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Sen Mori

Name: Sen Mori

Nicknames: Momo

Classification: Traipse, Novice Archer

Age: 17

Gender: F

Species: half-human, half-'taur (sheep)

Roomate: Mariam Noles

Family: Ryou (Father), Taro (brother), Keita (cousin)

Character: Sen defies many expectations that one would have for a traipse. While the travelling people are known to be carefree, she has a hard time going with the flow of things and is often troubled by whatever worries she may have on her mind. Despite all the travelling she's done and all the people she's met, she has a hard time interacting with people she doesn't know and avoids socializing with most people. She prefers being in the company of other traipses, like Delta and Kin, though she has been trying since she came to hero school to befriend other people.

While initially reserved and shy, an entirely different person comes out Sen is with close friends. She can talk for long periods of time about anything if she's comfortable. She also enjoys joking around with friends, teasing them, and may even show a mischievous side with the occasional prank. She doesn't take well to being pranked herself, however, and she is easily startled and prone to panicking. She doesn't like showing the more vulnerable side of herself to others and will bottle in her emotions until she's reached a breaking point.

History: Sen's story will eventually be told in Dhark's Hero Stories.

As a traipse, Sen has met many kinds of people. Her caravan was full of many kind and hospitable people who often invited other travellers to come with them, for safety. Sen always admired the friendliness of her fellows, even though she was not particularly social. When towns turned away her caravan, she would be confused as to why people were so unwelcoming to traipses. While she eventually learned that tricksters were to blame for suspicions towards traipses, she refused to hold a grudge towards them until she actually met a trickster pretending to be a traipse.

fter an incident that made her realize that some people may even act as hostile towards traipses as they would tricksters, she decided to go to hero school so that she could better defend her family and friends. Sen has no prior experience with combat or using magic offensively, so she has much to learn. After learning that Delta was an archer, she decided to try learning it herself.