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Name: Snatch

Nicknames: none

Classification: Brawler

Age: 10

Gender: M

Species: Monster: Felimara - a shapeshifting cat monster

Roomate: Nettle

Family: Father - Starch, Mother - Mistbri, Older brothers - Marche and Lenri.

Character: Snatch is a nervous kind of guy. Usually twitchy and alert, he worries about what might be happening around him. And with some good reason - his species may be good fighters, but he is not. Until he came to DHS, he never won a fight in his life. Even now, it's kind of up-in-the-air if he's still a total loser or not. Though Snatch is considered intelligent by his species' standards, he really isn't that smart by people standards. He is smart enough to speak common language though, and that's quite an achievement.

Speaking of species, Snatch is a 'Felimara' - a rare sort of sentient monster with the ability to switch between two forms; a large feline form and a humanoid feline form. They also grow massive horns and wings, granting them the power of flight, but these only grow when they win fights. Snatch has itty-bitty horns and wings, that are reallllly easy to overlook.

History: Snatch lived in a small tribe of his people for most of his life. They place high emphasis on fighting and winning fights in particular, but Snatch is not-so good at that. Being a quiet sort of guy, he instead tried to spend time learning things, but with two older brothers he didn't get much time for it.

Snatch heard about schools from some traipses who were passing near to his home. He thought it might be a good idea for him to go, and find out more about people, but more importantly build his strength. Since Felimara can switch to a people-looking form, he figured it would work out alright. His family were supportive of him, because he is absolutely horrendous at fighting and the other felimara just kept beating him at everything, he wasn't quite learning anything there.

Snatch has since been back to visit and help out his family and clan when they were threatened by two crazy scalers and one crazier half-scaler half-human. He and Phoenix Claw managed to work things out, and he gained some teeny-tiny wings and horns, though it's debateable if he actually won a fight to get them, or if he just got them from being caught up in the middle of all the felimara magic flying around.