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Today's comic, Death's Door, for Wednesday 21st of August 2019

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Wednesday 21 August

Alright! Here's this week's Death's Door update! Oph doesn't usually talk to people who are also dead

Tuesday 20 August

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Nils is a proessional.

Monday 19 August

Time for a new week, and a new Random Encounter page! The queen of Gardenia is super tall. And Saturn is super short. And ummm I'm hoping there's not too many pages left of this volume, but I got a bit more scripting to do before I figure that out for sure P: better get back to work

Sunday 18 August

Right! It's a bit late, but here's this week's Key update! Yeah that middle panel took a bit of doing, haha. But hopefully next week I'm more successful at updating all the comics!

Saturday 17 August

Alright!! Sorry for the delay, but here's the latest page of Random Encounter! That does mean I'm skipping Fall this week I think, and I plan to update Key tomorrow instead of The Breaking. And thennnnn. Hopefully next week back to normal updates. I'll do my best!

Edit: Death's Door is now coloured too

Friday 16 August

yeah I should have stayed home, still too sick to do much haha... but I will definitely get something done tomorrow, even if that something is like, two pages of the next Short Shift volume

Thursday 15 August

Very grumpy about skipping Key two weeks in a row, but unfortunately I've been horribly ill all afternoon-evening-night and haven't been able to sit up long enough to draw comics. Well, I inked the first two panels. But that's not... very much. I don't want to skip another Key update so I will do my best to update it later in the week, though it might have to overtake a Fall or The Breaking page. WELL. We'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow because if I'm still horribly sick I may need to bunk off work and then maybe I can draw a bit. Though.... well. I probably can't bunk off the entire day of work. HRMMMMMM

Anyway, I will rest!! And try to be back to a bit more comicking tomorrow

Wednesday 14 August

Ran out of time a little bit on this one so it's just inks for now, but here's this week's Death's Door update! Yeah I don't know either

Tuesday 13 August

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! I hear the trickster god is a real jerk, anyway. Nobody would stan him unless there's something in it for them

Monday 12 August

Got Friday's page coloured, and here's today's page of Random Encounter!

Sunday 11 August

Still moving slow, but here's today's The Breaking update! I also did manage to get Snorse and Fall updated yesterday, if you missed it

Saturday 10 August

Uhhh feeling like I might still be, too sick. One day my throat will start hurting, but it's pretty bad today so I'm going to sleep! But when I wake up I'll finish this week's Fall update, it shouldn't take too much longer...

late edit: sorry for the delay!! Here's this week's Fall update!

laterrrr edit: And I've just uploaded two new pages of Snorse! Starting here!

Friday 9 August

I should probably rest a bit more, but I don't want to miss a Random Encounter update so here's a Random Encounter update! Though er, I ran out of time again so it's just lines at the moment. It'll be coloured by the end of the week!

Thursday 8 August

Doing pretty well for updates for the past uh, week, but I'm gonna take a break today because my wrist is hurting a bit and I don't want to push it! I'll make it up to y'all by uploading 1 or 2 Snorse pages a bit later in the week! ...I would have uploaded one today but I left my book of snorse pages at work, whoops

Wednesday 7 August

Wednesday means time for Death's Door! Let's get this show on the road.

Tuesday 6 August

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Nils is too fun to draw, why did I wait so many issues to bring him in? Haha

Monday 5 August

Friday's comic is now coloured, and also it's time to start the week with a new page of Random Encounter! Getting yelled at by the greatest hero of all time is probably not a career highlight for a guard.

Sunday 4 August

Time for this week's The Breaking update! I finally managed a full week of comics. Except er, I still need to colour Friday's page. WHICH I WILL DO TOMORROWWWWwwwww now I sleep

Saturday 3 August

Here's this week's Fall update! Jake will never learn anything

Friday 2 August

Busy, busy, busy.... but I'm trying to update each of the comics this week, so here's a Random Encounter update! ....but um, not fully coloured yet because it's like 2am. I will sleep, and try to get a coloured version up by the end of the week!

Thursday 1 August

Now it's a day for an update of Key! Key is just a toasty cinnamon roll

Wednesday 31 July

Time for a Death's Door update! Tish loves roadtrips, she never gets to go on them what with taking care of the store

Tuesday 30 July

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Poor Col, so guillible. Not the greatest asset for a reporter.

