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Name: Orianna

Nicknames: Loki Kiborn! Wait does that count...?

Classification: Fake Light Power

Age: 16

Gender: F

Species: Human

Family: unknown

Character: Ask Orianna anytime and she'll tell you - she's actually Loki Kiborn, the last in a long line of Light Powers. She'll keep up this facade right up until she faces imminent threat of bodily harm for being Loki Kiborn - then she'll admit her name's actually Orianna, and she isn't really a Light Power.

Orianna herself is quite confident and a little stubborn, she just has the sense to back down from a losing fight.

History: Orianna's been on the road for a while, just herself - passing as Loki Kiborn and a light power, no less. She manages to do OK for herself, drifting from town to town and living off whatever she can by presenting herself as a light power. But as one can tell from her scruffy clothes, she doesn't do as well as she could.