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Taking a break for a few days!

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Friday 14 December

Hiiii sorry, going to take a few days off. Dealing with some stuff, hopefully should be back on board in a few days.

I'm OK, I will take some time, and be back a little later in the piece

Thursday 13 December

Hey there's no Mysteries of the Obscured update today?? Indeed! Today begins Key! It's a comic... about Key! Who is the person standing right there.

Because my friends, I did not have enough comics.

Wednesday 12 December

Here's today's Darkness Falls update! And the crew maybe learned a valuable lesson that just because somebody put a giant curse of darkness on a castle, doesn't mean they're evil (probably). Sometimes people just do that for funsies (I guess??)

Tuesday 11 December

Comic time, time for comics!! Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update!

Monday 10 December

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Well she did say she was going to punch Mort in the face

Sunday 9 December

Summer has finally hit and it is too hot to draw today, hrgnnnn. Plus I'm working this weekend, so alas I don't have a huge amount of time, so I'm taking today off byeeeeeee

Saturday 8 December

Here's this week's Fall update! When is it ever not time for pranks, though

Friday 7 December

Tiiiime for a lil Random Encounter update, because I am too tiredsick for a big Random Encounter update!

Do I have too many characters?? no never

Thursday 6 December

Hey time to catch up from yesterday!

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! Colfer's backstory in 1 page.

And today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! The best reporter is the one who turns into the biggest spider. That's just how journalism works.

Wednesday 5 December

Once again I'm a bit too unwell to draw comics. My secret is, I'm always sick. But hopefully tomorrow should be less queasy, hopefully!!

Tuesday 4 December

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Well we can't all already be dead, Ophidia.

Monday 3 December

Time for today's Random Encounter update! Raley you goofball.

Sunday 2 December

I'm sleepy and got caught up all day doing things that aren't comics. Today's comic should hopefully be up!! ...just a bit late

late update: COMIC'S UP sorry for the delay!!

Saturday 1 December

Here's this week's Fall update! Something different, layout-wise, this week! Because why not.

Friday 30 November

Still running a bit behind on this page! Here's the latest Random Encounter page... but just lines for now, colour will follow a bit later in the week hopefully.

late edit: colour's up!!

Thursday 29 November

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! These two... are both terrible reporters.

Wednesday 28 November

Time for this week's Darkness Falls update! Colfer you are the worst evil dictator

Tuesday 27 November

Let's get back on-track with a Mysteries of the Obscured update! It's a fair question, though. After all, that one snake-lady's eyes are glowing and all.

Monday 26 November

I should have guessed all those late updates would come to bite me and give me no time to finish today's Random Encounter page. So.... yeah! That happened. I've gotten started on it, but it won't be done today. Alas. Not so many regrets though, I did skip The Breaking the week before so having that done was higher-up on my to-do list. Anyway! This page will be up later in the week. Sorry for the continued delays!

Sunday 25 November

Another late comic day! Here's this week's The Breaking update! Hrmmmm

Saturday 24 November

Here's a late Fall update! Yeah continuing the late update train. I may or may not break it tomorrow, by not updating at all?? Haha I'll see what I can do :P

Friday 23 November

And now Random Encounter will be a bit late but still up on Friday :V bear with me!

(late LATE edit): Sorry for the delay!! Here's that Random Encounter update!

Will Fall be late next?? All signs point to: yes

Thursday 22 November

Hiii!! There's six new pages of Snorse starting from here, and Mysteries of the Obscured should be up a bit late but still on Thursday, going to take a nap but I should get it done in the morning!!

(late edit) And now there's a Mysteries of the Obscured update! Time for another nap

Wednesday 21 November

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! Wait... what

Tuesday 20 November

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update!! Oh I guess that's what Ophidia did.

I did actually get some Snorse pages done too but I'm too lazy to scan them right now so they will be up a little later in the week!

Monday 19 November

Random Encounter is allllllso going to be late! I'm a lil sick, a lil sleepy, and decided to play the new pokemon game instead ha ha... sorry! I'll try to have comics up tomorrow, probably the regular MotO update and hopefully some more pages of Snorse!

Sunday 18 November

Friday's Random Encounter page is now coloured, but this week's The Breaking is going to be late or maybe not update, I'll seeeeee. I will try to update with something in the morning, it should either be that or the last missed Mysteries of the Obscured page :V

late update: Mysteries of the Obscured has updated! It was quicker to draw haha

Saturday 17 November

Here's this week's Fall update! Hrmmm. HRMMMMM that's probably too obvious, isn't it?

