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Comic for Friday, 22nd March 2019 will be delayed

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Friday 22 March

Still quite unwell so I haven't been able to finish today's comic, sorry! But... if I don't get this page done this week then there's no "real" Random Encounter update this week. Which isn't something I want. So... I will try to get this page finished for Sunday! Hoping that I am less sick by then :V

Thursday 21 March

Woof... really sick today, but hey I got a new page of Key! Luckily it is a simple one so I could get it done today. Anyway, here's Key being terrible.

Wednesday 20 March

Here's this week's Death's Door update! This fox seems nice and not rude at all!

Speaking of rude furries, thanks everybody who has pledged so far, the Peony print campaign is now totally funded! It's still running until the end of the month, but I guess this means it's time for me to get stuff printing!

Tuesday 19 March

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! It's two pages, because hey it's the end of the volume!! New volume starts next week, and it's another short doofy one!

Monday 18 March

Here's kind of today's Random Encounter update. Er, it's just Friday's update but properly coloured now. Ended up working most of the night and so instead of drawing comics I slept all day. Sorry!

Edit: yaaay Puyon hooked me up with a guest comic!! Enjoy!! I definitely did!!

(late) Saturday 16 March

Here's this week's super late Fall update!

It's very late and I have to work tonight, also, so there's not going to be an update of The Breaking this week, sorry!

Friday 15 March

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Uh well, just partial colour for now, ran out of time to get it finished tonight but it'll be fully coloured before the end of the week!

Also, because I am a master of planning and time management, I realised today that I'm not going to be able to get tomorrow's Fall done on time due to other commitments, so that one will be a bit late too, sorry!

Thursday 14 March

Time for this week's Key update! Cameos do not like Key, alas

Wednesday 13 March

Here's this week's Death's Door update! This week I remembered what day it was. Go team me

And also today the Peony print campaign has crept past halfway done! Thanks a million to everybody who has already pledged. Every dollar counts!

Tuesday 12 March

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! I'm hoping I'll have this issue wrapped up next week, and then we can start on the next one! Which will be another short one before the next proper story, because that's how we roll with this comic for some reason

Monday 11 March

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Mana likes telling Loki that. Mana and Mwali: not actually best friends. Mogki and everybody else: definitely best friends

edit: fixed the continuity error (thank you Puyon!)

Sunday 10 March

Time for this week's The Breaking update! And I stayed up late just so I could post that the Peony print campaign is now live!! And now I go to sleep

Saturday 9 March

Here's this week's Fall update! Yes, that is too many brothers, Ceraph. Don't be greedy, make sure you have an appropriate number of each brother.

Peony print campaign launches tomorrow!! Back to the comic mines

Friday 8 March

Just got a little filler page for today's Random Encounter update! I'm sure she will P:

Got lots to do for the Peony print campaign, so I'd better continue getting on that! Launching Sunday!!

Thursday 7 March

Nnnnot totally sure why I thought yesterday was a Key update day when it was a Death's Door update day, but let me make it up to you with a new page of Death's Door! Nobody ever warns anybody about anything in time in LaRaGa, that's just how it is.

Wednesday 6 March

Here's this week's Key update! I'm sure this will go well for everybody involved.

Tuesday 5 March

OK! Caught up for now. Here's yesterday's finished Random Encounter update! late edit: whoops fixed that big ol' word balloon blunder

And here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update!

And the Peony print crowdfunding campaign will launch on March 10... so long as nothing happens between now and then :V

Monday 4 March

Rrrrreally tired, so I didn't get today's comic finished. But I'd rather not post nothing, so here's a half-page inks of the next Random Encounter page! I'll see if I can get it done for tomorrow...

Sunday 3 March

Hey a comic. Here's this week's The Breaking update! In which Hind is the best founder, because his hat is full of swords.

Saturday 2 March

Here's this week's Fall update! Jake is awfully honest for a god of lies

Might miss some updates here and there for a bit and might need to push back the launch of the Peony print crowdfund because some stuff just came up. We'll see. I'll do what I can, and let ya know.

Friday 1 March

Either I am quite sick or it is too hot to draw a comic. Either way, no comic update today, sorry! I'll try to have something done tomorrow tho!

Thursday 28 February

Here's today's Key update! Great job, Key.

Wednesday 27 February

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Ophidia always has the most fun ideas for holidays.

Tuesday 26 February

Right! Here's yesterday's delayed Random Encounter update! Oh no you just jinxed it

And also here's today's actually-scheduled Mysteries of the Obscured update! Col doesn't know, but if it lives in the sea, a mermaid it be. If it lives up on land, it's a 'taur, understand?

