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Today's comic, Darkness Falls, for Wednesday 20th of June 2018

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Wednesday 20 June

Here's a Darkness Falls update! Probably everybody except Danni and the crew already figured that part out!

I'm planning on not updating tomorrow, still taking it slow. But if things are still going OK after that, hopefully I'll have a comic up Friday

Tuesday 19 June

Things are still doing OK, so here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update! A double-page today, again. Because... when I can, I can. I just like drawing comics a lot. I'm bad at being on hiatus. BUT WE'LL SEE like I said if this week goes good I'll return to regular updates next week for certain, for now, if I got an update I'll post it otherwise I'll take a nap. Maybe I'll have something tomorrow but probably I'll have nothing the day after. Taking things slowwww

Monday 18 June

Apparently this is me taking it slow, I guess?? Things are still stable for now so I was able to get more pages done of Random Encounter. Getting suuuuper close to the end of the volume now, just one more thing to wrap up, if you remember the start of this volume...

Hopefully if things continue to go well I'll be able to return to regular updates in the next week, maybe. For now, like I said yesterday, I'll just post what I can get done when I can get it done. Which right now is a whole mess of Random Encounter, I guess! That's good because that's been the one comic I've had a lot of trouble with lately...

Sunday 17 June

Well, things are certainly not looking quite so bad as they were several days ago, so that's an excellent start. It's going to be hard going for a bit longer I think, but that's OK. Sometimes things take time. Fingers crossed everything continues on this upward trajectory, though. Anyway... got some comic updates for you! Well, just a couple pages of Random Encounter. I've been taking it slow the last couple of days, and I'll keep taking it slow for a bit longer and see how things go. But I was able to draw something today, and that something was these pages!

Thanks everybody for all the understanding and well-wishes, you're all so lovely and I really appreciate that a lot. I don't have any solid plans of when I'll come back onto normal scheduled updates, for now I'll post what I can when I can. And if things go well, who knows, maybe I'll be back to speed sooner than I think. Who knows! I've never done a hiatus before I dunno how this is supposed to work haha

Wednesday 13 June

Hello! No good news today I am afraid. I am going through an extremely rough patch in life right now and unfortunately cannot put my normal focus on doing comics just now.

I am hoping things will get better. I love drawing comics, drawing comics makes me happy and I will not be stopping drawing them. However for now, I cannot update every day. It's just too much for me at this moment.

I would like to post finished comics when I can, but it won't be to schedule. I need to take some time.

Lots of love to you all. Please take care of yourselves. I'll be OK, I just need a bit of time, and a whole mess of good luck wouldn't hurt either.

Tuesday 12 June

Sorry for being a day late with it, but here's the newst Random Encounter update! Firstly the gate, now the portrait of the founders... Am I just going through and removing all the parts of DHS I don't like drawing? No because I always used a template for those dinks, mwaha

Here's also today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Something with Ophidia, hrmmm? And that other person... who definitely... has a name...

Monday 11 June

Comic is sketttttched and partially inked, but I stayed up all of last night since I was at work, so super tired and not getting anything done today. Planning to get it done tomorrow alongside Mysteries of the Obscured!! Hopefully

Sunday 10 June

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Well I guess since we showed DHS and mentioned it a few times, it was inevitable...

Saturday 9 June

Time for this week's Fall update! Clyde has no patience for Jake's shenanigans... but he's still curious, poor guy. And now Jake's butt is a tanuki. That can sometimes happen with shapeshifty types.

Friday 8 June

Time for today's Random Encounter update! I guess If Leo's full of secrets he can let just one go. Only becuase it makes Jinx realise there's a whole bunch more secrets he might not get to the bottom of for a while, hrrrrm.

And hey! I got two Random Encounter pages done in a week and also neither of them is late or coloured late or anything? Zany. ZANY I SAY. That's a good start to getting back into things, even if I did miss Wednesday's update. Well! It's going to be a busy next month but I'll see about doing some more catch ups and all that.

Thursday 7 June

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! And that... finally! Is the end of the first volume!

Took a lot longer than I expected for two reasons really. One was I started with a fairly linear story and that was a bit boring for something with the word "Mysteries" in the title so I just kept twisting the ending until I got something different. Which ended up making it much longer since it just kept not ending! The other was since I did those two volumes for April fools' that didn't have Niya in them, I knew I had to include a proper bit at the end to wrap it up a bit more than my usual "VOLUME'S OVER EVERYBODY GET OUT" drop that I usually do at the end of a story. But... different than expected isn't bad, I'm having fun with it so far! So next week... a new volume!

