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Comic for Monday, 3rd August will be delayed

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Monday 3 August

"Let's start updating again" is like the words that make my stomach stop working I swear... I am way too sick to draw again but hopefully tomorrow, draw.

Sunday 2 August

Alright, late but let's start updating again!!!

Here's this week's Fall update!

and here's this week's The Breaking update!

Saturday 1 August

Still fighting a bad stomach, but I'm slowly working on Fall so it will hopefully be up just a bit late! Once my stomach settles I hope to start a new streak of updating comics good :v

Friday 31 July

Comic will be half a day late or longer again, sorry! My illness is acting up again and I can't move to draw, oof. Hopefully I feel a bit better in the morning.

Late edit: Sorry for the delay!! I'm still super sick but here is a Random Encounter update!

Thursday 30 July

Alright I've officially ended my "doing all the updates" streak. 2 and a half weeks, oof. I've got tonight's Key update and tomorrow's Random Encounter update sketched, so I will endeavour to get them both up tomorrow! Just a little exhausted and stressed again. I'm doin' my best!! ...but also I might miss more updates this week. I will try to catch them up, cuz I got a few easier pages to draw too.

Wednesday 29 July

Actually, the 28th was my birthday so I decided to be super lazy and laze around all evening instead of drawing comics. But then I wanted to post an update, anyway. But I'm too lazy to draw the next Death's Door page as scheduled, so instead here is the title page for the next Mysteries of the Obscured story!

I think I'm done lazing around so hopefully tomorrow I will post a Key update!

Tuesday 28 July

Time for a Mysteries of the Obscured update! I think that'll do for this lil issue. Of course, since Bastion (and Z) had their deal explained in Short Shift it seems sort of redundant to put a lot of pages into that. When really it is about Col and Nils slacking off work. Mainly Nils. Next week!!! New volume, new issue, new title page, and finally I get to introduce a new species I haven't actually added to the worldbuilding pages despite having had it for more than ten years, whoops. I should fix that too, maybe.

Monday 27 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! End of volume, time for a new longer volume starting next update!

Sunday 26 July

Comic will be slightly late! It'll still be up, just give me like 12 hours, I'm sleepy

late edit: The Breaking has updated! That's obvious, Syrras. You don't have to say it when it's obvious.

Saturday 25 July

Here's this week's Fall update! Well. Jake was right about Marie's bad attitude.

Friday 24 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! This is a short volume so there's only one page left, and then back to the big stuff!! Hey, I only promised 20 questions after all.

Thursday 23 July

It's time for a Key update! And also time for Key to flip out.

Wednesday 22 July

Time for a Death's Door update! Not that she can run, per se.

Tuesday 21 July

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Shapeshifters aren't all terrible at hiding, it's mainly just Col. And Syrras. And the two half-shapeshifters who are too OP to care.

Monday 20 July

Alright!! Let's try for another week of not missing updates! So here's a Random Encounter update! Saturn you bully.

I also updated Merc with a new page! Hopefully next page I will finally actually have the main character state her name :T

Sunday 19 July

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Took him like a hundred pages but finally he tracked her down.

Also ssh yes I did update the site header, it was time for a change. Let me know if you run into any bugs!

Saturday 18 July

Time for this week's Fall update! Yeah that's probably right. Also feels good to finally manage a whole week of updates!! I hope very much to continue that. More comics = more better

Friday 17 July

Here's a Random Encounter update! Saturn has spent many lifetimes working on her sarcasm game.

Thursday 16 July

Here's this week's Key update! Also he's much more taller and jacked than Key, those are also important considerations.

Wednesday 15 July

Day 3 of "actually do all the comics" week is off to the races with a Death's Door update! I'm so sleepy and so lazy, it's like how did I used to do this more better before I had that long break. Harrumph. Time to sleep and then try to continue to do the thing.

Tuesday 14 July

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! One hundred coffees seems like... a good start.

Monday 13 July

Day 1 of "actually do the comics I said I would do" week is off to a super easy start because hey it's the beginning of a new Random Encounter volume! This one's just gonna be a lil fun one for a breather! Because I like working on lil stories inbetween the bigger ones, yep!

Sunday 12 July

Sorry for the bit of a delay! I'm hoping things are kinda back to normal around here and it is my GOAL NEXT WEEK to have a week of not skipping updates. So anyway, here's finally an update of The Breaking! Really hoping it won't be so long between updates next time. Because it is always time for Deimi being 110% wrong.

Saturday 11 July

It took me half the night but I did it I finally got a comic done and that comic is a Random Encounter update! This volume was fantastic fun to draw so thank you Puyon for writing it!! Next volume we're back with Saturn and Loki. And probably the volume after that too. Then the volume after that one? Hmm I'm thinking Delta and Jinx.

Friday 10 July

One more day of comic delay...! I got caught up in work and still my stomach is trying to prevent me from doing anything productive. tomorrow so help me, the final RE page of this volume!!!

Thursday 9 July

Sorry! Still sick and then I decided to rewrite the comic at the last minute so like, it is laaaaate. I'm gonna do my best to draw Random Encounter tomorrow thoughhhh

Wednesday 8 July

Once again Puyon has saved my bacon with a Dhark's Hero Stories update! THANK YOUUUU

I'm really sick today but hopefully I am better tomorrow cuz I definitely gotta do a Death's Door update!! Death's Door and Key are both getting kinda close to the end, maybe?? But it's been longer since I updated Death's Door than Key so whoops.

Tuesday 7 July

Sorry for the slight delay!! Had a site outage when I went to upload the comic, so, little late! But heres today's Mysteries of the Obscured update!

Monday 6 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Verrrrry close to the end of the volume now which means I gotta like, plan what the title page of the next one looks like. Pfft decisions are hard.

Sunday 5 July

It was a toss-up whether I'd update with yesterday's delayed Fall update, or today's scheduled The Breaking update, but I decided on a Fall update because that's what I felt like drawing! Really gotta not miss next week's The Breaking update though, been a while ;v

Saturday 4 July

Here's that Random Encounter update!! Finally that page is finished, aw yeah. We're super close to the end of the volume now, so hopefully I can get back on drawing lots of comics!

Friday 3 July

Random Encounter will be up tomorrow SO HELP ME!!! I'm sick of being late on comics but I think after today things will be a little more quiet.

Thursday 2 July

Here's this week's Key update! I also want to go back to sleep.

Wednesday 1 July

Thanks entirely to Puyon, there's a comic update today!! Here's a Dhark's Hero Stories update!!!

Hopefully there will be also a comic tomorrow, no promises though seems like I have another busy workday todayyyy. At some point things will quiet down.

Tuesday 30 June

Here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update! Nils is the true hero of this comic.

90% chance of no update tomorrow, fyi. Super busy.

Monday 29 June

Suuuuuper busy. Hopefully things will be kinda back to normal by Thursday. But until then, I'll do what I can. Which today, is a little Random Encounter filler page

Sunday 28 June

Working too hard and feeling too tired, so I didn't get any of my relevant pages done (RE, Breaking, Fall...). Since I was tired I was like "what comic *can* I do??" and the answer is the title page for the next Mysteries of the Obscured issue! Which I figure is better than no update.

Going to continue to be very very busy until the end of the month, but I will try to have Random Encounter updated tomorrow...

Saturday 27 June

Looks like I'm working overtime until... July. Which is good, but super tiring!!! So here's all I got drawn today, just a few pamels of the next Random Encounter update. I'll try to get a bit more done tomorrowwwwww