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Jared 'Jinx' Stone

Name: Jared Stone

Nicknames: Jinx

Classification: Mage

Age: 65

Gender: M

Species: Human, cursed to have fox ears and tail

Job: Magic Teacher

Family: Numerous uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews. Three sons, ten grandchildren. He's apparently divorced, though.

Character: Jinx is cheerful, but often quiet. When he's teaching though, he's loud and in charge, he can hold a class' attention without yelling though, and never loses his temper. Jinx gets along with most people, though he is extremely clumsy and sometimes a bit forgetful.

Jinx tries his best to do right by his students, but he often finds himself pushed around pretty easily. Though he always puts on a brave and cheerful face around people, he doesn't really cope with stress well, and frequently finds things to worry about.

History: Jinx is naturally one of the students from Random Encounter, who some point after graduation came back to DHS to teach. He's actually only been working there for a reasonably short time, but he's done some teaching prior to that. Rumours fly around that he's actually the headmaster of another school just here as a favour to Dhark's Headmistress Mana Ryushin, but then, all kinds of bizarre rumours float around the school. Like the one that one of the new first-year students is a grandchild of his. Or the one that he's best friends with the God of Balance. Or the one that-

Oh, my mistake. All of those rumours are indeed correct...? Well, Jinx certainly has a bit of history behind him. But that's bound to happen with a fellow cursed as an enemy of the God of Tricksters.