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Name: Ke'tc Ia

Nicknames: none

Classification: Chief

Age: ??

Gender: M

Species: Griff

Family: none, but plenty of clan

Character: Ke'tc is very confident, and with good reason, everything always seems to go his way since he moved to DHS when he was a kid. He talked his way up to be leader of his griff clan, mainly by having what he calls the best ideas. Talking's really all he's got - his wings are too small to fly, and he is completely blind. Despite that, he's generally very cheerful. As a griff he can be quite territorial, but his clanmates are the ones who defend the territory, he just sits back and tells 'em how to do it.

History: Ke'tc is the head of the clan of griffins that live in the forest and caves at the back of DHS. It's still technically a part of the school, and is surrounded by the school wall and defences, but he still considers it his clan's territory. Griffs started moving in slowly while the school was abandoned, building up a new clan for griffs who didn't have another clan. Mainly griffs who were kicked out of their original clan for being weak or for looking weird. They've built up a good group of clanmates now, and have no plans to ever leave.

With the help of Danni, Ke'tc and Headmistress Ryushin have made an agreement that the griffs can stay, so that works out. They mostly stay up the back of school grounds, but they visit up front on occassion.