Wednesday 6 June

Ah, Darkness Falls, the only comic I ever am ahead 2 pages on... won't be updating today, sorry! It's quite a busy week, probably picked a bad one to start back on normal updates. I'll see if I can't catch it up by the end of the week. Though... we'll have to see. Lots to do, and I'm still fighting my digestive system. One dayyyy I'll get that more under control. I hope. But uh... at least I finally kicked that cold I had last week! Minor wins.

Tuesday 5 June

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! A double-page today, so with that I'm all caught up on that particular comic! For now... I might fall behind again, but hopefully not for a little while!

Monday 4 June

...Alright! Let's try this again. Here's today's a Random Encounter update, as I try to move back to normal updates. Can't promise that I won't continue to be a bit late with some updates! But I'll do my best!

Sunday 3 June

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Somewhere, Deimi has just started yelling uncontrollably and doesn't know why

Tomorrow's update will be... umm.. hm. If I'm feeling not so sick I'll switch the schedule starting tomorrow. Otherwise I'll hang in on this slightly easier schedule for a bit longer. We'll seeeeeee

Saturday 2 June

Phew, think I jinxed myself yesterday by saying I'd try for a double-update. Ended up just being a bit too ill to work on anything. I've gotten some bits and pieces started, so I think I'll try and do what I did last week - sleep now, and get this week's Fall update up later in the day. Sorry about that!

Comics' up! Here's this week's Fall update, just the one page this week! And now I go back to quietly napping zzzz

Friday 1 June

Welcome to June! Here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update! I've only got like, a week's left of updates for the current volume. And I'd really like to try to finish the current Random Encounter volume sometime this month, so... I might adjust the update schedule on Monday back to what it was previously! Maybe. If I'm not feeling too sick to draw Random Encounter :P

Tomorrow should still be a Fall update. Hopefully a double-update?? Super busy at work at the moment so I can't promise anything, but it'd be nice to knock something off the IOU list!

Thursday 31 May

Here's today's a Random Encounter page! Short little filler thing today, still getting over this cold unfortunately!

Wednesday 30 May

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! JJ knows moxie when she sees it.

Also heads up, I've managed to catch myself a cold so updates might be slow for the rest of the week, but I'll do my best!

Tuesday 29 May

Time for this week's Darkness Falls update! They don't really seem the hero type, but it's very important not to say that to their faces.

Is this whole story just a trip where we see tons of Random Encounter characters all grown up...?

Yes maybe

Monday 28 May

Time to start a new week with a Mysteries of the Obscured update! Got another double-page update todayyyyy. Still trying to catch up on missed updates, so yeah! Slowly trucking towards the end of this volume too - finally getting close! I might re-jigger the update schedule again once this volume is done... but it depends how sick I'm feeling :P

Niya is the best at negotiations.

Sunday 27 May

Here's today's The Breaking update! Dyaris likes to try to be heroic, after all. Wonder how he got kicked out of hero school...

There was a very late Fall update yesterday in case you missed it. I also finally got Thursday's Random Encounter page coloured! Slowwwwwly catching up on things.

Saturday 26 May

Comic's going to be a few hours late again! I'll have it up by lunchtime hopefully. Definitely Before Sunday...

Late update: Sorry for the delay!! Ended up being a few hours later than I wanted, so I tried to make up for it by making this week's Fall update a double-page update!

God of Change, always changing, making things annoying to colour pffft

Friday 25 May

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! You can't be yelling about lies and treason too early in the day, to be fair. Everybody's still half-asleep.

Thursday 24 May

Time for this week's a Random Encounter page! ...well, just inks for now, but colour will be up before the end of the week!

Hey it's that scene-stealing mouse again

Wednesday 23 May

It's time for another Mysteries of the Obscured update! Another double-pager too, while I'm at it. Lying about being a liar. The ultimate lie.

Tuesday 22 May

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! Got a double-page update today, for the *checks notes* only comic I am not behind on.

Because why not?

Monday 21 May

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured page! ...pages! Catching up on last week's missed update! Now I just gotta... catch up on the rest of 'em.

Well Col, that's usually the opposite direction you want to go in when somebody calls you an agent of lies, but hey you do you.

Sunday 20 May

Ending up getting a late start on today's comic, so it'll be a little late. Buuuuut it's been a while since the last update of The Breaking, so it'll definitely be up a bit later in the day! Hopefully around lunchtime, my time.

Here we are, 12 hours late but done! Here's this week's The Breaking update! Finally, sheesh!

Saturday 19 May

Time for this week's Fall update! Hey, it could happen.

Friday 18 May

Because I neglected to update it for quite a while now, I elected to make today a a Random Encounter update day! And today's Mysteries page will hopefully be up a little later in the week. Or I'll make Monday a double-update...

