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Today's comic, New Game+, for Thursday 19th of October 2017

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Thursday 19 October

Here's today's New Game+ comic! Art didn't actually figure out that was a problem until they got there. Grain did but didn't really care.

Wednesday 18 October

Time for this week's Death's Door update! Vampires are weird in general also.

Tuesday 17 October

Here's today's New Game+ update! I'm sure he's not off getting in any trouble...

Monday 16 October

Welcome to another week! I'm feeling really good, I haven't been sick all weekend and that is craaaazy. Here's today's Random Encounter update! Now that all the set-up's out of the way.... next time: spooky tales!

Sunday 15 October

Back on the comics! Here's this week's The Breaking update! Lots of staff with lots of swords, solves everything.

Saturday 14 October

Err... stayed up too late last night trying and failing to get yesterday's page done on time! So I'm a bit sleepy to get today's page finished either... I've added it to the IOU's so I will certainly catch up this missed page! ...just not right now, as I am super tired. On the plus side, not feeling sick today and that is a rare and fantastic thing. Maybe that will continue?? Anyway! I'll be back tomorrow with an update for The Breaking, and then try to keep up more better in future!

Friday 13 October

Friday the 13th seems like an appropriate day to post the first proper page of this year's Halloween Random Encounter volume, yeah? Yeah. Only partially coloured right now, been pretty ill today and this page for some reason has a lot of characters, haha... so it took a bit longer than I would have liked! I should get it all coloured by Monday, though.

Colfer 50% wanted to just get away from Mort there though.

Thursday 12 October

Here's today's New Game+ update! Callback to the first page, which makes a lot more sense now than it did then, mwahaaaaa.

Wednesday 11 October

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Thanks to everyone who pointed out the typo on yesterday's title page, too! I only had one word to update on there and I got it wrong, haha. It's fixed now!

I also added an extra page to Random Encounter volume 54, because I thought about it and it kind of ended a bit abruptly. Well, more abruptly than usual, anyway.

Tuesday 10 October

Here's today's New Game+ update! It's another title page, mwa ha haaaaa. That's all! I'm still taking it a bit easy, and catching up on some stuff I didn't get round to over the weekend. Also, loads of work. Slowly chipping away at comics, though!

Monday 9 October

Right! We're well into October now, so it's time to begin an October-y Random Encounter volume! This year's costumes are from The Dragon Doctors, naturally! And a whooole heap of characters gonna be telling stories this time, I guess, maybe?? We'll seeeeee

I did say I was planning on doing a double-update and posting the first page of the volume alongside, but it's been quite a hectic weekend and doing a bit lower than usual health-wise, so I'm taking it a bit easy instead. Anyway! New volume is always fun, and also finally the volumes are in a nice order again so the archives aren't looking quite so goofy... for now. There's always time to re-goof the archives. But for now... man I totally lost my train of thought. Anyway! Halloween shenanigans early this year, so that'll be a nice change of pace~!

Sunday 8 October

Running a bit late still! I'll get this update done in the morning I think... sketched it, just taking longer than expected to finish :B

edit: Comic's up! Sorry for the delay

Saturday 7 October

Feelin sick and things are a bit hectic 'round here, so here's today's New Game+ update... but just lines for now. Colour will follow in the morning, for now, zzz. Also! Last page of the current volume, woo. Next volume is the last 'real' volume which is a bit exciting. Been working on this for so long and so excited that I'm finally so close to the end!

By 'real' volume I mean like, New Game+ is planned to be 20 volumes, but the last volume is going to be a very short epilogue I think. We'll seeeeee anyway now I sleep and colour in morning

early morning update: colour's up now! If you can't see it you may need to refresh

Friday 6 October

Here's today's Random Encounter update, and that caps off the volume! Monday begins Halloween shenanigans, because it is time to get spooky

Thursday 5 October

Here I am with today's New Game+ update and also it's a two-page update! Finally caught up, yesss. Should mean that the next update or the update after may be a double-update as well, because we're nearly at the end of the volume (1 more page iirc) and hey you gotta do an extra page when there's an easy title page to make things quicker (plus I already drew that, which makes things even quicker). But we'll see! If I'm super sick it might just be regular one-page updates. We'll seeeee

Wednesday 4 October

Here's today's Death's Door update! Just a single-pager this week, I'm pretty behind on stuff and still feeling pretty unwell. But hey! Slowly puttering along. Having fun working on comics, anyway.

