities. Among his other abilities, he's also capable of floating and flying. He hasn't had much opportunity to use his powers in combat or anything, but is well prepared for when he has to.