Tricksters! Always up to something.

Thursday 17 May

Wellllll I did get the previous a Random Encounter page finally coloured! Took me a while, what with all the nonsense real-life stuff getting in the way... But since I was catching up on that and a few other missed comic things, I didn't quite have enough time to draw a new Random Encounter page, sorry. So looks like it's yet another week of delayed Random Encounter. The next page should be fairly simple though, so as long as nothing goes wrong this week for a change I will have it updated by the end of the week. Still lots of missed comic stuff to catch up on, so I'd like not to add to that backlog! Plus I'm excited for the next page, it's simple and fun.

Wednesday 16 May

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured page! Who's more trustworthy? This one guy we met who is probably in league with the god of lies, or this fellow weird bug who has been leading us for a little while now? HRRRMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm it's the shapeshifter, right??

Tuesday 15 May

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! It's always worth it when you don't have to do the hard work, to be fair.

Monday 14 May

Right, hopefully this week will be full of comic updates, so I suppose I'd better start of with an update of Mysteries of the Obscured! Shapeshifters are always extremely blameable

Saturday 12 May

Finally time for a comic!! It has not been a great week for comics, but here's an update for Fall! The Goddess of Truth is LaRaGa's biggest buzzkill, confirmed.

Nowwwwww I'm really, really hoping that next week is going to be fantastic for drawing comics!! That would be a nice change. I still need to colour the last Random Encounter page, tooooo. I started drawing it for Thursday's update but became too unwell to move so that didn't really work out. But next week! Hoo boy, it'll get done. Hopefully along with other stuff. Just need life to stop jerking me around :V

That being saiiiiid I'm going out of town today so I won't be able to update The Breaking tomorrow. I was hoping to have a buffered page to post, since I missed it last week too but uhhh that didn't work out. So! That. I'll be back Monday with SOMETHING (hopefully a Mysteries update)

Friday 11 May

Phew... I want to make it clear that I love drawing all my comics, and I don't intend to stop or drop any of them... but going through quite a rough patch at the moment, so I really haven't been able to get anything done. Hopefully things will get better soon.

Thursday 10 May

Feeling quite unwell so there's not going to be an update today, sorry! Dangit body why you always gotta do this on Random Encounter days

Wednesday 9 May

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured! Col is helping. Oh wait no nevermind.

Tuesday 8 May

Drumroll.... time for a double-update! Catching up a bit!

Here's yesterday's delayed Mysteries of the Obscured! The triumphant return! What could go wrong?

And here's this week's Darkness Falls! Nice loot, Mez.

aaand... the good news is I got a diagnosis as to why I've been sick for pretty much the last year solid! The bad news is it's a chronic condition that doesn't really go away. But hopefully now I can get some targetted treatment and hopefully manage the symptoms somewhat. Not to be too mysterious or secretive or anything, I've got gastroparesis, which pretty much is just my stomach stopped working properly and now I'm just... sick all the time. But finally having a name to the pain is a good step forward. I'm a bit sad that I'll probably not be "well" again, but if I can at least manage my illness better, that will be OK. And then I can go back to focussing on what I want to do - draw all the comics foreverrrrrr P:

Which reminds me, I really ought to start writing out the outline for the next Short Shift volume, hrmmm... but what story to go with.... so many options.......

Monday 7 May

Comic's going to be a bit late, but hopefully it'll be up tomorrow. HOPEFULLYYYYyyy depends on how the rest of the day goes. I've got my fingers crossed for good news about why I been so sick for the past year. Mainly doctor's visits are on my mind at the moment, but after that hopefully comics will be on my mind P: today's comic is sketched, anyway, just a matter of getting it inked and coloured which I hope I'll be able to do not too lateeee

Sunday 6 May

Today's comic gonna be a bit late!! Managed to pull a muscle in my neck while getting some medical tests done this week and it is giving me a lot of trouble right now. Ey if it isn't one thing it's another... I'm planning on finishing up this comic in the morning :V sorry for all the delays!!

Late edit: Late!! But here's some a Random Encounter inks! Colour will be up later and uhhh The Breaking will be... quite late. Sorry!!

Saturday 5 May

Still slowly working on things/being unwell. But hey here's an update of Fall! Altair and Jake are now BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.

Friday 4 May

Still running behind on that Random Encounter update BUT IT WILL BE UP BY THE END OF THE WEEK OR SO HELP ME

ugh i'm so behinddddddd

Thursday 3 May

Er, not the most auspicious start to the new schedule as I shuffle things around already... but it's been a long day so I still haven't had enough time to do Random Encounter. I'm hoping I will have it done tomorrow!! So for now I've brought forward the next Mysteries of the Obscured update!