Monday 25 February

Aaaand now that I'm a little bit caught up, time to fall behind again. Random Encounter is sketched but uh that's about it. It'll be up tomorrow, sorry for the lateness! Running around doing a million things other than working on comics, I guess

Sunday 24 February

Here's this week's The Breaking update! It's important to tell powerful people that they are useless. They like that.

The last Death's Door update is now coloured, too! Sorry for the delay on that one!

Saturday 23 February

Time finally for an update of Fall! Possibly the best use of shapeshifting magic that will ever occur in any of my comics

AND IT IS TIME. For an announcement that I kept putting off making on the site because I kept forgetting.

On March 10 I will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to print one of these DHS comics, and that comic will be Daisy/Peony/Talisman! I'll put up more details as the time grows near, but there you go. March 10!!

Why that, of all the comics on this site? Well, it's my first time putting a comic to print, and this one is a really convenient length for a test! There's others I'd love to print too, if this goes well, but I think this is a nice place to start!

Friday 22 February

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Loki are you just trying to ditch history again...

Thursday 21 February

Time for this week's Key update! Key if you keep swingin back and forth like that, you gonna fall..

Wednesday 20 February

Running a bit late again, here's today's Death's Door update! ....but just lines for now, I'll try to get colour up a bit later in the week!

Tuesday 19 February

Ffffinally here's another page of Mysteries of the Obscured! Mainly this volume is a bunch of different doofy Col shapeshifts, yes.

There is also finally a few new pages of Snorse up! Three pages, starting here!

Monday 18 February

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Slowly gettin back on track :V

Sunday 17 February

Just an update of The Breaking in the end today, I have so much stuff to do hrmmmmfff

(late) Saturday 16 February

I FORGOT I actually had a ton of extra commitments this weekend. I'm bad at remembering stuff.... gonna skip Fall this week, and whatever I get done when I wake up will be Sunday's update. Hopefully The Breaking AND MotO?? But we'll see. So yeah Sunday's update will be late btw

Friday 15 February

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Kind of. Filler page today, because my secret is, I'm always sick.

I still gotta get a MotO page up later in the week, and tomorrow's update might be late due to other commitments but we'll seeeeeee. I'll do my best.

Thursday 14 February

Time for this week's Key update! I just like drawing Key running.

And hey! It would appear today is Valentine's day! So here's some Valentine cards from me and Puyon! Thanks for reading, we love all of you!

Wednesday 13 February

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Ophidia is doing a great job.

Tuesday 12 February

Right!! Here's that delayed Random Encounter update!

Uh, Mysteries of the Obscured... will update a little later this week. Since it's weekly now I don't really want to miss an update, so it will just be delayed a bit. Maybe Thursday?? Or Saturday or Sunday. We'll see.

Monday 11 February

Still fighting illness, I think it must be getting better again because now my stomach is like "whoah time for me to be sick again", which is the normal state of things. I've gotten today's comic partially inked, but I really need to rest more so it'll be up... late. Hopefully tomorrow?? We'll see

Sunday 10 February

Today's comic will be a little late! I'm busy coughing my lungs out but also I've been working on.. something... that I should probably announce soon??? Hrmm

Comic is sketched, it will be up sometime in the morning!

Late edit: Sorry for the delay! Here's this week's The Breaking!

Saturday 9 February

Time for this week's Fall update! Jake used to have tons of friends, if not people who put up with him. I'm sure whatever he did to tank that was glorious

I'm still sick (what the heck) but I'll do my best to keep drawing. Because lying on the couch doing nothing is boring. But one day, I will not be this particular kind of sick. That's the dream. At least it's still way less severe than it was. So hopefully I'm recovering again :V

Friday 8 February

Here's today's Random Encounter update! I think of all the places this conversation could go, Jinx did not expect that.

but wait is she meant to know-

Thursday 7 February

The bad news is my fever is definitely back, but the good news is I have comics!

Death's Door has updated! I'm sure Ra is going to take this really well.

Key has also updated! Key is the best thief ever.

Wednesday 6 February

I think I might have pushed myself back into work too quickly, because my throat infection seems to be coming back... so tonight I am going to rest, and I'll try to have Death's Door up tomorrow!!

Tuesday 5 February

Time for a Mysteries of the Obscured update! Col ya dang shapeshifter, quit bein a jerk.

This story is gonna be a bit of a short one like Volume 1 Issue 2 was, and so will the one after it! If you couldn't tell from the goofy title page. Though, with MotO only updating once a week for now, I guess it will go along a bit longer!

Monday 4 February

Here's today's Random Encounter update! HRRMMMMM yeah that guy is an idiot.

Unfortunately now that I've finally gotten over that illness (mostly) I now see that I have a *lot* of work to catch up on. So, time for sleep and then back to the comicsmine.