Friday 16 November

Whewww still catching up! But here's a Random Encounter update! ...um! Just partially flatted for now, proper colour should be up over the weekend. Figured this was better than skipping another update!

So... will she or won't she-?

Thursday 15 November

Another day, another missed comic. But hey! I'm planning on working slightly less than usual in the next week, so hopefully I can miss less updates over the next week. For now... sleep.

Wednesday 14 November

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! Colfer... maybe you should answer that question though.

Tuesday 13 November

Finally time for an update of Mysteries of the Obscured! It's been a while, whoops.

Monday 12 November

Time for today's Random Encounter update! And it's Orianna! Hi Ori! She is from way back in volume 12

And it's Raley! Hi Raley! It's probably better if you don't know where Raley is originally from.

Sunday 11 November

The Breaking is going to be late but I am not missing any more updates this week!!! So I'm gonna sleep and then I'm gonna draw it and post it, just a bit late

Late edit: The Breaking updated! Sorry for the delay!!

Saturday 10 November

Time to actually update a comic, I think! Here's this week's Fall update! Jude is canonically the only actually nice god, pretty sure.

Friday 9 November

Seems I've got a lot to catch up on this week, haha....

Comics are sketched, hopefully there will be at least something tomorrow

Thursday 8 November

More late comics?? WELL I NEVER

Looks like the theme of this week is "working too hard, getting home too late and then falling asleep". Sorry there's been no Mysteries of the Obscured updates so far this week... I hope I can catch up on at least one of them a little later!

Wednesday 7 November

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update!

fact: the working title for Darkness Falls was "Colfer's thing"

Tuesday 6 November

True to my word, I slept through Monday's update. But here's that Random Encounter update!

Unfortunately that means Mysteries of the Obscured is delayed again. But hey. Random Encounter.

Sunday 4 November

Well! To go with the super-late Fall update, here's a super-early The Breaking update! Now I toddle off to work and will probably sleep thru Monday's Random Encounter update

Saturday 3 November

Sorry for the delay! Here's this week's Fall update!

Probably the next few days of updates will be late or not happen, also. Got lots of work to do this weekend...

Friday 2 November

Alright! Time to properly start a new Random Encounter volume! This one features somebody we haven't seen in.... yikes 50 volumes?? What happened to the time...

Also, really really strong chance tomorrow's Fall update will be super late!! I'm going to be out half the night so I suspect I will come home and go right to bed, so don't be surprised when there's nothing up at the regular time. Also pretty likely there'll be further delayed updates until the end of the week as I'll be working all weekend again, woo

But for now... I'm seeing double! Four Loki Kiborns!

Thursday 1 November

Welcome to a new month, here's a new page of Mysteries of the Obscured! He's a giant spidermonster.

Wednesday 31 October

Time to get spooky!! Here's the traditional Random Encounter Halloween volu- er nevermind I guess Dharfi's declared the place a no-fun zone

Hopefully next year's volume will be considerably less anticlimactic, haha. But anyway! New volume of Random Encounter should start Friday, and Saturday's Fall update may be slightly delayed due to some real life stuff but hey we'll see

Tuesday 30 October

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Oph you madwoman

Monday 29 October

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Guess that's that... for now....

Halloween kinda snuck up on me this year, but I'm planning on posting the regular RE Halloween volume all on Wednesday! Which does mean Darkness Falls won't update on that day. I might try and update it on Friday instead...

Sunday 28 October

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Ain't nobody got time for Deimi's shenanigans

Saturday 27 October

Time for an update of Fall! Finally, the only sensible god. Except Altair, I guess Altair is OK too.

Friday 26 October

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Tal just shows up to wreck things. ...both Tals

Hopefully the next page won't be late because it is sketched, then after that.... I really gotta start on the Halloween volume huh, that kind of has snuck up on me. Anyway!! I also need to not miss Fall this week. Lots of things I need to do, apparently.