Monday 29 July

Ok! I'm going to do my best to update every day this week, so let's start with a Random Encounter update!

This is actually the 1000th numbered page of RE! By that I mean like, not a filler, bonus, guest comic or cover page. Kiiind of a milestone? I thought about doing something special to go alongside it but then it's probably not the best page for something fun like that, haha

Sunday 28 July

Still a bit ill, bit I think I'm finally starting to feel better. So today is the perfect day to have a day off and sleep instead of drawing a comic, ha ha.

Hopefully starting next week I'll be back to full steam ahead and get every update updated!!

Saturday 27 July

Finally it's time for a Fall update! Lia is much smarter than Jake.

Friday 26 July

Yeah no, I am not less sick today, but oh well! Hopefully by Sunday... Anyway! I did mange to get today's Random Encounter update done! I mean, full disclosure the main point of this volume was killing Loki, not killing the living shadow, so the rest of this volume mayyyy be a bit of a bummer, but trust me it'll be worth it in the end.

Thursday 25 July

One day I will be less sick but that day is not today! Hopefully it is tomorrow, I want to get more stuff done. But anyway here's that Death's Door update! Finally. Haha. Being sick and not getting all the comics done sucks.

Wednesday 24 July

Today I learned you can injure yourself coughing, so that's about how my day is going. I got a little bit of comic done but not very much. Since I missed last week's update for Death's Door, I'll see if I can get it done for tomorrow...

Tuesday 23 July

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Col is the worst at keeping secrets.

And I'ma say there's a very good chance I'll miss tomorrow's update, because I am still horrrrribly unwell. I'll do my best, but.. yeah

Monday 22 July

Let's start a new week with a new Random Encounter update! It was much harder to kill the shadow the first dozen times. But now it's just what Saturn do. 90% of the difficulty is actually getting to where that jerk is before he does too much damage...

Sunday 21 July

Right! Managed to actually update comic two days in a row, how zany, here's an update of The Breaking! Well... just a little one. I really would like to kick this cold/infection/thing, it is slowing me down waaaay too much

Saturday 20 July

Alright!! Delayed, but here's that Random Encounter update! Saturn's got this, even if she keeps lapsing into old-fashioned phrases and no longer calls Mana by her proper title.

Friday 19 July

Well! I tried. But I couldn't get today's update done in time. This is much slower of a return to comic updates than I would like, hmmmph. But I will try to have it finished for tomorrow - which means Fall's update is likely to not go up this week though, sorry!

Thursday 18 July

I think I caught something else from going back to work, my immune system is great at its job. But! Regardless, I managed to get a comic done!! Here's this week's Key update! Boss is right, it's time for bed. I definitely need to not miss tomorrow's Random Encounter update after what I left off with before going on break, so I'll have a rest and get to that!

Fun fact: I write up all my comic thumbnails in a little notebook. While I was on holiday I managed to get super ahead on Random Encounter and get two months' worth of pages scripted! Anyway then I lost that notebook somewhere in New Brunswick and now I have to write everything again. Haha.

Wednesday 17 July

I got a little bit of comic done but uh.... still very jetlagged and very sick. Got a few days left on these antibiotics, hopefully after that I'll be back to normal! Until then uh, I might miss updates here and there. Yay being sick...

Tuesday 16 July

Alright! Back to regular updates, here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update! Geez been a while since the last one. But finally the triumphant entrance of that guy who was in all the other comics with Col before this one. He has a much nicer place than Col does.

Saturday 13 July

Hello!! I am back in Australia. Thankfully there's still a few more pages (2) left on Meddy, because I am also very sick. This is my brand; being sick all the time.

For reals I had a lot of fun! But then I caught a throat infection on the way home and now I'm sleeping all the time instead of doing anything. Which is also pretty great, I love sleeping.

So I will continue sleeping, and then hopefully when Meddy is over I will return to normal updates!!

Tuesday 11 June

Right! Much early, but I'ma leave for the airport soon so Tuesday's update is this new comic! And so will be the updates for the rest of the month and into next month until around July 13th-ish. It's all automated updates so the page should change every day. But I didn't write newsposts for each because that seemed like a lot of work.

See you when I get back!!

