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Taide Wolfe

Name: Taide Wolfe

Nicknames: None

Classification: Spearman x Death Mage

Age: 27

Gender: M

Species: Feathry x Scaler

Job: Monster Teacher

Family: Mother, treats Clash and Flint like little brothers.

Character: Taide's a very relaxed fellow, who likes to spend a lot of time resting and chatting with friends. He's really not the 'heroic' type, and likes to sort of sit off in the background. But when there is a bad situation, he does have a tendancy to jump into the forefront of it and take charge, doing whatever it takes to resolve things. This has put him into trouble more than once, which is why he likes to be at Dhark's - he supposes it will be safe and quiet there.

As a half-feathry, half-scaler, Taide has some difficulty flying. He loves to fly, though.

History: Taide lived a very ordinary life in a small town of Varia (country south of Dhark's Hero School). But, when he was about 17, his town was invaded by the living dead. Zombies are a nearly-unheard-of phenomenom in LaRaGa, so the town was entirely unprepared. Details are sketchy, but Taide stood up as the hero who managed to somehow stop the horde. Luckily for him, it was not a particularly large horde. Nevertheless, he is widely known as an undead-slayer, and during his heroics, he saved Clash and Flint.

Clash and Flint are very close to Taide. Since Clash and Flint lost their families, and Taide lost his dad, they now have each other as family. They spent many years travelling the Solnor continent. Taide was approached by Mana to teach at the reopening of DHS, and he was only too happy to settle down there. Clash and Flint naturally followed him.