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Darius Piperion

Name: Darius Piperion

Nicknames: None

Classification: Guardsman, lancer

Age: 38

Gender: M

Species: Human

Job: Gardenian Royal Guardsman

Family: Wife: Drake

Character: Darius is an extremely grumpy, extremely uptight member of the Gardenian royal guard. He is quick to move, but slow to think, and often reacts before he's thought through the consequences. He's skilled with a polearm, and prefers using guard-issued enchanted spears. Despite nominally being a follower of the God of Change (as a majority of Gardenians are), he likes rules and rigidity, and hates things deviating from the norm.

Unluckily for him, he's at DHS now so along with being subject to other weirdos, some of it might rub off on him...

History: Darius has long been a royal guardsman. It was always his dream to be one, and all he ever worked towards.

Somehow along the way he ended up marrying Drake (opposites attract-?)... And also being a total git and becoming estranged from her.