Tuesday 3 October

And how about a not-late update? Here's today's New Game+ update! Still haven't quite caught up on that missed update, but I'm nearing the end of this volume and title pages are usually good for catching up on things, so hopefully I'll be caught up this week or next week! ...Then it's just a matter of catching up on the missed Random Encounter updates, which will take a fair bit longer but uhh who knows, that might happen this month

Monday 2 October

Gonna be another delayed update, sorry! Hoping to have it up a bit later today, or tomorrow alongside New Game+... my body is pretty good at tricking me into thinking it's feeling well and then being like "surprise, not"

Comic's up now! Sorry for another delay. Getting close to the end of this volume, then since it's October it'll be full steam ahead on Halloween shenanigans, because it'll be nice to not do that all rushed in one week like I usually do, and it'll be a nice change of tack. Hopefully I'll have a New Game+ update in a few hours too, and that also will be coming close to the end of its current volume...

Sunday 1 October

Today's comic is going to be slightly late! I'm hoping to have it done in the morning, super tired, zzz

Late update: The Breaking is up now! Sorry for the delay.

Saturday 30 September

Time to cap off the month with a New Game+ update! Yeah nah, the entire reason he left was boredom. That's our Graiiiiin

Friday 29 September

Err, running a bit behind on this one, here's a Random Encounter update, though for now it's only partially coloured. I'll get it fully done before Monday's update! Sorry about the delay, been a pretty sickly week again. Stupid guts.

Thursday 28 September

Here's today's New Game+ update! Art skillfully dodges that question, hey.

Wednesday 27 September

Time for this week's Death's Door update! And a double-update this week, because I'm feeling productive and ya gotta strike while the iron's hot. Let's not kill Ra, seems like a hassle after going through all that.

Tuesday 26 September

Here's today's New Game+ update! Still haven't quite caught up on that missed one yet, and still dealing with health issues, so... chances are I may miss an update this week again? But for today at least, let the comics roll on

Monday 25 September

Time to start another week, with a Random Encounter update! Tricked again! Ulani is just eminently trickable.

Sunday 24 September

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Brightly-coloured scaler magic teachers are traditional around here, I guess. And oh hey, it's that guy

Saturday 23 September

Here's today's New Game+ update! Didn't quite get the time to catch up on the New Game+ update I missed earlier, just a one-pager today. I've added it to the to-do list, should be able to catch up sometime I hope though.

Friday 22 September

Still sick (but I suppose after this long, that's a given...) but hey I kind of have a Random Encounter update today? Well it's a filler. I was trying to catch up on some other things today and ran out of time for a proper page, whoops. Hopefully I'll get one done for Monday's update, though. Hopefully I get on a proper upswing health-wise this weekend and then I will have more time for comics, yesss

Thursday 21 September

No New Game+ comic today. Got pretty close to finishing the inks... but not quite there yet. Iiiii'll try to catch up on this missed update on Saturday or Sunday, maybe. But right now just feeling pretty sick. Been a worse week for feelin well than last week was, which is unfortunate. I mean, last week was bad for other reasons, but at least I wasn't spewy every day. This week, psssh. Anyway... all I want to do is work on comics, so hopefully the rest of the week will be much more conducive to that!!

Wednesday 20 September

Here's this week's Death's Door update! This page has the dumbest faces, therefore it's the best Death's Door page.

Dowwwn to the last dozen pages on this one! And... while I did say I'd finish it this year... in the past week I've become rather convinced that I need to do a direct sequel to Death's Door as well. Sort of came to me all of a sudden. So! Hopefully I can start that this year or early next year :P

Oh yeah, also managed to ffffinally do another Random Encounter background! It's the princess pals, Paige and Miaaaa

Tuesday 19 September

Tuesday means... New Game+ update! Succinct backstory. But I suppose he should expand on that a bit...