Thursday 25 October

Comic time, time for today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Oph, you're making things up maybe

Wednesday 24 October

Time for this week's Darkness Falls update! Hopefully the next page won't be quite so delayed as this one is, because... oh nooooooo Puyon why

Tuesday 23 October

Sorry for the delay!! And for that I'm now missing another Mysteries of the Obscured update, whoops. Here's that delayed Random Encounter update!! This one took a bit longer than I expected because I ended up rewriting it a few times, whoops. But now I'm ahead on layouts for a change so maybe updates will be bit more stable. At least until Halloweeeeeeeeeen

Monday 22 October

Not sure what happened but it has nnnnnot been a productive weekend! But... ummm... I tried?

Speaking of trying, I will try to get Random Encounter updated tomorrow!! We're hopefully getting close to the end of the volume, can I get it finished before it is time for a Halloween volume?? Uhhhh probably not but who knows

Sunday 21 October

The Breaking is sketched and partially inked, but it's going to be a little late! Didn't end up being quite as productive a day that I expected. I'll post The Breaking after I have a nap and then finish it, but for now I've added 5 new pages of Snorse, starting here!

(late edit) HERE'S THIS WEEK'S The Breaking update!!! Sorry for the delay!

Saturday 20 October

Well! Looks like I'm running a day late at the moment. So I got yesterday's Random Encounter update done! Claw don't hang that lampshade there.

If I can I'll try to update Darkness Falls or Fall alongside The Breaking tomorrow... but I'll have to see how things are going. Should update some pages of Snorse tomorrow though. That'll be something.

Friday 19 October

Another day, another comic sketched.... but not quite finished. I'm starting to feel a bit better SOOOO I hope the next few days will be way more productive!! Cmon productive weekend coming up :V

Thursday 18 October

Still a bit quite sick, so that's no funnnnn. Got Darkness Falls sketched but didn't quite get it done this week, so I'll have to skip it this week and hopefully have it next week! However, I did get today's Mysteries of the Obscured update done! One update is better than no update, pretty sure.

Wednesday 17 October

Bit sick today to finish tonight's Darkness Falls page, but I'm hoping tomorrow will be nice and quiet so I can get it done!! That is my plan. Sleep now, comic tomorrow.

Tuesday 16 October

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Everybody just ignore Layla, I'm sure she'll sort herself out.

Monday 15 October

Time to start another week with a Random Encounter update! It's alright, we'll eventually run out of elemental clanners to off.

Sunday 14 October

Ok!!! Managed to actually have a pretty productive day for a change!

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Lots of cats.

And here's that delayed Random Encounter update! I assume at this point Puyon has already run as far as possible from this mess.

Saturday 13 October

Time for this week's Fall update! Jake is completely shameless, it is true.

Friday 12 October

Feeling a bit better today, so apparently it is time for updates to wreck my computer lol. It's OK, I got it fixed just in time to go to bed. Well, I did sketch today's comic, anyway. So better than nothing...? But with all these shenanigans today's comic will be delayed. I don't really want to miss any more Random Encounter updates, so if it's not done by the end of this week I will do a double-update on Monday. I'LL DO IT

though really this page is kind of a butt so I'd rather have it go up alone, mwaha

Thursday 11 October

Hmm, well... I was kind of running a little late and a lottle sick today, no time to draw a new page of comics! Lucky me I was wanting to do something for Inktober this year, but, it turned out it took longer than I expected, so while I've been drawing things I haven't quite been able to draw one whole thing a day. What I did manage is this! Because.. why would I draw a little something when I could draw... a comic!

So, there is this new comic! I was originally thinking of drawing something serious and gloomy about the LaRaGan afterlife but then I thought "that would be no fun to draw on my lunchbreak at work, what is the dumbest thing I can think of to draw?" and it's this!! THE S N O R S E

That being said, as dumb and jokey as this looks this is legitimately a new comic, it will probably not be super long, but hey! Something to goof around and draw on lunchbreaks. It will update randomly. At the moment I'm doing 3 pages a week, but I'm not going to post 3 times a week. When I can be bothered to grab my scanner I'll upload a batch of pages, like the above!

Anyway, now I'm gonna take some naps and then I'll hopefully be ready for a less ridiculous comic tomorrow

...and also more ridiculous comics

Wednesday 10 October

Time for this week's Darkness Falls update! Puyon, that's rude

Tuesday 9 October

Well! Managed to play catch-up a little bit today, bit of a surprise for me!

Here's yesterday' missed Random Encounter update! Puyon's had nightmares like this I bet.

And here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured! Attie what even are you...