Sunday 3 February

"Hopefully I will miss less updates!" immediately can't update lol. I've had too busy a day to get tonight's comic done on time, so I'ma take a nap and hopefully have it up in the morning! It'll be like 12 hours late, sorry!! But I'll try to have it done

Late update: flat colours are up! I've got to run and do some things, I'll have this shaded and done by tomorrow!!

Even later update: SHE'S ALL DONE FRIENDS, sorry again for the delay! Now that I've got a little time and aren't running around, here's why the comic wasn't up on time! The delightful streamer Harrison was having a charity stream to raise funds for PGDC, so I stomped in and demanded to be included with all the amazing people who were part of it. It was a whole lot of fun and he may be doing future charity streams, so definitely check him out! He raised like $10k for charity in one day, dang fine work!! And such wonderful guests, I am still swooning from meeting them. I apologise though, I was mainly in there talking about Shrek (no regrets)

Anywho! Back to the comic mines

Saturday 2 February

Hey it's the weekend! Must be time for this week's Fall update! I was originally going to draw Jake as a mermaid but no a melusine works better.

Aaaand I'm almost better now! Finally. Still a bit of problems hearing, but dang finally I am like at least 70% back to normal, that's way better than I have been, haha. That was a really bad illness, cannot recommend. ANYWAY, so hopefully I will miss less updates for the next little while! No promises though :P

Friday 1 February

Welcome to February, here's a Random Encounter update! Probably going to regret having stayed up til 1am to finish this, but I don't see how.

In Jinx's defence, usually when Jake messes with you that much it's because he likes you.

Thursday 31 January

Slowly improving, but now there is a heatwave. why this. If I can finish this comic later in the week I shall - but no promises. I'll try to refocus my energy and get Random Encounter done tomorrow...

Wednesday 30 January

I thiiiink I am finally starting to feel a bit better. Hopefully it's not just optimism this time again. Anyway! Here's this week's Death's Door update! Having a death god symbol tattooed on your hand and then slapping a vampire is considered a pro vampire fighting strat.

Ophidia is a very different vampire than Ra. And I think if she was the vampire in part 1 of Death's Door it would have been a very different story :V

Tuesday 29 January

OK I managed to catch up a little bit... here's that delayed Random Encounter update, and the title page for the new Mysteries of the Obscured story!

And now I toddle off to bed any try to be less sick. Not working so far, but I'll keep trying.

Monday 28 January

Yep, still horribly sick. I'll try to have Random Encounter up tomorrow alongside Mysteries of the Obscured. Sorry for the delay!

Sunday 27 January

I would like very much to stop being sick, but... mehhhnnnnn here I am. Here's today's The Breaking update! A little late, but here it is. I'll do my best to have Random Encounter up tomorrow, but no promises. For some reason I am not getting any better just yet...

Saturday 26 January

Baaaaarely managed to scrape this one together, but here's a Random Encounter update! Is Jake just doing this to be a jerk?? Or does he have a legitimate reason? That's also something we'll find out soon....ish :V

I am still super duper sick. But I'm trying another batch of medication so hopefully I will get better soonish. I'll do my best to keep the comic updates ticking, but I might need to skip some times if I continue being sick. We'll seeeee

Friday 25 January

Uhhh Random Encounter is sketched and partly inked, but I am too sick to finish it tonight. It's been an entire week of me being horribly sick, what the hell. I've had to take the week solid off work, that's how sick I am. Four doctor's appointments and endless feeling terrible. Why this. HOPEFULLY this weird sore throat flu cold thing goes away very soon. Totally sick of it.

ANYWAY though I don't have Random Encounter, I did have a little bit of Fall buffer (that really if I wasn't horrendously ill I would have remembered to post last weekend), so instead of Random Encounter today's update is a new page of Fall! Ceraph doesn't like seem a huge jerk, what the hell.

I'll try to update Random Encounter tomorrow in lieu of Fall, since it updated today!! I wanna get this volume a-movin', since the story in this volume is one I've been waiting to tell for quite a while!! Wanna get this one done!

Thursday 24 January

Here's this week's Key update! Key... does this happen to you a lot?

Wednesday 23 January

Why won't this illness go away, but instead takes on strange and interesting forms...? Now I know that a sore throat can make you unable to hear properly. That's a fun one.

BUT ANYWAY I managed to get a comic done so that's something! Here's this week's Death's Door! "What is the most anticlimactic way I can confirm Oph's nature?" - me as I wrote the script for this comic

Tuesday 22 January

Still sick! This is annoying, sheesh. Updates may continue to be slow this week, but here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update! Last page of the story, finally! So next week we'll start off the next story! Which I'm planning to be a lil short one!

