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Today's comic, Darkness Falls, for Wednesday 22nd of August 2018

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Wednesday 22 August

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! Ah, Danni. If you talk to every dragon along the way you're never going to make it to that weird eternal darkness place.

Tuesday 21 August

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Finally properly underground, time to find some cool spiders.

I know, I know. All spiders are cool.

Monday 20 August

Super busy this weekend so I didn't quite get to finish a new page of Random Encounter, but that's alright because Puyon drew me up a fantastic age so I could take a break! And here that page is!

Advanced Gardens and Snails is now 500% canon

Sunday 19 August

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Getting perilously close to 200 pages, hrmmmmm. And yeah, the Dhark's founders! Since they no longer appear on Mana's office wall in RE I guess I should let all of them in a comic for realsies.

Saturday 18 August

Righto!! Little bit late, but here's this week's Fall update! I mean, c'mon, as if Jake is capable of being quiet for that long anyway.

Thursday 16 August

Sorry for the delay!! But here's this week's Darkness Falls update! And Echo!! It's Echo!! ...who's Echo?

Just a dragon that got written out of continuity many many years ago but hey now I have an excuse to write him back in

Anyway... heads up! I'm going to be missing tomorrow's Random Encounter update due to shenanigans. Sorry about that! Looks like not a great week for updates. Hopefully the weekend is better for updates.

Tuesday 14 August

Sorry! Been a super busy day so I didn't get tonight's comic done. I should have something tomorrow though!

(super late): Sorry for the super late update!! Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Featuring a cameo from Tony, whose comic Devoid you should definitely check out!

Ermmm... since I'm so late with this one there's a VERY HIGH chance Darkness Falls won't update tomorrow. Sorry!!

Monday 13 August

Here's today's Random Encounter update! This seems fine. Everything in this volume is going great so far.

Sunday 12 August

Here's an update of The Breaking to cap off the week! Dyaris... never learns anything.

Saturday 11 August

Here I am with this week's Fall update! I'm sure this will turn out great for Jake.

Friday 10 August

Getting through another week! Here's today's Random Encounter update! I managed to update Random Encounter twice this week and not be late?? Zany. ZANY I SAY.

Thursday 9 August

Time for today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Well, he is a shapeshifter.

Wednesday 8 August

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! Niles... knows exactly how these things go. His main hero skill isn't swinging a big sword, it is pattern recognition.

Tuesday 7 August

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Oh right, staying in line for upwards of several hours would be a problem for Col too...

Monday 6 August

Let's start the week with an on-time comic, shall we? Here's today's Random Encounter update! Oh hey it's that guy. I bet everybody will be very happy to see him.

Also heads up The Breaking did update yesterday, just super duper late. Also added Jay to the cast page, since he'll be sticking around awhile.

Sunday 5 August

Ssssuper late update today, sorry!!! Here's this week's The Breaking update! Gonna try to get RE done now... :B

Saturday 4 August

Still so busy!! Hoping to have a page done later in the day though, sorry for the delay! So many things that need doing... so few hours in the day...

Friday 3 August

Super busy and got home super late, so I super didn't have time to do a comic tonight, sorry! So gonna take the day off and tryyyyy to regroup to try a comic tomorrow!

Thursday 2 August

Sorry for the delay!! I started drawing yesterday's comic then fell asleep, whoops. But it's done now!!

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update!

And here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update!

And now back to sleep

Tuesday 31 July

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Bit of a double-update today, for a change! Because I can, mwaha. And... an excuse for cameos - and there's a lot this time!

Left to right, we've got two characters from each of a number of fellow Wool Wolf comics! We've got people from Forgotten Roots, Devoid, Underworld Nightmares, Critter Coven, Rended and What's Under My Bed!

Monday 30 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! No real reason why this page was so late, I think I just hate drawing the student dorms. DHS should hire an interior decorator so I can draw something else next time P:

Sunday 29 July

Yesterday's Fall page is now properly coloured, and it's time for this week's The Breaking update! There's only room for one seer in DHS continuity who isn't a dink and that is Shauni, so here is Jay, who is a dink.

Saturday 28 July

Had a nap instead of drawing comics again WHOOPS. But I'll post what I've got done, here's the next page of Fall! Colour will follow a bit later in the day once I've had even more sleep yessss

Friday 27 July

I'm sleepy here's a Random Encounter update! Just a little page today, on account of the sleepiness. If I'm less sleepy I might update with a real page later. OTHERWISE I should probably focus on Fall and then The Breaking, huhhhh

Thursday 26 July

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Finally, I get to draw a mermaid in-comic!!! ...Even if it is only just a brief aside. Alas.

