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Name: Echelon

Nicknames: Echo, Ech

Classification: Monster

Age: 55

Gender: M

Species: Dragon

Roomate: Zeta

Family: Mother, Father, two elder brothers, one younger sister

Character: Echelon is a very relaxed sort of guy, he's generally jovial and friendly with everyone he meets, and difficult to offend. He is perfectly content to chat with people when he can, but he also love to read. He's actually quite young for a dragon, barely into adolescence. Despite his wings being so small, he is quite capable of flight, but he usually prefers to amble along at a slow but steady pace.

Despite being a 'monster', since he's a dragon, Echo is not at all chaotic, and more personable than most people.

History: Echelon has always had a strong desire to learn new things, and see new places. However, when he was young, he lived with his extended family off in the wilderness, away from people settlements, and out-of-the-way of trading routes. They had a small stomping ground, but he quickly grew bored of it. One of his uncles was a traveller though, and came to visit every few years, with books and stories of his adventures. So, when Echo had finished reading all the books he'd gathered over the years, he decided that he wanted to start a journey for himself. His family were not so happy with his decision though, and as a compromise sent him to Dhark's Hero School to learn about people while hopefully staying out of trouble.