Monday 21 January

Still quite quite sick... but much less than I was Friday. Slowly, slowly improving... and hey my tablet is working! So here's to this week being a much better run of luck than last week.

Here's a new volume of Short Shift! Just a goofy lil one because Nix is fun to draw, and I gotta slowly ease back into drawing. Being upright for more than 20 minutes is still pretty difficult... and new tablet needs to be broken in still

Will I be back tomorrow for another update?? Ah, probably. It's just MotO, that should be doable.

(late)Friday 18 January

Hello! Sorry for updating so late, and also no comic. Not sure if my tablet is working or not, but my run of bad luck continues because I am horrendously sick. I was way too sick to get to a computer and post this update on time, for instance.

I hope to feel better soon?? That's always nice. Then I will see if my tablet is working and if I can draw a comic

Thursday 17 January

I have never had this much trouble setting up a tablet and having it run proper, I do not understand...

No comic today, I'm flattening and reinstalling my whole machine to make sure that EVERYTHING WORKS CORRECTLY NOW

Wednesday 16 January

The good news: I have a new tablet! It draws quite nicely. The bad news: I am having trouble with it, it keeps cutting out and I am getting rrl mad.

So! Here is a preview of the next Short Shift volume! I would like to get it all done by the end of the week, if I can solve my tablet woes... fingers crossed

Tuesday 15 January

Well my tablet just broke, so good thing I got today's page of Mysteries of the Obscured done in advance :V

hopefully I can get a replacement today...

Monday 14 January

Here's today's Random Encounter update! It's been a while since Jake has been up to his shenanigans

Also, going back into another big ol' heatwave, so comics might be delayed for a little while. We'll see.

Sunday 13 January

Time to cap off the week with an update of The Breaking.

well if she was counting on Dyaris to not do something stupid she was counting on the wrong person

Saturday 12 January

Here's this week's Fall update! Ceraph pls

might miss a few updates in the next few days, heads up. But I'll do my best

Friday 11 January

As promised, to make up for missing Monday's update here's a double-page update!

The last page of volume 62!

And the title page for volume 63!

Thursday 10 January

And nowww it's time for this week's Key update! Key runs on all fours, because Key is an odd duck.


Wednesday 9 January

Time to properly start the new volume of Death's Door! It's been so long since I've drawn this comic, I'm still getting used to it agaiiiiin

Tuesday 8 January

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Weird how that keeps happening, Col.

Monday 7 January

Tried to have today's update done on time, failed. Will definitely update Friday with a double-page Random Encounter update - one of them will be the final page of the current volume, and the other will be a title page for the next volume!

well, you may have a good idea of what will be the title page for the next volume, given the choice of image for this preview :V

Sunday 6 January

Eiiiither I will update very late orrrrr I will skip today's update. Sorry. I'll try to have Random Encounter up Monday though

Late update: comic's up

Saturday 5 January

Here's this week's Fall update! Jake pls

Friday 4 January

Fiiiinally it's time for a new page of Random Encounter! Hopefully I'll be able to finish up this volume next week, so then I can move onto a story I have been waiting a very very very long time to tell....

Thursday 3 January

Time to trundle along with a new page of Key! As always when I try something new, it's going to take me a little while to reach my stride with these ones. But I'm getting there!

Anyway, it is my new year's resolution to use the word bugalugs more.

Wednesday 2 January

Well! Darkness Falls has concluded, so it is time for the triumphant return of Death's Door! Death's Door 2: this one has a fox in it

Still suffering through a bad heatwave down here, so chances are I may miss some comics over the next week. I'll do my best though!

Tuesday 1 January

Welcome to a new year!! I hope it brings you all good things.

Since I am still on break and I did promise Short Shift all the time, here's a new Short Shift volume! It's done using limited colours because I also did it for a little palette challenge on the Wool Wolf discord!

Tomorrow... another comic, I suppose! Happy new year, thanks for reading!

Monday 31 December

OK!! This should make up for the updates I've missed! There's six pages of Short Shift starting here! I choose to count the back cover as a page for the count, it sounds more impressive.

There's still a teeny bit of holiday left for me, but what will I update tomorrow, hrmm... I guess we'll see

Sunday 30 December

Stillllll battling that heatwave, oof. I got a bunch of sketches done but no comic pages just yet. I'm going to work on nothing but short shift tomorrow so hopefully I'll have lots of pages!! Weather permitting...

Saturday 29 December

Two pages of Short Shift today, starting from there! "I'm pretty much the best person ever" - Z, probably

Friday 28 December

Here's a page of Short Shift! Another single-pager today; still trying to work out strategies to work through the heatwave. Failing so far, but uhm hopefully I'll have more pages tomorrow!