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Azure Kingstar

Name: Azure Kingstar

Nicknames: Az

Classification: Trickster

Age: 15

Gender: F

Species: Feathry

Family: Mother, father, two younger brothers, one older sister

Character: Azure is a feathry student at a hero school that is not actually Dhark's Hero School. She goes to Hero High, in the south of the continent. It's in a place where being a trickster is not illegal, so she's ~out and proud~. Mostly because she has no shame, but also because she thinks it makes her look hardcore. Alas, it does not.

Az has no sense of humour and is very highly strung. These are unusual traits in a trickster, but she doesn't seem to know that. She is quick to anger, and holds grudges for a long time. Nobody has any idea why she's going to a school to learn to be a hero, as that seems to be completely opposite to her personality. She also does not like people asking her about this.

History: Azure has the dark wings that signal a murderer in feathries. She uses this to intimidate people, but doesn't answer questions about how they became dark.

Az also doesn't like answering questions about her family, preferring to remain mysterious. Stanza loves to answer questions about her family though, as he's a childhood friend of hers and knows all about 'em. The way he tells it, her family are perfectly ordinary merchants and followers of Phoenix, who suspect everything Azure does is an act of teenage rebellion.

Azure also doesn't like Stanza telling anyone about her family.