Monday 10 June

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Perfectly timed to be the worst time to go on hiatus.

And now I go on hiatus, because later today I'm flying overseas for a month-long holiday!! I'll log in before I fly off to update the site to holiday mode for the new comic that will be going up while I'm on holiday. It's a 35-page standalone comic. I would have done a buffer and then been able to update comics as normal, but it turns out that's a lot of work. Throwing together a new comic about a mermaid? Much quicker.

Sunday 9 June

Here's this week's The Breaking update!

Flying away tomorrow, so my plan is to update Random Encounter for Monday, then partway thru the day switch the site to ~holiday mode~ and start up the new comic a half-day early for the month that I'll be gone.

Saturday 8 June

Slightly late, sorry! But here's this week's Fall update!

Friday 7 June

Here's today's Random Encounter! Threeeee days left until I go on holiday! I'll try to update comics on the regular schedule until then, hopefully I won't be too busy! But uh, no promises. At the very least I will endeavour to get Monday's Random Encounter page done before I go.

Thursday 6 June

Apparently when I was listing my comics that I could draw today I didn't make room for "finally crash after not getting enough sleep all week and draw nothing"

that was my mistake

I would like to try to at least get MotO done later in the week?? But since I'm going overseas on Monday I'm really running out of time to get the million things I need to get done before I go overseas done. HRMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm well anyway, I had better rest properly this time, and update Random Encounter tomorrow because it apparently is a Random Encounter kind of week!

...At least I do have 30 pages of buffer done for the new comic tho, so for the next month after Monday I will find it suddenly a whole hell of a lot easier to stop missing every other update :V

Wednesday 5 June

Here we go, another page of Random Encounter! Now if I can manage to not miss any more updates, I'll be set.

What comic will I update tomorrow though...? It'll either be Mysteries of the Obscured, Death's Door or Key, they're all good mid-week comics.

Tuesday 4 June

Here's that delayed Random Encounter update! ALSOOOOOOooooooo I go on holidays starting next Monday, so there will be a new short comic that will be updating every day while I'm gone!

It may sound odd, but I absolutely must get up to page 34 of the current RE volume by then, because I am a terrible person and want to go on a month hiatus on the worst possible page for it. So I might update RE tomorrow as well, instead of the scheduled Death's Door page (though I still gotta colour last week's page, tooooo). Since I gotta pack this weekend I doubt my chances of being able to manage an extra page then, so tomorrow or the day after is all I got P:

Mmmph. Almost ready for this trip (definitely ready for a break from work), but I still have... so many pages of comics I need to draw before then aaa.

Monday 3 June

Ended up working way, way longer than I would have wanted to, so the weekend was a wash. Got a comic sketched, but I need sleeeeep. Working all night and then only getting a 2 hour nap at lunchtime isn't conducive for doing things. I forget what I was going to say. Um. Random Encounter will be up tomorrow

Saturday 1 June

Here's this week's Fall update! Contrariwise, follow your dreams by sleeping more. Because then you'll get more dreams.

I probably won't update tomorrow since I'll be working, sorry! But I'll do my best to have an update up for Monday

Friday 31 May

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Of course it'll be okay, what's the worst that could happen?

sorry in advance lol

Thursday 30 May

Well, still quite unwell, but partial success! Here's the inks for the next page of Death's Door! I'll try to get it coloured by the end of the week, but I'm working long hours over the weekend so no promises :V

Really wanna make sure I can get Random Encounter done tomorrow though! Don't wanna miss any pages of that, got that thing working up to something...

Wednesday 29 May

I made the mistake of eating food and then became too sick to do anything at all. Chronic illnesses, turns out they're no fun. BUT I don't want to skip this week's Death's Door update since I did last week, so I'm gonna like, update it tomorrow instead of Key. Assuming that I am not laid low by the act of eating food again tomorrow :v

Tuesday 28 May

On time! Yay! Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! She's right tho

Monday 27 May

Nevermind, the slightly late updates will keep rolling. Because apparently I made the decision to play fallout new vegas instead of drawing comics today?? Really bad decision, me. I'm going on holiday in like two weeks and need to be finalising the comic buffer instead of donking around.... anyway! Comic. Will be up in the morning-ish

Late edit: YES FINALLY here's that Random Encounter update! now I really must get back to on-time updates...