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Danni Marble

Name: Danni Marble

Nicknames: Dans

Classification: Monster Caller

Age: 16

Gender: F

Species: Human

Roomate: Saturn Techqui

Family: Mother - Ulani, Father - Ward, Elder brother - Wesley.

Character: Stubborn and easily irritated, Danni can be hard to get along with when she's in an onery mood. At other times, she is fairly amiable, though she has an underdeveloped sense of humour and hates being the brunt of a joke. She can rush into foolish situations courageously when she's in a temper, but most of the time prefers to err on the side of caution and avoids conflict with people she knows can mop the floor with her. She loves showing off wherever she can, and so doesn't really get along well with Loki Kiborn, who can show Danni up without breaking a sweat, often without meaning to.

History: Danni comes from a monster-training village, and seeks to develop her calling abilities to amazing proportions. She left her village in pursuit of expanding her skills and seeing the world, but quickly enrolled for Dhark's Hero School when she realised the world was just a bit too wide for her until she built up more strength. Her greatest wish is to become an awe-inspiring heroic figure, but it's more an errant daydream than something she really tries to live up to. Being any sort of hero seems good enough for her.

Danni's made good friends with the griffs who live in the back of the school grounds, and is the go-to gal for any sort of discussions with them.

Her current monsters are a grey jackalope called Maria, a blue Nez and a Diege. None of them are terribly powerful creatures.