Aaaand... it's the 19th! Another year has passed for DHS Comix, now been plugging along for 13 years of this! I will celebrate.... by mentioning I'm still pretty unwell and may be missing some updates this week, we'll see.

Monday 18 September

Here's today's Random Encounter! Cornered, whoops

Sunday 17 September

Time for this week's The Breaking update! DHS, as full of colourful characters as ever.

Saturday 16 September

OK, to the wiiiiire trying to work with the new schedule (ugh it is nearly 1am and I am still behind on comics...), but I did it! Here's today's New Game+ update!

Also yes there is a thing in the top-right of the website (unless you have noscript enabled). If you're Australian you know what it means and if you're not then don't worry about it. I voted today! Those forms were sent out much earlier than expected...

Friday 15 September

Rolling on with the double-updates, here's one for Random Encounter! Danni's mum confirmed for the worst.

I think I jinxed myself yesterday by saying I didn't feel terrible, bleh. Oh well. I'll try to take it easy and try to continue to slowly get better... slowly :X

Thursday 14 September

IDK what happened, but hey there's a double-New Game+ update! Pulled it off, somehow. Also not feeling completely terrible today?? That's a nice change. Maybe at some point later in the week I will even feel like, well. Hey I can dream!

Wednesday 13 September

Here's today's Death's Door update! Tish, especially cheery for the middle of the night and having fought a vampire and seen her friend attacked etc

I'll try to do a double-update for New Game+ tomorrow or Saturday, we'll seeeee if I can manage. If not that's one for the ol' IOU box :V

Tuesday 12 September (early)

Welcome to the new schedule, where I flail around instead of updating. Umm! Didn't get enough time to finish New Game+ or Death's Door, so Death's Door should be up tomorrow, and New Game+ I will endeavour to catch up on by the end of the week.

I really ought to have been more prepared on it yesterday and gotten things done a day early, but been a bit hectic around here. I thought I'd have time for it this afternoon, but ended up leaving 2 hours earlier than I thought so whoooooops my bad

Monday 11 September

Here's today's Random Encounter update! AKA, how many questions can be responded to with questions.

Anyway.... Unless I get re-hospitalised (pretty unlikely I think, but I'll fiiiiind out today :V) I'm going interstate tonight, so whatever updates tomorrow is going to go up super early. Yeah, it should be New Game+, but it depends if I have time to draw that... otherwise it'll be Death's Door, since I've got the next page halfway finished. Or... something else might happen to impede my ability to finish that comic in time, in which case... *shrugs* We'll see.

Also modified the schedule, Saturdays will be New Game+ updates for a bit! It'll be a bit tough to manage that, but I'll see how it goes. Aaaanyway it'll just be until the comic's done, which is like, 2 volumes maybe? I'd check, but I'm tired and should sleep zzzz

Sunday 10 September

Double update of The Breaking today, whynot. ...though I was excited to draw the next pages, it occurs to me there's going to be a lot of characters in them and that sounds tiring, hrrrrmmmppffffhhh

Saturday 9 September

Time for a Dhark's Hero Stories update! Just lines for now, colour will follow...

And Dhark's Hero Stories will be going on a mini-hiatus. It may be updating on occassional Saturdays, but for now it's not an every-week thing. I'll adjust the schedule sometime before next Saturday, I think I'll change the weekly Saturday update to either Death's Door or The Breaking.

Friday 8 September

Capping off the working week with a Random Encounter update! Pretty happy that I'm managing to keep up with these ones since I've been out of hospital, hopefully it means I can get this volume finished before Halloween... and then do a Halloween volume :3

Still pretty sick though. I know I've been sick a long time but... *shrugs*. Anyway! Weekend updates coming up, if I can manage I want to try to draw an extra page of The Breaking! That comic has a long way to go, but after this scene with the guardians, we're going somewhere more familiar, and that's something I want to draw right away!

Thursday 7 September

Here's today's New Game+ update! Oh hey, it's those guys. What's the world coming to, says Ada, murderer and many-times attempted-murderer.

Wednesday 6 September

Here's this week's Death's Door update! There is an answer and that's nnnnnooooot it.

Tuesday 5 September

Time for another New Game+ update! Why, it might even be a long enough journey for this backstory and one more, unless something happens... hrmmmmm