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Today's comic, The Breaking, for Sunday 20th of August 2017

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Sunday 20 August

Heeeeeere's an update of The Breaking! Guess that about finishes that scene, so next time... Deimi or Lavender or Syrras? We shall seeeeee

So! Merlin status. Still in hospital, and have been since Wednesday morning. I'll be here at least until Monday, possibly longer... Quite sick... but it's still a mystery as to why. Saturday was a nice change in that I could actually sit up for long enough to use my laptop (so good), but mainly it's been a horrible mess.

So! Comics... Random Encounter will definitely not update tomorrow, because that is rather a lot of work to handle while I'm this ill. New Game+ and Death's Door, definite maybes. Depends what happens Monday (really hoping it is finally a diagnosis, but idk how lucky I feel :V)

Thursday 17 August

Here's today's New Game+ update!

Me I have been in the emergency department all day and am also there right now so probably there won't be an update tomorrow because I don't have anything buffered. Maybe there will be an update on Saturday or Sunday?? I guess we'll seeeeeee what happens

I cannot recommend being sick, it's not a lot of fun

Wednesday 16 August

Time for this week's Death's Door, and it's a double-update this week! Yeah Ra had no idea that vampires didn't immediately pwoof into dust until she tried that :V very lucky for her!

Tuesday 15 August

Here's today's New Game+ update! Next few pages are probably going to be a bit of a bummer, but that seems to have been the theme for the past two volumes.

Still sick, so there's a good chance I'll miss updates this week but I'll do my best.

Monday 14 August

Still ill, but I managed to pace myself a bit better today and manage a Random Encounter update! ....50/50 chance Loki caught that.

Sunday 13 August

OK! Still not well. This illness is very annoying... I've been complaining about it a lot on twitter, but it's pretty much just how sick I was prior to getting surgery in April... which is what the surgery was meant to solve! Super annoying... Pretty bad today again, so I haven't been able to draw The Breaking. So what's up instead? HRMMM A NEW COMIC, that's the opposite of taking it easy and not updating... except these pages were already done so-

Well! I guess this is like, a sneak preview of a comic that will start updating either later this year or, far more likely, early next year! My current plan for comics is, when Death's Door finishes in the next few months, I'll bump New Game+ up to 3x updates per week, then when that's done... I'll finally put Fall on a regular update schedule, and this will be the comic I'll be running in the other empty slot!

That's a little while off though... but here's some comics, and now I go to sleep hopefully. I would like to feel better soon I think.

Saturday 12 August

No Dhark's Hero Stories update just yet, but there is a catch up on that missed New Game+ update!

Friday 11 August

Feeling a little better than I have been the past two days, so here's a Random Encounter update! Loki in charge? That would be..... something

Thursday 10 August

Yep. Sick. Sorry! I'll try to catch up on this missed update a bit later on...

Wednesday 9 August

Here's this week's Death's Door update!

And as a heads up, there's a possibility comic updates may be delayed a bit later in the week, feeling reaaaallly sick. Cannot recommend.

Tuesday 8 August

Time for today's New Game+ update! Still a bit disjointed, this story. Dang head-injured narrators...

Monday 7 August

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Sorry for that missed page last week, hopefully I can catch that up (and the other ones) at some point! Step 1: stop being sick. Working on that :V

Sunday 6 August

Well, didn't get everything done, but I got a lot of things done. What I did get done is this week's The Breaking update! Good excuse, Dyaris.

Saturday 5 August

Here's this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Previous page is now coloured, too!

I'm going to try to update Random Encounter tomorrow, but chances are good I'll only able to update The Breaking. In which case I'll update the IOU's to add that extra missed page :V

Friday 4 August

Getting close to the end of this shuffled week, here's a New Game+ update! And, er... might be missing tomorrow's Random Encounter update, which sort of defeats the whole point of shuffling the updates but oh well. I'll do my best! ..but I don't expect at this point that I'll have the time to do that and everything else I gotta do today. Sorry!

Thursday 3 August

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Still wanna try and do more bonus pages of this comic! ...But then when I sit down to draw it I also want to take a nap instead. Conflicting priorities...

Still a bit sick. Seeing doctors and stuff though, and trying not to let it slow me down too much. But it is slowing me down a little. I know, I been sick a whiiile. Been too sick this year, gonna be super stoked once I'm completely not sick.

Wednesday 2 August

Still not quite caught up, got a lot of stuff to do this week... but here's a New Game+ update! Feels weird to be updating these on a different day, throwing my whole feeling of what day it is off, haha

Tuesday 1 August

So! It occurred to me that Random Encounter is a very difficult comic to catch up on, due to how long it takes to draw a page. So instead of owing a page of that, I'm rearranging updates this week to hopefully sort everything out. Everything'll be shifted down one day until I'm caught up. So! Here's today's Random Encounter update!

