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Comic for Thusday 2nd of April 2020

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Thursday 2 April

Comic time!!! Time for another volume!!

Today's Short Shift volume is named Tails! Because tails are pretty neat. Here's the whole volume at once!

See you tomorrow with another totally different Short Shift volume!!! It's gonna have Puyon and Colfer, and a ton of illusions!!! See you then!

Wednesday 1 April

Comic time!!! Time for all the comics!!!!

Of course, every April I get up to shenanigans. Most of the time, it just ends up being me pranking myself by drawing an inordinate number of comics. So this year I decided to remove the pretense and just post an inordinate number of comics!!! So, this week is going to be a Short Shift week, and we begin with a new Short Shift volume named Solidarity! This time it's short little scene with a number of the newer DHS students, and was written by Puyon, so enjoy it as much as I did! Here's the whole volume at once if you'd rather read it like that!

See you tomorrow with a completely different Short Shift volume!!! It's gonna have a change priest, a trickster, and it's gonna be... underground! See you then!

Tuesday 31 March

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Looking mysterious is the most important part of any forest hermit life.

Monday 30 March

New week new comic!!! Here's today's Random Encounter page! Looks like everybody's having a bad time around here

Sunday 29 March

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Dyaris strikes again

Saturday 28 March

Fall is sketched and will be up in the morning! I haven't gotten much sleep all week and I have hit a wallllllll. So now sleep, Fall in the morning.

Late update: Sorry for the delay!!! Here's this week's Fall update!

Friday 27 March

Trying really hard to keep the comic train rolling!! Here's today's Random Encounter page!

I am tired and stressed and did I mention tired?? But I want to draw all the comics. All the comicssssssssss

Thursday 26 Marh

I did it!! I updated Key on time! I don't know why this is such a huge accomplishment for me, haha.

Wednesday 25 March

Tiiiime for this week's Death's Door update! Return of that guy

Tuesday 24 March

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Col and Nils could probably have worked that out, but in their defence they've had a hard day of being kidnapped and locked in dungeons.

Monday 23 March

Here's a Random Encounter page! ...kind of. Since I stayed up all Saturday night working I am way too tired to finish an actual comic page. For some reason, every time I work overnight it is always a surprise to me that I am tired afterwards. Maybe one day I shall learn. Anything is possible.

Sunday 22 March

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Dyaris is indeed Dyaris. Plus he already knows stuff.

Saturday 21 March

Comic time, time for comic!!! Here's this week's Fall update! Jake is really, really bad at handling elemental gods. Always and forever.

Since I missed The Breaking last weekend because I was WORKING FOR SOME REASON, I really want to try to get one done this weekend. HOWEVER since I am once again a fool I am working all of Saturday night/Sunday morning so I may... have difficulty achieving that.

Well. I'll try my best!!!!

Friday 20 March

Sorry for the delay again!! I'm a little stressed. With everything. So things are going slowwww. But it's time for comics!! Two of them!!

Here's today's normal Random Encounter page! Well, Monday's page but both halves of it and also coloured.

And here's yesterday's Key update!

Thursday 19 March

Key will update tomorrow or Saturday MARK MY WORDS. I'm mad it's going to be late this week BUT IT MUST UPDATE. Once again it is Wednesday night and I have found myself in a mess. Last week was work shenanigans and this week is different work shenanigans... but more importantly I have hurt both of my arms and also my mouth and now I just want to go to bed... TOMORROW I will post. Comic.

Wednesday 18 March

Time for this week's Death's Door update! I probably should have gone to bed instead of staying up way too late drawing way too many comics, but that's tomorrow-Merlin's problem!

Tuesday 17 March

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Nils is not wrong.

Monday 16 March

The good news is, I'm much less hideously unwell than I have been the past few days. The bad news is, still pretty sick. So uhhh, I do have a new Random Encounter page, but only half of it so far!!! My plan is to get it finished and coloured for the next RE update, but I wanted to at least post *something* today. I did also finally colour the previous page though, so uhh that's better than nothing?? Hopefully I can take a lil time off this week to properly recover and then I can get back on drawing all of the things.