Wednesday 25 July

The good news is I got a ton of comics drawn today. The bad news is most of them weren't DHS-related, so unfortunately just a single-page update today! And here it is, today's Darkness Falls update!

Fingers crossed I can keep up with this output this week though, because if that continues then maybe I can do a bit more catch up here, yessss

Tuesday 24 July

Well! I haven't gotten Random Encounter done just yet, but I do have a Mysteries of the Obscured update! Don't worry Col, you'll get it eventually.

Sorry for the missed updates again! I'm hoping to have more than one comic ready to go up tomorrow, but we'll seeeeeee

Monday 23 July

Oops. Nevermind. After catching up on tons of other things yesterday, I fell asleep instead of drawing Random Encounter. WELL I will be back for a Tuesday update!! Be it Random Encounter or Mysteries of the Obscured - we'll see.... I did get last week's Darkness Falls page shaded though, that's something!

Sunday 22 July

Sorry for the delay!! Here's a new page of Fall! Didn't manage to get The Breaking done though, whoops.

I'll do my best to get Random Encounter up tomorrow! *scurries back to drawing*

Saturday 21 July

Hello!! I had a good run of 7 days of updates in a row, that was great and I definitely want more of that! But today I was a bit too unwell to like, actually sit up and draw a comic. So today's comic, gonna be a bit late! I'm hoping I won't be too tired/out of town to miss updating it and/or The Breaking tomorrow... But I guess we'll have to seeeee

Friday 20 July

Woo!! Capping off the first full week of updates in quite a while (though I still need to shade that Darkness Falls page)! Here's today's Random Encounter! Just a simple page today, which is good because my stomach is all grumbly again. As usual haha.

Hopefully I'll have a page of Fall up tomorrow, and then the day after probably 50-50 I'll miss it, since I'm going out of town. But I'll seeeeee... I like drawing comics so, I would like to keep updating a lot.

Thursday 19 July

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! JJ sure runs a tight ship at this paper... definitely... a newspaper that is run well and makes sense.

Wednesday 18 July

Time for this week's Darkness Falls update! ...only, I'm falling asleep so it's not toned just yet. So just inks for now, and I'll have it finished by the end of the week! Figured that was better than already skipping an update again, haha.

Tuesday 17 July

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Nothing suspicious there.

Monday 16 July

Time for another comic! Here's today's Random Encounter! "Shenanigans" is probably... not quite the right word for that whole mess.

Sunday 15 July

FIIIIINALLY time for an update of The Breaking! Time to catch up with our old pal wait who's that guy

Saturday 14 July

Allllright. It has been a long month-sh but I am going to tryyyy to get back on schedule - life permitting. So! To begin, here's a Fall update!

Fingers crossed things go smooth for a bit to allow me to keep drawing on schedule again!! I mean, I probably will continue to miss ones here and there, but hopefully not quite so constantly. Let's try and at least make it a week without dropping!

Thursday 12 July

Comic time!! Time for comic! Here's an update of Mysteries of the Obscured!! Been a while since the last one. Not as long as The Breaking though, haha... but I'm feeling pretty OK lately so let's try and update some more comics this week!

Wednesday 11 July

Aaaand now the colours are done for the latest page! Hopefully I'll have a new comic up tomorrow too, we'll see. Darkness Falls or Mysteries, maybe? Hrrmmmmm

Tuesday 10 July

Hello! Sorry for the delay, last week was kind of a mess, hopefully this week shall not be...

Here's a new page of Random Encounter! Just inks again, colour to follow! And hopefully more comics this week. We'll see.

Wednesday 4 July

Colour's up for the newest Random Encounter page now! Still taking it slow for now.

Tuesday 3 July

Sorry! Ended up being much busier with work than I thought I would be, so I think it's going to be at least another week before I try to ease back into regular updates. For now, more of the same "updating when I can update" schedule.

So today I've got a new page of Random Encounter! Though, just the inks for now. I'm hoping to have it coloured tomorrow...

Sunday 1 July

I said I was going to try to pick up the pace this weekend, comics-wise, but then I immediately fell headfirst into a giant pile of work soooo I didn't quite end up with time for it right away. Whoops! Bad timing on my part

I have gotten the flats done for a new page of Fall though! Which is a start. I'll try to get it shaded tomorrow. So much work to do... but hopefully I'll be able to get a Random Encounter update done for tomorrow. Gotta start getting back to drawing lots of comics, I like drawing lots of comics

Late edit: Shaded now!! Sorry for the delay. Random Encounter might be late because I'm at work and otherwise super busy today, but I'll do what I can.