Also feeling a bit under the weather again (dang stomach) and my arm is giving me a bit more trouble than usual this week, so there's a chance more updates will be delayed. Hopefully everything settles down and I can work through it, though!

Monday 31 July

Sorry! Very tuckered out from travelling, gonna call this one an early night. I've added this missed page to the tracker, so hopefully I can start getting caught up on those pages sometime...

Sunday 30 July

Right! Guess I'm just about done being on holidays, gonna fly home today and get back to work. But for now, here's a The Breaking update! "Tyrell, are you a cop? You gotta tell me if you're a cop." -Dyaris, probably

Saturday 29 July

True to form, I spent yesterday with a sore stomach and grumbling about walking, haha. But those are minor, because it was altogether a lovely day! I took a trip down to Tasmania to see an art exhibition I've been really excited about seeing, and it was even better than I thought it would be! Now to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing mostly. Less walking, more meandering. Less skipping breakfast, and more actually eating proper food at proper times, yesss

Anyway! Enough ramble, there's no Dhark's Hero Stories page this week so what there is is another Death's Door update.

Friday 28 July

Here's some kind of Random Encounter update!

It's true, I'm old now. I have trouble digesting food and I get tired easily and I can't lift anything heavy. Oh wait hang on... :P

Thursday 27 July

Aaaand here's today's New Game+ update! This week is going pretty OK. And pretty quickly! That's good.

Wednesday 26 July

Here's this week's Death's Door update. Unfortunately not a double-update this time... maybe I can sneak in more updates sometime later though, I would rather put out a lot of comics at once and push through all the most bummer part of the story, yes

Tuesday 25 July

Here's today's New Game+ update! I literally could not help myself, I had to make Break's grandpa say that :V

Monday 24 July

Time for a new week, and hopefully it is a much much better week than last week. Anyway, time for a Random Encounter update. Featuring a bunch of people who are not jerks (and also Loki)

Sunday 23 July

Here's this week's The Breaking update

Saturday 22 July

Here's this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update. Colour will follow a bit later. The previous page is also fully-coloured now, so definitely check that out

Friday 21 July

Here's a Random Encounter update

Thursday 20 July

Here's today's New Game+ update

Wednesday 19 July

Not a great week, I may still miss some updates later on, but for now here's a double Death's Door update. Moving this story along!

Tuesday 18 July

Here's today's New Game+ update

Due to some real-life stuff I might miss out some updates for the next few days

Monday 17 July

Time for a Random Encounter update! What kind of monsters are we talking about, and will they be worse than Ulani? Important questions needing answers :V

Sunday 16 July

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Dyaris knows what's up. But only that much, still not at all clear on who called the bounty...

Saturday 15 July

Puyon's a bit busy this weeek too, so no Dhark's Hero Stories update right now. However that works out well for me, because I've got another Death's Door update! Why does that work out?? Well I spent some time this week doing layouts for the entire rest of Death's Door and am super excited to draw some of that, for one. I'm usually only two to three weeks ahead on layouts, so being nearly 6 months ahead on layouts is a change! That said nearly 6 months is a bit long. I really want to finish Death's Door before the end of the year. So I'm going to have to sneak in a few extra pages here and there. Yeah! Works out!

Friday 14 July

Wooo getting close to the weekend! Must mean it's time for a Random Encounter update! Hmmmm. She seems like a nice lady :V

Thursday 13 July

And time for another New Game+ update! Updating a bit early today because I want to go to bed... zzzz... Still getting over this cold that I managed to catch on the way back from the US.

...I keep being surprised at how far along I am in New Game+. There's like only 3-ish volumes left?? What happened...

Wednesday 12 July

Right! Here's this week's Death's Door update! On the actual update day this time :V

Tuesday 11 July

Here's today's New Game+ update! Pffft. Having to look at a whole heap of old comics for reference for this stuff. Including the first page, since that's where we last seen little Darkling!

Monday 10 July

Time for a new week, and time for today's Random Encounter update! Lots of forest shots... there's gonna be a lot more of that this volume :V But time for village shots, next time!

Durr hurr it only occurred to me today that I totally spaced on Saturday's update... Saturday hasn't been Death's Door's update day for quite some time now, but I was convinced it was time for Death's Door. Well! Worked out fine anyway, you get an extra Death's Door update and there wasn't a Dhark's Hero Stories update ready for the Saturday slot so nobody missed out on nothing!