Saturday 14 March

More delays, I'm afraid!! Even though I was sick and overworked and recovering at home, I foolishly went back into work. Because I'm a fool. Now I'm even more overworked and sick. So I'm going to sleep, and draw this comic. uhhh. I want to say in the morning, but I think I am going back to work again because I have learned nothing. But if everything goes well uh, I'll have it up before Sunday's update time.

Late update: Here's a Fall update!!! I'm much sicker and overtired than I thought I would be, so I can't promise there will be an update for The Breaking this week tho...

Friday 13 March

Sorry for the delay!! I ended up overworking myself and was incredibly sick last night so I couldn't post anything. So here's today's Random Encounter page! Colour will be up... sometime before Monday. Still a bit unwell, but doing my best!

Thursday 12 March

Maybe Thursdays are just a bad day for managing updates?? Because once again I am forced to take a little break! Incredibly busy with work at the moment so I have no time to do a thing that isn't.. that. Like comics. So! No update today! I'm hoping that tomorrow is a lil less busy so I can draw a comic then, but... not sure how likely that is, haha.

Wednesday 11 March

Time for another Death's Door update! Ra's not mad, she's just sad. She's had a while to think about this, after all.

Tuesday 10 March

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! "Or something" probably isn't the most polite appellation to give Col but hey, it works.

Monday 9 March

Time for a Random Encounter update! I should mention that Puyon wrote this volume after I killed Loki and before I brought her back! And then I was like "hmmm an opportunity to be a tremendous jerk to my characters by making Loki and Saturn peace out with no heads up?? I'm all about that"

Sunday 8 March

Sleepy and trying to catch up on about a million things... here's this week's The Breaking update! Smol page today because of the aforementioned sleepiness and catch-ups.

Saturday 7 March

Alright! Little bit late cuz I'm still recovering, but here's this week's Fall update!

Friday 6 March

Suuuuper sick today, so I couldn't get a comic done. I think I've caught a cold of some kind, so I just spent most of the day asleep. I'm hoping I feel a bit better in the morning, after even more sleep.

I did get yesterday's comic coloured though, so there's that

Thursday 5 March

Alright!! Here's this week's Key update! Well, inks for now. Colour will be up tomorrow! I just definitely didn't want to miss this week's page since I keep missing 'em!

Wednesday 4 March

Here's today's Death's Door update! I'm surprised it took these three that long to realise that tbh.

Tuesday 3 March

Tiiiime for this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Oh no, I have a new fave mimic character. Goodbye Malo and Nils, this is my new #1

Yesterday's Random Encounter is now coloured too!

Monday 2 March

Here's today's Random Encounter page! I'm... not totally sure what happened to all the hours in the day, but somehow I ran out of them and wasn't able to get it coloured. Sorry about that!! I'm trying to do better about getting things done on time but life keeps gettin' in the way. Anyway!! Poor Nova.

Sunday 1 March

Time for this week's The Breaking update! Another two-page update, because I do wanna catch up a bit on what I missed. But... I might not catch up on any more for a lil bit because there's other stuff I should be working on, hrmmmmmm!!!

Saturday 29 February

Here's this week's Fall update! I made it a two-pager to make up for missing last week's update. I keep missing updates but, I'm doing my best to try to make up for it wherever I can. Gotta draw more!

Also... Jake... the way you're describing Ceraph makes him sound an awwwwwful lot like you

Friday 28 February

I got a comic done!! Here's today's Random Encounter page! Somewhere out there, Loki is off prancing, probably still in her grave clothes, and totally ignoring that she left everyone at DHS in the lurch.

Thursday 27 February

I am missing a lot of Key updates this year and that sucks!! Next page should be fairly straightforward, but I ended up working late so I've no time to get it finished at the moment, sorry!

I'm hooooooping tomorrow is less hectic and I can get a comic up, but uh, it might also be ridiculously busy. I'll do my best!!

Wednesday 26 Februrary

Here's this week's Death's Door update! In which vampires run up against their biggest enemy: language.

Tuesday 25 February

Two comic time!!!

Here's a lil Random Encounter page! I was planning to post this yesterday before I got too tired, haha. So here's what Jinx is up to!

Then here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! No more cells, I'm sick of prison cells.

