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Evo Elorez Ezqchyno

Name: Evo Elorez Ezqchyno

Nicknames: Eve

Classification: ?

Age: ?

Gender: ?F

Species: Some strange off-worlder species

Job: Librarian

Family: none

Character: Being an offworld visitor from a world where technology is advanced and widespread, including space travel and kickass lasers, Evo finds herself irritated at the lack of her modern comforts on LaRaGa a good deal of the time. She stubbornly refuses to do much socialising with the locals, or any study of local culture, leading her to spend most of her time locked up in her room trying to fix her interworld transporter. She does like hanging around with Bluff, though, as he's the only other person she knows from a spacefaring world. Evo's race don't traditionally refer to people by their names, so she has a hard time remembering names and generally calls people by their physical attributes or by whatever name pops into her head first.

History: Evo was a space-travelling trader in another set of worlds, before she managed to break her transporter thoroughly and somehow get trapped on LaRaGa. She counts herself lucky she can communicate with the locals; particularly after meeting Bluff who for the most part doesn't have that luxury. She's fairly resigned to staying in LaRaGa for the rest of her life, and is quite pleased that she managed to pick up a job with lodgings and food provided, despite her lack of knowledge of any relevance. As she herself admits; she cannot read the LaRaGan common language, and has no desire to learn, but she still landed herself a job as a librarian so it can't be all bad.