Anyway... I keep thinking I want to start a new comic, even though I've got all these ones and also Fall which updates extremely extremely sporadically. What I really ought to do is like, wait until one of the current ongoing comics is finished, then I can start updating Fall more regularly and also start up said new comic. However, I could also just post what I got and add it to the list of "updates sometimes" comics and then when one of the current comics is done update that and Fall regularly... HRMMMM.... I like posting loads of comics, but should I be sensible for once...?

Sunday 9 July

Aaaand here's this week's The Breaking update! Do we know any fey...? Hrrrmmmm...

Slowly getting back into the swing of drawing comics, but still moving a bit slow! Hopefully there won't be any missed updates in the next week but uhhh we'll see.

Saturday 8 July

Here's this week's Death's Door update! I suspect I will regret dressing alive-Ra that snappy in approximately 1 page

Friday 7 July

OK, back to normal updates! Here's today's Random Encounter update! Back to this volume, yesss

Err.... actually managed to catch some horrible cold on the plane ride home, so recovery post-con might be a bit slower than I would like. I'll try not to miss any updates, but no promises!

Thursday 6 July

Right! Sorry for the slight delay on this one, but here's the last page of that little Random Encounter filler volume! Hope you enjoyed it, and I will return to normal updates tomorrow, as I'm finally back in Australia!

I had a lot of fun at Anthrocon, met loads of fantastic people! Just a pity that it's such a long trip... takes a little while to recover from

Monday 26 June

Random Encounter has updated! And in a few short hours I head to the airport and then on to the US, and then on to Anthrocon! I've set up an auto-updater, so for the next ten days (assuming I wrote it correctly, haha) there will be a small Random Encounter filler volume going up!

I haven't written news posts to go with the updates though, so keep an eye on the date at the top of the page! I'll see you all on the other side~

Sunday 25 June

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Back to Dyaris for now~ well, for right now, since next week there won't be a The Breaking update. Hopefully should be the week after, though.

Haven't decided yet what exactly will update tomorrow. Next week will be entirely Random Encounter though, mostly or entirely a filler volume. If I get time to draw the next actual page before I leave then I'll post that, otherwise, full filler ahead!

Saturday 24 June

Getting awful close to the end of the week! Here's this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Colour will be up a little later, but hey welcome to the new volume!

Friday 23 June

Whaaaat happened?! When did it get so close so the end of the week? Well! Guess it's time for a Random Encounter update!

Like I mentioned in less detail earlier, from Monday I'll be on holiday. I'm going to Anthrocon! Which is a long trip for me, being all the way in Australia and Anthrocon being all the way on the other side of the USA from here. So that'll be a fun trip! And I'll be posting some filler comics while I'm gone. Which should be like 12 days? I mean I know how many days I'll be gone, but I'll also probably post a bit of filler while I get over the tiredness from travelling so far. Slowly getting together what I'll post and hopefully there will be enough to cover the whole time, but if there isn't... well, I'll just post whatever I get done.

Thursday 22 June

Here's today's New Game+ update! Dark's story may be a little familiar to some... but that'll have to wait for at least an extra week! Still working on what I'll be posting next week while I'm on vacation, but it's going pretty well so far. Hopefully I can keep that up a bit. We'll see.

Wednesday 21 June

Slowly creeping through the week! Here's this week's Death's Door update! Very persuasive.

Tuesday 20 June

Right! Time for a New Game+ update! Things going right for a change?? Preposterous.

Monday 19 June

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Not late for a change, woo.

Also, a week from now is when I head over to the USA for a bit over a week, so... trying my hardest to build up a bit of comics to run during that time, but we'll seeeeee. Whatever I get done I'll queue to post while I'm gone. Hopefully I can get together a lot more than I have done so far, because so far I only got 5 pages and that is nnnnnot enough.

Sunday 18 June

Time for this week's The Breaking update! I guess we're all caught up on Deimi for now... so maybe next week we can check up on what Dyaris is up to!

Saturday 17 June

Right!! Sorry again for the delay, on top of everything else my body is still slowly healing and I still do feel a mite unwell. Getting better, but still less than healthy. I'll be very happy once everything's right again I think!

Anyway, lots of things for you today! Here's yesterday's delayed Random Encounter update! I also removed Monday's filler from the archives for now, I'll slot it in a better place in the archives a bit later.

There's also the start of the new Dhark's Hero Stories volume! The previous page is also coloured, too

Friday 16 June

Sorry! Still moving slow, so today's update will be delayed. It's more than halfway inked, so I don't think there will be any problems getting it done for tomorrow though!

Thursday 15 June

As promised, today's New Game+ update is the title page for the new volume! It's not called "Death", so that's a good sign, right?

Wednesday 14 June

Time for this week's Death's Door update! Leo will probably have to pay to repair Tish's door, yes