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Lilandra Surge

Name: Lilandra Surge

Nicknames: Lil

Classification: Novice

Age: 16

Gender: F

Species: Were-monster (human/"flareth")

Roomate: Djangi Moreton

Family: Older brother

Character: Lil is extremely cranky, short-tempered and generally difficult to get along with. Could be because her life was turned upside-down recently, and she's apparently stuck at DHS with people she'd usually have nothing to do with, or it could be that she's just like that. She's not much for fighting, or magic, or anything much, which is strange considering her brother is actually a reasonable mercenary and she was intending to follow in his footsteps someday. She's not particularly driven though, and would much rather be relaxing than doing hard work. Though she can be friendly, she's got such a prickly disposition that she doesn't have many friends.

History: Lil lived with her brother in what's best described as a redneck town. Travelling through the nearby woods one day, she managed to rather unfortunately be accosted by some Chaos Powers, insanely powerful servants of the chaotic side of the goddess of creation. They kidnapped her and used their powers to turn her into a were-monster, giving her the ability to turn into a small, fire-breathing monster. It's still not clear why they did, though some believe the Chaos Powers are raising an army in the most incompetent way. Lil has no control over her transformations, and since she hates hates hates monsters, she really hates her transformation.

Lil was rescued by a bunch of monsters, actually, Kippo among them, and taken to the home of Danni Marble (from random encounter! hoo boy), who lived in the same town as her. Since Lil's brother hates monsters as much as she does, and she now has problems with Chaos Powers, Danni convinced her to be sent of to Dhark's Hero School for safety until things turn out alright. Kippo followed her over there, and Lil is not having so good a time at DHS.

Lil has cuffs on her hands that prevent her from using any magic - not that she ever learnt to use any anyway. However, due to an illusionary spell by the Trickster God Jake, nobody can see them, and even she doesn't know they are there. Her transformation power was given to her by Chaos Powers though, so it is strong enough to overcome the Phoenix magic on the cuffs. Also, for some reason Lil's naturally blonde hair has turned bright red. Luckily, Zachary is only to glad to take some of her money to cast an illusion to make it look like it's still blonde. Lil's cranky enough about losing her humanity, so it's a big deal to her that she at least regains some of who she used to be.

Though Lil doesn't know it, she has many enemies at the moment. With Chaos Powers still searching for her, Lavender the Nature Power trying to convince Danni to lead her to Lil so she can kill her, and for some reason Jake the God of Lies trying to get her killed, it'll be interesting to see just how much protection Dhark's really turns out to be.