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Mana Ryushin

Name: Mana Ryushin

Nicknames: None

Classification: Mage

Age: apparently around 200 (previously she's looked like a child, she currently looks like an adult)

Gender: F

Species: Probably not human, though she swears she is. Definitely a ghost.

Job: Headmistress

Family: None

Character: Mana Ryushin has a serious personality, with practically no sense of humour. She can tear up or get angry very quickly, and generally is not a lot of fun to be around. But she's been getting better about that, the more time she spends around people. She knows where her goals are, and is endearing in her dedication to them. As it is, her only goal is to ensure Dhark's Hero School is reborn as the greatest hero school in LaRaGa, and Gaea help anybody who tries to get in her way. She's also big on ~family~, despite (or because of) not having any of her own still alive.

Three surefire ways to upset Mana include calling her a kid, asking her what the deal with the horn is, or insinuating negative things about DHS. She is also not particularly fond of the Gods, or anything about her personal life. She doesn't like getting close to people, and she always dresses to cover everything but her face and hair, regardless of the temperature.

Mana's been recently outed as undead, specifically a ghost, but she's trying to keep it on the down-low. Only Shauni, Drake and Valentina are in the loop about it.

History: Mana Ryushin is the daughter of the previous headmaster of Dhark's Hero School. Any questions regarding her whereabouts during the two hundred-odd years between DHS being closed down by her father and her reappearance and the ensuing re-opening are met with nothing more than a stare. Although it's obvious to some that she somehow died a long time ago and came back recently, Mana refuses to answer any questions about the afterlife, and resents that even a few people know she's a ghost.

Being that until relatively recently, Mana looked like a small child and now looks like an adult, most people assume that she's some kind of trickster. Hey, it's way more believeable than her being a ghost.