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Today's comic, Death's Door, for Wednesday 24th of April 2019

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Wednesday 24 April

Time for this week's Death's Door update! This fox would have been way more useful if they'd shown up in part one.

Tuesday 23 April

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! There's some arguments as to whether doppelgängers are actually a real thing or just completely fictional, of course.

Just one more page to go of this issue, then I'll start the new volume the week after!

Monday 22 April

It's a new week, so here's a Random Encounter update! Hrrrrrrmmmmmm.

Sunday 21 April

Here's this week's The Breaking update! That's why you always befriend shapeshifters: they're very convenient

Saturday 20 April

Alright!!! Got that Random Encounter page done!! That took too long, remind me to never draw Gardelvia again. Fall won't update this week cuz... that took too long!

Friday 19 April

Here's a Random Encounter update! Uhm. Hurt my wrist a bit doing the lines on this one, so for now I'm just posting the first half without colour, I'll have the whole thing up tomorrow!

Thursday 18 April

Taking a lil break today because I am feeling sick! Well, sicker than usual. Living that chronic illness life. I'll try and have a good rest so I can draw Random Encounter tomorrow!!

Wednesday 17 April

Time for a new page of Death's Door!

Tuesday 16 April

Heres this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Col would be a better reporter in video than print. Unfortunately, television doesn't exist in LaRaGa, so

Monday 15 April

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Had to take a break from ~road trip~ for a page, just for a change of pace

Sunday 14 April

Right! Time to catch up! Here's this week's delayed Fall update! As well as this week's The Breaking update!

Saturday 13 April

Here's that delayed Random Encounter update! And now I'm late on Fall. Classic Merlin. I did get it sketched, so if I can I'll have it done tomorrow... but I'm working tomorrow night so uh I'll be a little short on time. I'll post something!

Friday 12 April

Comic is sketched, and I even started inking it, but also, I am very very tired, so I can't get it done just now. I'll try to have it done for tomorrow!

Thursday 11 April

Here's this week's Key update! Bad advice, Mel. Never pretend to be normal, always be as weird as possible at all times.

Wednesday 10 April

Wednesday meaaaans time for a new Death's Door page! Grumpy fox is my new favourite character, every comic will now be about grumpy fox

Tuesday 9 April

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Yeah, I guess that's what this story is about. This one should be like.... 4 pages? Nice and short, and then on to the next big story! Next person Col picks up will have to not live in his house though, they're running out of room.

Monday 8 April

Right! Back to normal updates! Here's today's Random Encounter update! Ironically, light magic can't be used to make light at night. Loki still has to use elemental magic for that. Also, definitely don't mess with gods, that's a great way to get dead.

Sunday 7 April

Here is another comic that is definitely real and also definitely I drew it! It's called 9 Lives and- yeah OK you got me. This one's a fake. My housemate drew it while I had a nap. All of the comics are fake, also. Happy Fools' Week!!

For once I actually took it easy and didn't draw a million pages of comics. Merely a few title pages, which is a lot less work! While none of the comics from this week are real comics I am starting right now, maybe some of them will appear later. After all, last time I did this, I showed the cover page for Fall and for Death's Door. So who knows....

Anyway, normal updates should resume tomorrow, and I'll get rid of all the extra comic links then too.

Saturday 6 April

You know, Daryil from Project Future, he hasn't been in enough DHSComix. So how about... I start... a new comic... with Daryil! It's called Oh Gods! And is going to be a comedy about the God of Lies and the (so-called) God of Debauchery! I think those two would get along great, if Jake could ever get over himself. But as he can't, I think they would not get along, actually.

Friday 5 April

I've been thinking about it, and y'know, it feels like it's been a long time since I've had the chance to start a new comic. So today I'm starting a new comic called μ! I was meaning to create a cool dryad character with branch-horns for a while, and also I have a constant fight at work about non-standard ascii characters, so it seems like it would be fun to take that fight to a brand new medium. μ!

Thursday 4 April

Actually... I've been talking to Puyon, and we both agree it is time for another comic. So Puyon has started a new comic called Coin Toss! Please enjoy this new comic, as you can see, it has some wonderful characters in it.