Friday 29 June

Still truckin along at a greatly reduced rate, here's the title page for the next volume of Random Encounter! Took a bit longer than expected, it's been a busy week so far! But I'm hoping to try to get back to drawing comics at a better rate this weekend. If things go well!

Tuesday 26 June

Here's a comic for today, the next page of Random Encounter and the last page of this volume! Finally. That one was a bit of a long one, but lots of fun to do something a bit different I think. And to have e n d l e s s     c a m e o s

Hopefully the next page will be done fairly quickly, since it'll either be a short end-of-volume bonus page or the title page for the next volume. Either should be pretty easy I think. If things go well!

Saturday 23 June

Still moving a bit slow but here's a comic update! Here's a new page of Fall! Jake will never get tired of saying he's not a liar. Everrrr

Still not quite back to normal here yet, but I'm hoping sometime over the next week I'll get a better sense of when I can return to regular updates.

Wednesday 20 June

Here's a Darkness Falls update! Probably everybody except Danni and the crew already figured that part out!

I'm planning on not updating tomorrow, still taking it slow. But if things are still going OK after that, hopefully I'll have a comic up Friday

Tuesday 19 June

Things are still doing OK, so here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update! A double-page today, again. Because... when I can, I can. I just like drawing comics a lot. I'm bad at being on hiatus. BUT WE'LL SEE like I said if this week goes good I'll return to regular updates next week for certain, for now, if I got an update I'll post it otherwise I'll take a nap. Maybe I'll have something tomorrow but probably I'll have nothing the day after. Taking things slowwww

Monday 18 June

Apparently this is me taking it slow, I guess?? Things are still stable for now so I was able to get more pages done of Random Encounter. Getting suuuuper close to the end of the volume now, just one more thing to wrap up, if you remember the start of this volume...

Hopefully if things continue to go well I'll be able to return to regular updates in the next week, maybe. For now, like I said yesterday, I'll just post what I can get done when I can get it done. Which right now is a whole mess of Random Encounter, I guess! That's good because that's been the one comic I've had a lot of trouble with lately...

Sunday 17 June

Well, things are certainly not looking quite so bad as they were several days ago, so that's an excellent start. It's going to be hard going for a bit longer I think, but that's OK. Sometimes things take time. Fingers crossed everything continues on this upward trajectory, though. Anyway... got some comic updates for you! Well, just a couple pages of Random Encounter. I've been taking it slow the last couple of days, and I'll keep taking it slow for a bit longer and see how things go. But I was able to draw something today, and that something was these pages!

Thanks everybody for all the understanding and well-wishes, you're all so lovely and I really appreciate that a lot. I don't have any solid plans of when I'll come back onto normal scheduled updates, for now I'll post what I can when I can. And if things go well, who knows, maybe I'll be back to speed sooner than I think. Who knows! I've never done a hiatus before I dunno how this is supposed to work haha

Wednesday 13 June

Hello! No good news today I am afraid. I am going through an extremely rough patch in life right now and unfortunately cannot put my normal focus on doing comics just now.

I am hoping things will get better. I love drawing comics, drawing comics makes me happy and I will not be stopping drawing them. However for now, I cannot update every day. It's just too much for me at this moment.

I would like to post finished comics when I can, but it won't be to schedule. I need to take some time.

Lots of love to you all. Please take care of yourselves. I'll be OK, I just need a bit of time, and a whole mess of good luck wouldn't hurt either.

Tuesday 12 June

Sorry for being a day late with it, but here's the newst Random Encounter update! Firstly the gate, now the portrait of the founders... Am I just going through and removing all the parts of DHS I don't like drawing? No because I always used a template for those dinks, mwaha

Here's also today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Something with Ophidia, hrmmm? And that other person... who definitely... has a name...

Monday 11 June

Comic is sketttttched and partially inked, but I stayed up all of last night since I was at work, so super tired and not getting anything done today. Planning to get it done tomorrow alongside Mysteries of the Obscured!! Hopefully

Sunday 10 June

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Well I guess since we showed DHS and mentioned it a few times, it was inevitable...

Saturday 9 June

Time for this week's Fall update! Clyde has no patience for Jake's shenanigans... but he's still curious, poor guy. And now Jake's butt is a tanuki. That can sometimes happen with shapeshifty types.