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Valentina Traore

Name: Valentina Traoré

Nicknames: Val

Classification: Enchantress, Conjurer

Age: 32

Gender: F

Species: Feathry

Job: School Enchantress - in charge of fixing protective enchantments and such

Family: None

Character: Val is extremely short-tempered, and thinks quite highly of herself. Just as well, since she's one of the world's foremost enchantresses, and the only one who specialises in the kind of statues that Dhark's Hero School has been using as the bulk of their defence system. She can and does hold grudges, and is happy to cause those she hates misery even at cost to herself. She seems happiest when she's cranky.

Val doesn't have a lot of friends and doesn't usually allow people to get close to her. As an enchantress, her speciality is binding magic to objects, and though she usually uses her own magic prepared over time, she does trade for other people's spells to enhance her conjuring. She doesn't care who she trades with, and is happy to use trickster magic in her spells when she has to. However she would never learn trickster magic, as that would cut off the elemental branches of magic from her reportoire.

Val's a very quiet lady - and was even before she was struck mute. She prefers her own company to that of others, and loves reading books and working on her spells. Due to a bad experience in her past, Val does not like or trust heroes. But she's happy enough to be paid to work at DHS, if only for a change of pace.

History: Some of Val's past was told in Free Turn volume 6.

After showing an aptitude for magic at a young age, Val's parents got her apprenticed to an old crank of an enchanter who specialised in statue magics. Val did very well learning those skills, and is now the only person specialising in those spells in the world. For a time she used her magic freely, and saved several towns, winning her many friends, as well as a sweet spot of land to build a house on. She got into a spot of bother with the hero's guild though, after she claimed a title that they said she hadn't earned. So, she decided to start selling her magic at top price instead.

Val managed to get into a disagreement with a slightly mad hero, and ended up being attacked and having her throat injured, costing her her voice. However a curse was placed on the hero that assaulted her, linking the malady and ensuring that while she couldn't speak, neither could he. Although it would be possible to get this injury healed, Valentina hasn't done so. Partially because it would be expensive, painful and time-consuming to get it magically healed. But mostly because she's full of spite for the hero, and wants him to suffer too. With the help of a trickster, she's crafted an illusion ring to project words so that she can still 'talk', in a way. Luckily for Val, enchanting magic is performed with symbols instead of voice.

Valentina is eagerly awaiting the next student intake, as Mana's promised her some apprentices and she could probably use somebody to get her coffee the help.