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Elliot Amherst

Name: Elliot Amherst

Nicknames: None

Classification: non-hero

Age: 45

Gender: M

Species: Human

Job: Cook

Family: Twin brother, wife, two sons.

Character: Elliot is a very introverted person, quiet and laid-back, and happy to spend his time reading or thinking. Despite being a family man, Elliot can come across as a bit stand-offish and hard to approach. At least he's not the typical frightening lunchlady figure, as he generally serves out food to students and staff alike with a spaced out look on his face, lost in a world of his thoughts. He can be quite cranky though, particularly of mornings.

History: Elliot is actually a fairly accomplished cook, so it's anyone's guess why he's taken up a post at Dhark's Hero School. Could be the pay, which he dutifully sends home to his wife and children, or it could be the fact that DHS is a nation-independent school and a pretty good place to go to avoid people. Hmmm.

Elliot's worked in the food industry for all of his career, and likes to tell stories aggrandising his accomplishments when he's not staring off into space. He particularly likes to say he used to be a chef for the Gardenian royal family.