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Today's comic, Mysteries of the Obscured, for Tuesday 2nd of June 2020

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Tuesday 2 June

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Just one page this week, I'm still moving a bit slowly. Tomorrow: more comic

Monday 1 June

Comic gonna be late. I lost one of my pets this morning so I took the day off. I'll try to see if I can get it done in the morning

late update: COMIC UP sorry again about the delay

Sunday 31 May

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Rushing into decisions is the best, thinking sucks.

Saturday 30 May

Somehow today was super busy! Also it will probably be super busy for the next month and a half. So I won't be able to catch up Random Encounter, alas. But I did get this week's Fall update! Sometimes Jake is legitimately the least perceptive perception god, sometimes he just puts it on for a laugh. Hard to tell with that one.

Friday 29 May

Still recovering from yesterday, but I got a comic done! Here's a Key update! I was hoping to get Random Encounter done too but nope still too sick. I don't wanna miss updates of that because I'm so close to the end of the volume and I love drawing new title pages!! But um. We'll see if I can draw it tomorrow or something. Maybe, maybe not. Super busy!!!

Thursday 28 May

Key is ... well I started the page, but I'm once again freakin' sick. Well, I'm never not sick, the joys of chronic illness, but it's really flaring up today and I can hardly move to today, no Key update.

If I'm feeling better in the morning I can try to see if I can get it done, but ... we'll see. Getting reasonably close to the end of this story, and while there are other Key stories I want to tell, I'll have to take a break from it once this one is done to figure out how I want to tell them!

Wednesday 27 May

Here's this week's Death's Door update! If there's one thing Ophidia is good at, it's pushing Ra's buttons. She's a terrible vampire grandma.

There's also another new page of Merc!

Tuesday 26 May

Time for this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! That is for some reason 3 pages. I don't remember why I decided it had to be 3 pages, but it is.

Sometimes I think "maybe when I have extra pages I should save them for a buffer" but that fights hard against my feeling of "I should just post everything because I need to make up for all the pages I missed" lol whoops

Monday 25 May

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Mana's got enough on her plate at the moment anyway P:

slightly late edit: totally spaced but there was a Merc update as well! 7 pages in 7 days is a lot and I should probably slow down.

Sunday 24 May

Time for an update of The Breaking! Lavender is laser-focused on one thing. And that one thing is getting the hell out of here. And not like. Explanations or anything.

Saturday 23 May

Here's this week's Fall update! Jake's not the best at making friends and garnering favours, really.

Friday 22 May

Time for an on-time Random Encounter update!

Also totally forgot to mention yesterday that I posted another page of Merc! I'll probably start slowing down on those soon lol, I just sometimes feel like drawing something different!

Thursday 21 May

Time for another Key update! And time for a lil scene change! I'm sure nothing will fall into place when one of these people sees Key.

Wednesday 20 May

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Sleep is great, in fact I think I will sleep now.

Tuesday 19 May

As promised to make up for missing last week's update, this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update is both the last page of the current issue and the title page for the next one! ...kinda awkward lol, I'll try to miss less updates so I have less awkward catchups!

I also added another page/more pages (depending on when you checked the last update lol) to Merc! Because I wanted to draw some more Merc whynot. If I could just finish some of these pesky other comics I could give it a dedicated update day and let it on the front page but until then, I'll just update it when I feel like.

Monday 18 May

Time for today's Random Encounter! On time for once! Hopefully I can continue with that

I also started a new comic because idk why not lol

Sunday 17 May

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Because sometimes you just gotta draw a shark topiary.

Saturday 16 May

I fell and hurt my arm so comic is once again late!! I'm planning on waking up early and, arm soreness permitting, doing a stream or something to try to get the thing done quick and up before lunchtime. However, I did get Tuesday's update coloured so here's that!

Late edit: Random Encounter has updated! Sorry again for the delay!!

Friday 15 May

Comic will once again be freakin' late. Why does real life have to constantly get in the way of things. Ended up being insanely busy at work on top of medical appointments today so I haven't had a chance to get any comics done just yet... tomorrow! Tomorrow I will at the very least colour Tuesday's update :V

Thursday 14 May

Time for this week's Key update! The boxers are good, but it's really the fluffy rabbit slippers that complete the ensemble.

Wednesday 13 May

Here's this week's Death's Door update! It took me a few tries to figure out this week's page. Went through 3 revisions before being like "maybe it would be nice to show these two for like once this volume". And so, this!

Tuesday 12 May

Yep!!! Working too hard and being too sleepy to get much comics done unfortunately. So I've got yesterday's Random Encounter update! Just inks for now, colour sometime before Friday.

And Mysteries of the Obscured... well, it's sketched! It'll be up at some point. If not tomorrow then um. I guess next week? In which case it will definitely be a double-update (hey, I do have the title page for the next volume done so it'd be kind of a cheat :P)

Sunday 10 May

Here's this week's Fall update! Jake has too much sass, that is his true power.

Saturday 9 May

Sorry for the mega-delay!! Here's Friday's Random Encounter update! ...now it occurs to me that I probs shouldn't miss two Fall weeks in a row, so I'll try to update that instead of The Breaking I suppose!

Also strong chance of Monday's update being late cuz I'll be working all night and need to sleep at some point

Friday 8 May

Having a bit of trouble with my tablet!! If I can get it working nicely I'll have the comic up for tomorrow. Otherwise there will be much screeching...

late edit: to tide you over please enjoy this Snorse page

Thursday 7 May

Here's this week's Key update! Idk does Key usually turn her eyes blue though

Wednesday 6 May

Death's Door is sketched but then I accidentally fell asleep so... it's gonna be slightly late!! Sorry!

late edit: Sorry for the delay!! Here's this week's Death's Door update!!

Tuesday 5 May

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! I guess there's only one page left of this issue, because I am ready for a new issue. It's a valid reason.

Monday 4 May

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Hmm getting to the root of the matter!

Sunday 3 May

I thought about catching up on Fall, then I got distracted. So I guess today I just have this week's The Breaking! Probably about time to see Lavender again, huh?