Monday 24 February

The good news is, Friday's comic is now coloured. The bad news is, now I'm all tuckered out and there's no new page today. Sorry about that! I'll be back tomorrow with a comic

Sunday 23 February

Today's comic will be slightly late too. Hopefully only slightly!!

And here it is! Today's The Breaking update! Finally I managed to actually update that comic, yaaay

Saturday 22 February

Comic will be slightly late!! I will post it once I am done sleeping

Late late edit: HRMM! I slept all morning so it ended up being more than slightly late. But here's a Key update! Since it's been. Way too long. Since the last Key page :V whoops

Friday 21 February

I am mostly recovered but still pretty tired! So I've finally got the new Random Encounter page! ...but it's just inks for now. I'll try to colour it in the next few days!

Thanks for putting up with my continued delays, I really really hope I'm totally back to normal by next weeeeeeeek

Thursday 20 February

I wanted to catch up on drawing yesterday's Death's Door instead of posting today's Key and then I did.

Now I feel bad, because it's been a while since I drew Key and uhh it's not at the best place to stop, huh? I'll see if I can draw that later in the week, maybe instead of Fall (I really gotta update The Breaking this week since it's also been a while since I updated that, haha).

Wednesday 19 February

Now that I am finally feeling pretty recovered from surgery, my stomach has naturally decided to be like "hey, remember me? remember how i am paralysed and always give you a hard time??" and now I am too sick to move.

So I will lie here and grumble and plot and HOPEFULLY TOMORROW will be a day for drawing and posting comics.

Tuesday 18 February

Alright!! The rest of this week is a week for catching up missed updates!! As long as I don't fall asleep first.

Here's a double-page Mysteries of the Obscured update! Col is even less good at lying than usual when he's suffering from shifting syndrome.

Monday 17 February

Stiiiiiiilll slowly recovering! But hey tomorrow is a MotO update day and that's much easier to draw so maybe I won't miss that update? haha.

I'm about halfway through inking this Random Encounter page too so with any luck I won't miss the next one of those :V

Sunday 16 February

I'm kinda mad at my body for not being all better already, harrumph. So I wasn't able to draw a comic today BUT I WAS RESCUED by the amazing InterestInhuman, who totally had my back with this hilarious fan-comic. Thank you!!!

I set up a lil Extras page (like Way Back Home has) to store this excellent comic. I love it!

Saturday 15 February

Alright! So uh. Today's comic is sketched, it's just gonna be a scootch late because I am quite sick. Normal Friday night around here, haha

Sorry for the delay!! Here's this week's Fall update! Because Ceraph is a jerk, we all know that, right?

Friday 14 February

I was planning on returning to normal updates today, but then I pushed it way too hard and felt real bad. So I couldn't quite get a normal update done. So I decided the best thing to do, was to draw something completely simple and doofy, and so I have another Short Shift volume. At least I remembered to actually upload the volume navigation images to the right folder today though so the full-volume navigation doesn't look so bad now, haha.

Hoping tomorrow is the day that I'm OK enough to draw normal stuff!! Let's seeeeee

Thursday 13 February

I thought about getting back to normal updates, and then I thought, hrmm I still feel quite terrible so how about I draw another new Short Shift volume. So I did and you can view the whole thing at once here.

I'm not sure why I thought that would be like... less? effort than a regular update. Clearly, recovering-from-surgery Merlin is a genius.

But I am hoping I will be a bit more better tomorrow. Gotta get back to work and stuff. Maybe I can do a regular update. Or like, take a proper rest instead. Theoretically I could do that.

Wednesday 12 February

I did think about doing what I said I'd do yesterday and posting this comic a page at a time, but then I thought, nah, post the whole thing. So I did! The pages start from here!

I also coded the Short Shift archives to have full-volume view, so you can also view the whole thing at once here

What will I do tomorrow...? Hmm. Haven't decided yet.

Tuesday 11 February

Hmm! Monday was not a fun day. I'm glad I got something prepared to post in advance because I am.. all tuckered out.

So today I'll start another Short Shift volume! Just one page today because I didn't get this one all done in advance :P

I'll be posting this one a page at a time until it's done, then hopefully I will be recovered enough to go back to normal updates