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Today's comic, Random Encounter, for Saturday 4th of July 2020

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Saturday 4 July

Here's that Random Encounter update!! Finally that page is finished, aw yeah. We're super close to the end of the volume now, so hopefully I can get back on drawing lots of comics!

Friday 3 July

Random Encounter will be up tomorrow SO HELP ME!!! I'm sick of being late on comics but I think after today things will be a little more quiet.

Thursday 2 July

Here's this week's Key update! I also want to go back to sleep.

Wednesday 1 July

Thanks entirely to Puyon, there's a comic update today!! Here's a Dhark's Hero Stories update!!!

Hopefully there will be also a comic tomorrow, no promises though seems like I have another busy workday todayyyy. At some point things will quiet down.

Tuesday 30 June

Here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update! Nils is the true hero of this comic.

90% chance of no update tomorrow, fyi. Super busy.

Monday 29 June

Suuuuuper busy. Hopefully things will be kinda back to normal by Thursday. But until then, I'll do what I can. Which today, is a little Random Encounter filler page

Sunday 28 June

Working too hard and feeling too tired, so I didn't get any of my relevant pages done (RE, Breaking, Fall...). Since I was tired I was like "what comic *can* I do??" and the answer is the title page for the next Mysteries of the Obscured issue! Which I figure is better than no update.

Going to continue to be very very busy until the end of the month, but I will try to have Random Encounter updated tomorrow...

Saturday 27 June

Looks like I'm working overtime until... July. Which is good, but super tiring!!! So here's all I got drawn today, just a few pamels of the next Random Encounter update. I'll try to get a bit more done tomorrowwwwww

Friday 26 June

Ended up having to work late so comic will be late. Like I said earlier I really wanna rush to the end of this volume I'm so close-! But I'm also intensely busy at work until the end of the month, so we'll seeeee

Thursday 25 June

Thursday means it's Key update time!

I also decided it was time for a Merc update!

Wednesday 24 June

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Slowly getting there.

Tuesday 23 June

Time for this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! I made it a double-page to make up for last week, and also, it's the end of this short lil interlude issue, so there's that! Next time: I hope I find my notes about what I wanted the next short issue to be about, hrrm.

Monday 22 June

Here's today's Random Encounter page! Woo getting a comic done on time. I'm gonna be super busy this week but I also am very close to the end of this volume, so I wanna do my best to try to get it done by next month. I promise nothingggggg because I'll prolly be working overtime most of the time, but hey. I'll keep trying!

Sunday 21 June

Alright! Got the weekend updates all here!

Here's yesterday's delayed Fall update!

And today's The Breaking update!

I'm working half the night though so like 50-50 chance Random Encounter won't update on time tomorrow. Though that does remind me, the last Random Encounter page is now coloured!

Saturday 20 June

Taking a lil break tonight, so sleepy, not sure why. Probably anaemic on top of everything else, ho ho ho. But I'll try to get this week's Fall page done, got a sketch done so hopefully it'll be up tomorrow!!!

Friday 19 June

Still very slowly kicking along. I started colouring the latest Random Encounter page, then I got tired. Don't really wanna start the next page until that one's proper done, so I figured today I felt like drawing a Merc comic so there's that instead! I'll slowly get back to regular updates, but ... slowly. At the moment I'm just doing what I can.

Thursday 18 June

Here's a Key update! Oh boss. You were so close to having a cool victory.

Wednesday 17 June

Taking today off because I'm so exhausted, sorry! I really wanted to get right back into making things, but... yeah. This month, sheesh. I'll take it slow and steady and do what I can.

Tuesday 16 June

Sorry for the delay, and that it's only inks, and that I've now missed a Mysteries of the Obscured update too, but here's a Random Encounter update!! Now I'm going back to sleep.

Monday 15 June

Well, I was right, there's not three pages of Random Encounter today haha. I ended up sleeping all day because hoo been a rough month so far. But I've got the page halfway inked so I will try to have it up for tomorrow, even if I just end up having inks or half a page or something.

Sunday 14 June

I was able to do a lot again today, so here's a triple-update of The Breaking to make up again for missed updates.

Tomorrow: definitely not three pages of Random Encounter, because that's a lot of pages.

Saturday 13 June

Hello I am back!! Things are still a little... eh. But I am finally home and I like to draw comics, so I draw some comics! To make up for missing two weeks of updates, here's a three-page Fall update!

I think I will probably miss a few updates here and there in the coming weeks, but I am here to do my best. Thanks for hanging in with me!

Sunday 7 June

Hi all. Sorry for the sudden silence. Something awful happened and I had to immediately leave to be there to help. Because of this family emergency, I am on hiatus until question mark.

Please do not worry, you know I love to draw these comics and I will return when I can! I'm just not sure at this point when that will be.

Tuesday 2 June

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Just one page this week, I'm still moving a bit slowly. Tomorrow: more comic

Monday 1 June

Comic gonna be late. I lost one of my pets this morning so I took the day off. I'll try to see if I can get it done in the morning

late update: COMIC UP sorry again about the delay

Sunday 31 May

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Rushing into decisions is the best, thinking sucks.

Saturday 30 May

Somehow today was super busy! Also it will probably be super busy for the next month and a half. So I won't be able to catch up Random Encounter, alas. But I did get this week's Fall update! Sometimes Jake is legitimately the least perceptive perception god, sometimes he just puts it on for a laugh. Hard to tell with that one.

Friday 29 May

Still recovering from yesterday, but I got a comic done! Here's a Key update! I was hoping to get Random Encounter done too but nope still too sick. I don't wanna miss updates of that because I'm so close to the end of the volume and I love drawing new title pages!! But um. We'll see if I can draw it tomorrow or something. Maybe, maybe not. Super busy!!!

Thursday 28 May

Key is ... well I started the page, but I'm once again freakin' sick. Well, I'm never not sick, the joys of chronic illness, but it's really flaring up today and I can hardly move to today, no Key update.

If I'm feeling better in the morning I can try to see if I can get it done, but ... we'll see. Getting reasonably close to the end of this story, and while there are other Key stories I want to tell, I'll have to take a break from it once this one is done to figure out how I want to tell them!

Wednesday 27 May

Here's this week's Death's Door update! If there's one thing Ophidia is good at, it's pushing Ra's buttons. She's a terrible vampire grandma.

There's also another new page of Merc!

Tuesday 26 May

Time for this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! That is for some reason 3 pages. I don't remember why I decided it had to be 3 pages, but it is.

Sometimes I think "maybe when I have extra pages I should save them for a buffer" but that fights hard against my feeling of "I should just post everything because I need to make up for all the pages I missed" lol whoops