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Today's comic, The Breaking, for Sunday 22nd of January 2017

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Sunday 22 January

Here I am with this week's The Breaking update! Deimi this is not a very good idea. Also featuring those cameos from The Dragon Doctors again, yes.

Noww... let's see... I'm mostly feeling well again, which is a good start. I've finally started working on building up a buffer again, which is something I will definitely need in the middle of the year since I'm going to Anthrocon again. And... oh yeah, I'm going to try to get another Random Encounter background done next week.

Saturday 21 January

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Yeah, what else could it be? Two vampires?? That's just silly, Raff.

Friday 20 January

Monday's Random Encounter is now properly coloured, and for today's update there's a bit of a filler Random Encounter page! For I am sick, and becoming increasingly salty about how hungry I am. Body you are not allowed food, on account of you can't keep it down >:I

Hopefully this illness does not last long and comic updates shall march on

Thursday 19 January

OK, and now it's time for this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! This week it's a two-pager, and things are turning around! Last week's update is now coloured too, but this week's one will be a lot longer since it is rather a big one!

And that's how we finally solved the mystery of who even graffiti'd that sign last fools' week.

Wednesday 18 January

Another little schedule shuffle, today's comic is the next New Game+ update! A trickster with a plan. That's.... unusual. ....maybe he's lying

Tuesday 17 January

It's time for today's New Game+ update! Featuring hastily-assembled hats.

Monday 16 January

The last page of Random Encounter is now coloured, and there's also a new page for today's Random Encounter update! ...but uh, it's not fully coloured yet. Busy weekend, still waiting for things to get back to normal... hopefully in the next week or so.

Anyway, there's Drake! Master of subtlety.

Sunday 15 January

Here's today's The Breaking update! Of course, Deimi leaves out a lot. Doesn't work in healing magic if you use it on yourself. It's an extremely fussy reagent all around though, not many people could or would use it. Also, pretty gross.

Tomorrow I'll certainly have Thursday's Random Encounter page coloured, and hopefully get the next one done too. We'll see. Still in a bit of a heatwave, moving very slowly.

Saturday 14 January

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Hopefully now that Friday's over things are going back to normal slowly over here, and ...that will be good! Then I can get more comics done. Yesss.

Friday 13 January

Aaand here's this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update. D: Krova!!

This page isn't coloured just yet, but the previous page has now been fully coloured and is looking excellent. Colour will be up a bit later in the week

Thursday 12 January

Shuffling this week's updates a little further, here's a Random Encounter update. It's not coloured yet, but uhh the previous page is coloured, so getting closer to catching up! And even if things are updating on slightly different days this week, I think it's working out a bit better than skipping days and possibly doubling up later. More comics = more better, and Darius confirmed for huge weirdo.

Wednesday 11 January

This week's another week of shuffled updates, so here's a New Game+ update! Dhark's Hero Stories should update a bit later in the week.

Might miss some other updates a bit later in the week though. Funeral and stuff. If I can update I will, but if I can't then... there's that. I'll do my best!

Tuesday 10 January

Time for today's New Game+ update! White wings and putting one's foot in one's mouth. Normal things around here!

Monday 9 January

Here's today's Random Encounter update. Well, just lines for now, colour will be up later in the week. It is very hot and will continue to be... summer is the worst season. Makes drawing comics much slower. And generally I've been not super motivated last week which doesn't help either. But... we'll see how this week goes.

Sunday 8 January

Here's this week's The Breaking comic! I don't think Dharfi was quite expecting that.

I also cleaned up the Random Encounter backgrounds section and added another new one today.

Saturday 7 January

Time for this week's Death's Door update! Theoretically anybody could be a vampire. Except none of those people are.

Friday 6 January

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Drawing comics is pretty calming sometimes. So here's Dharfi and Mana catching up! Been quite a while.

Also Puyon very kindly drew a new background for the Random Encounter backgrounds section, which uh, I just realised hadn't been updated in uhhhh more than three years I think-? Anyway it's been kinda updated now, I really need to fix the layout for it some time (not right now), and probably get drawin some new backgrounds. So let me know if y'alls got any particular requests! I think I've got a lot of little things kicking around the site that need to be updated though. Did a lot of clean up last year, but there's still lots more to do. I should really write a list or something...

Thursday 5 January

So, with updates shuffled, that makes today a day for Dhark's Hero Stories to update! Colour isn't quite ready yet, but should be up before the end of the week.

Not sure yet if I'll update Random Encounter tomorrow or not. Depends. Today has been what I hope is the worst day I have for quite some time. I think things must only be able to be better from here... I had a phone call from my dad informing me my grandfather had passed. He's been in palliative care since just after Christmas, before that he was in care for a while (Alzheimer's) so it's not like, the worst... but yes, sad. Naturally I went home from work at that point. Came home to find my dear elderly pet hen unable to stand up, so took an emergency visit to the vet's office where she had to be put down. Altogether, not the best day. :V So I may or may not take a break tomorrow

Wednesday 4 January

Dhark's Hero Stories isn't ready just yet, so I'm shuffling updates a little bit this week. Here's a New Game+ update! Golem?? What?? Who's been saying that?? Nobody probably

Tuesday 3 January

Here's today's New Game+ update! Hmm, let's see.. New Game+... feels like so long since I drawn it last, haha. I was having a bit of trouble with Photoshop on this week's pages (like, taking over a minute to render a brush stroke colouring the background... a brush stroke? I meant every brush stroke. ughhhh), but I think it turned out ok anyway. Anyway, we're up to uh, #278? That means I should get close to #400 this year... and that's about as long as I was expecting the comic to be, so let's see if I can finish it up this year!

