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Name: Tella Kiborn

Nicknames: none

Classification: ex-Light Power

Age: deceased

Gender: M

Species: Human spirit

Family: a bunch of dead guys and also Loki Kiborn

Character: In life, Tella was incessantly worried, didn't get enough sleep, and was cranky a lot of the time. That's perfectly understandable, for a fellow who watched almost his entire family die from the Kiborn curse. He was a powerful servant of the Goddess of the Sun, and the longest-lived Kiborn (bar one, kind of) since the curse was enacted. He spent most of his life trying to find a way to lift the curse, but failed. He also raised racing monsters, mainly to try to keep his mind off things.

Apparently dying horribly made Tella lighten up. Since his death he's been remarkably friendly and helpful, and only sometimes cranky.

History: Tella grew up with his twin brother Allet, both of them raised to be pious Light Powers. His brother died when they were teenagers, and his parents died not long after. Despite his family's curse, Tella married and raised a family. He kept the curse at bay long enough for his son Breeze to grow up and start a family of his own, but when Breeze's daughter Loki was very young, both he and his wife Adelaide were destroyed by the curse. Adelaide and her dragon friend Mwali managed to stop the curse from taking Loki, barely. Tella threw Mwali out of the Kiborn household and raised Loki himself after that.

As he raised Loki, Tella worked harder at finding a way to defeat the curse. He taught Loki non-Light Power magic, how to summon monsters, and how to use a sword. Although it was traditional to have young Kiborns dedicate themselves to the Goddess and become Light Powers by the time they were ten, Tella refused to have Loki follow the Light, hoping that preventing her from being a Power would stop the dark curse from going after her. But it didn't, and in the end Tella was unable to prevent the curse from taking his life.

....Not that being dead seems to slow Tella down a whole lot. Since he's dead he can't use magic anymore, but he's found a way to travel from the land of the dead to that of the living, a fact which seems to have enraged the reapear. He doesn't seem able to accomplish that feat for long periods of time, or very often, and he doesn't want to say how it's done. His only hint so far is that it requires more luck than skill.