Wednesday 3 April

You know what?? Doing sequelly-like comics makes me want to do more sequelly-like comics. So today I'm going to start a new comic to follow on from New Game+! This one is called New Game++! Plus if I do something set so far timeline-wise ahead of all the other comics, then I can draw like, non-medieval technology. Like streetcars, which I definitely don't already hate drawing.

Tuesday 2 April

It's going to be a week of reshuffling the schedule, I think. Because it's time for a new comic! This one is called Light Rises! Because I already had Darkness Falls about some future adventures of DHS students, y'know. This one... well! Earlier this year when I was horribly ill with that throat infection I kept having weird dreams, and one of them was - well, I'll just copy what I posted that morning:

"Apparently sick me has weird dreams Sick, unconscious Merlin believes she is working on a comic where Loki, Saturn, Danni and Emma are tracking down and killing some sort of chaos power adjacent beings She is like thirty volumes in and v unhappy with the progress
Who tf is Emma"

Then after that I was like... wait should I work on a comic about Loki, Saturn, Danni and Emma??? And so this is that! Hmmm. Might have some problems adjusting this to fit into canon what with these all being the future versions of characters who are currently donking around in Random Encounter. But we'll seeeeeee.

Monday 1 April

Guess what!! It's a new week, and that seems like as good a time as any for a new comic. So here's a new comic, called Heretic! It's about a heretic. One of those people at least on the cover is a heretic.

Well, I know I've been missing a lot of updates this year, particularly Random Encounter, which has pages that take a long time to finish. So I'm hoping adjusting the schedule some will allow me to catch up a little bit. We'll seeeeeee

Sunday 31 March

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Human light power with white hair and purple eyes? High chance of Kiborn

Saturday 30 March

Here's this week's Fall update! That's enough elemental shenanigans.... for now

I've gotten my hands on the printed version of Peony now! The Peony print campaign is ending soon so check that out if you want your hands on one before I finally get around to setting up the store (at some point, it'll prolly take a while)

Oh, and yesterday's comic is now coloured, too!

Friday 29 March

Slowly catching up, sorry! Here's a Random Encounter update - but full-colour will be up a little late! Movin' slow. But hey! It's been a while since anybody had to travel to Gardelvia. It's easier for me to draw them doing that now than it was last time, haha.

Thursday 28 March

Stilllllll super busy, unfortunately. So in lieu of anything else, here's a Snorse comic!

Wednesay 27 March

Sorry! Ended up having to work super late tonight so I have no time to draw an update... my spare time, where did you go...

If I can catch up on this missed update later in the week I will, but no promises. Bit of a hectic week already so far, oof.

Good news is that my enamel trickster pins for the Peony print campaign arrived today and they look ultra swish. Still got until the end of the week on that campaign if you want in!

Anyway, hopefully tomorrow will go much more smoothly, then I can draw the comics. Drawing the comics is more fun than not drawing the comics.

Tuesday 26 March

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Time to start a new volume. Niya isn't on the cover for any reason besides I didn't really have much to put on there. I guess also, she is fun to draw

Monday 25 March

Here's a double-page Random Encounter update. Took a while but I got there!

Sunday 24 March

...and now today's comic/s will be slightly late again again, why do humans need sleep, I could get so much more work done if I wasn't asleep.

late edit: The Breaking is up! Since it occurred to me it didn't update last week so I'd better do so now :V

Random Encounter.. still working on that one. It's not a terribly complex page so no idea why it's taking this long, whoops. It'll definitely be up tomorrow, maybe I'll try for a two-pager

Saturday 23 March

I'm very good at time management so tonight's comic will be late, sorry! I hope to have it up a bit later in the day

late edit: sorry for the delay! Here's this week's Fall update!

Friday 22 March

Still quite unwell so I haven't been able to finish today's comic, sorry! But... if I don't get this page done this week then there's no "real" Random Encounter update this week. Which isn't something I want. So... I will try to get this page finished for Sunday! Hoping that I am less sick by then :V

Thursday 21 March

Woof... really sick today, but hey I got a new page of Key! Luckily it is a simple one so I could get it done today. Anyway, here's Key being terrible.

Wednesday 20 March

Here's this week's Death's Door update! This fox seems nice and not rude at all!

Speaking of rude furries, thanks everybody who has pledged so far, the Peony print campaign is now totally funded! It's still running until the end of the month, but I guess this means it's time for me to get stuff printing!