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Neil Danclair

Name: Neil Danclair

Nicknames: Pandaman

Classification: Brawler

Age: 30

Gender: M

Species: Half-animal (human, panda), were-animal (mouse)

Job: Fighting Teacher, Maths Teacher

Family: Numerous brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews

Character: Neil is a quite laid-back, easygoing fellow. He enjoys his work, except when the students are a bit too rowdy. He is a bit uncomfortable about other people's personal problems, since all he wants is to relax and take things as they come. He's quiet most of the time, but likes to be social and just be around other people. Teaching is something he's always wanted to do, and his interest in pre-world-breaking history makes a DHS teacher his dream job, since Dhark's is one of the few places intact from that time period.

History: Neil's not much of a hero type, he lived in a big city out on the Gaenor continent in his youth, getting a good education as well as learning martial arts as a hobby on the side. After graduating, he did some teaching in small Gaenorian villages, before moving on to south Solnor. As he travelled and taught, he eventually moved further north where Mana met him and offered him a permanent position at Dhark's Hero School, which he was all too happy to accept.