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Q. What is DHSComix?

A. It is a collection of comics that take place in the same fantasy world. At the moment, there's quite a few of them! They're listed at the top of the site, and if they don't have "Finished" written on 'em then they're current ongoings, and will be updating regularly, on the schedule published on the home page! It's all colour-coded because... that's the only way I could think to do it!

All of the comics are drawn and written by me, Merlin (unless otherwise specified - there's a few Random Encounter volumes that are drawn and/or written by other people) - except for Dhark's Hero Stories, which is written and drawn by Puyon!

I know they're done in a lot of different styles - that's just because I think I'd get too bored if I stuck to one thing!

Q. What are the DHSComix comics about?

A. Let's seeeeee......

 Random Encounter chronicles the adventures of the first group of students to go through the newly-reopened Dhark's Hero School.

 New Game Plus is the remake of New Game (which you can find a link to on the bottom of its archives page), but actually it may or may not include Dhark's Hero School at all. Currently, it is the story of a feathry named Darkling trying to leave his old life behind and start over. Butttt the people in his old life hold major grudges, and don't want to let him go. Also magic and all that. Owoo~

 Free Turn is a short series, where each odd-numbered volume is about the continuing misadventures of Demi the human and Malo the mimic. Each even volume has a small, unrelated interlude. All mainly concerning transformations, of various kinds.

 Loose Change is the spiritual successor to Free Turn, in that they both about transformations, and follow a similar format. OK, the comic layouts for LC are the FT layouts rotated 90 degrees... Anyway! Loose Change is about a snake-taur change priestess, and the unlucky target of her misfired spell.

 Way Back Home is a comic in which the main character dies within the first few pages. I'd say "spoilers" but it's within the first few pages, c'mon.

 Daisy is about a princess who doesn't want to be a princess. I hear that can sometimes happen... Peony is its sequel, they're both in the same archives

 The Breaking is a comic about the events that caused the world to split like 1500 years before all the other comics.

 Death's Door is about a strange enchantress and her store and... a strange new person who appears at her store one day

 Dhark's Hero Stories is a new comic, by Puyon, telling the stories of new students at Dhark's Hero School!

It might seem like that's a random order to put them in, and it sort of is, but it's the order in which they were started!

No, you don't have to read one comic to get what's going on in the others, though of course there is much crossover between 'em since they're set in the same world. Also, literal crossovers in that Random Encounter, Loose Change, and Free Turn all take place at the same time and some characters appear in more than one comic.

Oh yeah, timelines? Daisy and Way Back Home take place at the same time too, which is a few years prior to Random Encounter et al. New Game Plus is all on its lonesome, set like 50 years after Random Encounter et al. And The Breaking... technically takes place around the same time as Random Encounter, but the story that is told in it takes place long, long before that.

And Dhark's Hero Stories? As of volume 44, it takes place a few weeks after Random Encounter. Eventually they should catch up and run at the same time!

Q. What does "DHS" stand for?

A. Department of Human Services? Department of Homeland Security? I'm sure I could think of a few extra things, but...
Actually I get this quite often... I blame myself, mostly. DHS stands for Dhark's Hero School. Y'know, because that's where my first two comics were set.