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Stanza Douopoulos

Name: Stanza Douopoulos

Nicknames: Stan

Classification: Alchemist

Age: 16

Gender: M

Species: Human

Family: Mother, father

Character: Stanza is a student at a hero school that is not Dhark's Hero School. He goes to Hero High, way south of DHS. It's a place where being a trickster is legal - though Stanza's not a trickster, he seems to like hanging around with tricksters an awful lot.

Stanza is easy-going and loves a joke. He tries never to take things seriously, and seems to just float from place to place, going along with whatever seems fun.

History: Stanza grew up with Azure, and they're both terrible for pulling pranks on other students. Although Stanza is generally nonserious about everything, he generally refuses to answer questions about himself, preferring to focus on other people. He's a very private person.

Stanza's very good at changing topics whenever the topic of himself comes up in conversation. Usually to details of Azure's childhood, which then causes her to pitch a fit, which then thoroughly distracts everybody.