Monday 2 January

Right! Time for the cover page for the next Random Encounter volume! So... let me think. For volume 47, my first idea for a sidestory to "hey new characters" was something involving Azure and her crew, that was actually one of the first 3 stories I wrote for Random Encounter. But then that got pushed totally aside for Loki times, which worked out way better honestly. Then I planned on making this next main story volume be about that thing instead... but then I had a bit of insomnia last month and my brain was full of very insistent thoughts. One night it was the very urgent idea that actually it's high time for another Saturn sword story, and so... here we are! This one should be a much shorter volume than 47 was, haha. But now that there's a few new faces at DHS, I can do some fun new things too.

Of course, it was only at last-minute that I decided to make volume 49 another holiday volume too, so this was going to be volume 49 and then something that I'm excited for was going to be volume 50... now everything's been pushed out by one, so now I work on this while thinking of exciting things for volume 51. Ah... the possibilities...

As for when that other story will be told... eh it's been like what, 12 years since I wrote it? I'm sure it can wait longer no problem.

Anyway, it's 2017 now so here's to another year of comics!!

Sunday 1 January

Right! Time to cut it out with the excessive amount of Random Encounter updates, and go back to regular updates with today's The Breaking! And a return to theeeeese people, hrmmmmmmm

Saturday 31 December

And time for the last page of this special holiday Random Encounter volume! That's the other reason I did double-pages - fourteen pages would be a bit long for a "short" holiday volume, huh?

Friday 30 December

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Jinx you totally didn't even try to ask him, you goofball. And hey, there's only one more day left of the year - and only one more page left of this current volume. And then... it'll be time for the next one! ...er well, first it'll be Sunday, so time for The Breaking, right? But after that, the next Random Encounter volume

and yes Bluff's backstory/how he even got to DHS is totally on the to-do list, might take a while to get around to proper though...

Thursday 29 December

It's time for today's Random Encounter update! Well... it's a few hours late. I should really get back into a better schedule of "getting comics done before 2am" sometime before this holiday break is over, hrmm. Anyway... Of course, Jake couldn't really give people ears that are proper useful like third eyes are. Then it wouldn't be much of a "curse", would it? For Jinx... they really only let him hear Bluff. He can hear a bit better than if he had human ears otherwise, but that's about all. Nothing super special.

Wednesday 28 December

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Somebody's still a little salty about fools' week. I'm sure he'll get over it eventually :V

Next few days are going to be a bit rough around here. But I'll try to keep updating. Comics are a good thing to focus on when times are rough imo. But there's a chance I'll miss some updates.

Tuesday 27 December

Aha... I did say that I wanted to take today off, but then I remembered that today's Random Encounter update had Puyon in it and realised I would much rather draw Puyon than take a break. Mwaha. And so! Jinx and Puyon and the careful performance art that is "wow that guy with weird ears is definitely not a trickster and definitely an enemy of tricksters"

Monday 26 December

Here I am with today's Random Encounter update! Now... Boxing Day (ie. today) is actually the big holiday for my family, so ... I think I will take a little break from comics, since I'll be going back and forth interstate today so it will be very busy. So tomorrow, no update, and then updates will resume the day after! Sorry, but I just know I'm going to be extremely tired :V and I should really also get some proper sleep sometime this break...

Sunday 25 December

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Starting the new volume, that will hopefully run just until new year - but may take a few days longer if I miss updates. To make up or the various few missed and delayed updates this year, I'm making all of this volume's updates double-length pages. I figure it'll keep things moving along a little more quickly, too!

Saturday 24 December

aaaand it is time for a sorta-short Random Encounter holiday volume! Because why not, any excuse I say. I'll do daily Random Encounter updates until this one is done - though, busy time of year huh, I might miss a few updates but I'll try to make up any missed updates as I go along....

Friday 23 December

(Late edit) HEY GUESS WHAT sorry for the delay but now Random Encounter has updated! Phew! There we go, last page of what has so far been the longest Random Encounter volume! To follow: another volume!! Title page will be up tomorrow!

So, it's been quite a volume! And I really, really have to thank Puyon for making it happen, by giving me so much help! I like drawing comics, but I love working on comics with the help of good friends. So many of the new characters were created by Puyon, including Nova who really is a lot of fun to draw. And, my planning for new volumes is a little sort of haphazard, it was Puyon who significantly helped pick this one for volume 47 (I had some other plans, which I have now forgotten), and there is some other volume that will hopefully come in the first half of the new year that was written by Puyon and also includes Puyon... the character, mwaha. But you know, planning, though I'm hoping it'll be volume 51 we'll have to see what distracts me between now and then, eh?

By the way, Puyon's running a sale on chibi commissions at the moment and you should definitely check it out, them chibis is freaking adorable: check it outtttt

Anyway, I think I was going to say something else but I really should take a nap zzzz so ..... zzzz

didn't actually start today's comic until 11pm, that was a dumb move! Gotten it partway inked but so so sleepy, aaaa. I'm going to try to have it finished sometime today... but it will be quite late, sorry! Sometime in the next 24 hours... comic will update :V

Thursday 22 December

Here's today's Random Encounter update! The Kiborns are reasonably well known in certain circles. If only as a cautionary tale about dark power curses :V

Very close to being finished with this volume! Oh, so close to closedown... Finishing so many big pages and staying caught up has been a wee bit harder than I thought, and these 1-2am nights are catching up with me. There's a possibility some updates will be late, but for now I'm going to push forward and do my best! I really want to finish up tomorrow (first half-day of closedown!!) and maybe even get the title page up for the holiday volume, but I'll seeeee howwww I goooooooo