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Name: Break Dey

Nicknames: none

Classification: Balance follower

Age: 16

Gender: M

Species: Rhinocerops

Roomate: that one with the feathers

Family: Grandfather - Blue

Character: Break is extremely serious in nature, seldom jokes, but deep down, he's a big ol' softie. He always does his best to look out for his close friend that short darkfeathered guy, calling him his little brother. As a follower of the God of Balance, he has a strong sense of honour, and always stands to protect his friends. He's fairly easy to wind up though, and when he's angry he's not above trading blows. But he usually calms down fairly quickly.

History: When he was younger, Break travelled around the world with his grandfather, Blue. His grandfather is a high priest of Balance, so Break wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a priest as well. However, his hot-headedness is not terribly in keeping with a Balance priest, so until he learns to control his temper he won't ascend very far. He and his grandfather are members of the Rise clan, a nomadic tribe of rhinocerops whose homeland was the northern mountains of Solnor, before an earthquake drove them out. Although he travelled with his grandfather a lot, the two of them settled into de Sati when he was younger and they met that black-winged featherhead. But before his wings were black, yeah. In de Sati, they lived with 'Tair, a random rhinocerops they befriended.

After blackfeather's mother died, Break and Blue tried their best to look out for him. But, well, then some other things happened. Spoilers and all that. Blue decided to move on and keep travelling, but Break stayed with 'Tair and darkfeathers. After some trouble with that feather guy's group of dark powers, Break helped him fight them off and get out of the city, and the two of them ended up at DHS, where Break is more interested in keeping featherhead out of danger than in actually learning to be a hero.