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Today's comic, New Game+, for Tuesday 27th of September 2016

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Tuesday 27 September

Here's today's New Game+ update! Either Grain's not a morning person, or he's really not happy about being back in this neck of the woods, hrmmmm

Monday 26 September

All caught up, so here's today's Random Encounter comic! Well regardless of whatever else is going on, Mort is having a great time.

(late) Sunday 25 September

OK!! Time for this week's The Breaking update! Now I just... gotta buckle down and hopefully update Random Encounter in time for tomorrow! 6 hours to go! Woo!

Sunday 25 September

Bwoop! Aimed for the stars today (the stars in this instance is... catching up on older missed comics), and managed a double-update for Death's Door! ...only.... now I'm behind on The Breaking :V

Ah, that's OK... it's sketched, so I'll aim to have it up later today/tomorrow...

Saturday 24 September

Right! Here's yesterday's delayed Random Encounter comic! Just lines for now, colour to follow later - hopefully alongside Death's Door! ...My arm is being quite challenging today, which is slowing down everything and making me extremely grumbly (as I said some months ago now, this year I was diagnosed with nerve damage in my left arm and it is not a bundle of fun). But I'll muddle through!! Just... very slowly :V

Friday 23 September

As the pic says, quite a mad week here. Actually it looks like it's going to be a mad next-three-weeks as well, so that should be... fun. Anyway!! Today's comic is started but not finished, and I am hoping to get it finished tomorrow! Gotta have a Random Encounter update this week, seeing as I flubbed Monday's update (and totally forgot that Monday was the 12th anniversary of DHSComix, ssh)

Thursday 22 September

Heyyyy it's time for another New Game+ update! Nowwww we're getting somewhere!

Wednesday 21 September

It is time for this week's Dhark's Hero Stories! Partial colour - for now. Full colour will follow. Sometimes comics just take a while to colour, that is a fact.

Anyway, two pro tips for today!! First one, Krova's great. Second one, Krova's current design was done by the actual real Krova, Puyon's sister Anyssa! Who can be found here and is also great and is open for commissions *wink wonk*

And while I am at it, Puyon is also open for commisions *wonk wink*

Late edit: Ok!! Full colour's up now! If you can't see it, you may need to refresh

Tuesday 20 September

Here's today's New Game+ update! Woo, finally daytime. No more muddledy colours... for now.

Monday 19 September

It's time for today's Random Encounter comic! Ran out of time to do a full page today, so uh... this instead!

Sunday 18 September

It's time for this week's The Breaking update! Sanders might not be totally accurate with that description of events. But uh, close enough

Saturday 17 September

Comic's sketched but not done, it shouldn't take much longer to do only I didn't get much sleep of late so I need to get some now zzzz. It will be done in the morning! Sorry for the delay!

Alright! Death's Door has updated!

Friday 16 September

It's time for today's Random Encounter update! Well... flat-colour for now, as I'm chronically behind on things. But shading will follow, hopefully tomorrow! How stoked do you think I am right now that Gardenians blew up that gate?? It's very. I don't have to draw that gate. WOO YEAH

Thursday 15 September

Oof, it's being a very busy week, so it was cut kind of close, but I've gotten today's New Game+ update finished!

Wednesday 14 September

It's Wednesday, aww yuss that means it's time for a page of Dhark's Hero Stories! Krova still great. And tricking their way out of a situation, perfect trickster solution. Or lying, if you want to call it that. Same god, close enough.

Tuesday 13 September

Hey look it's time for another New Game+ update! Yeah I guesssss as long as you're not being smote by a goddess it's not that bad.

Monday 12 September

Time for today's Random Encounter update! ...So you don't have to go looking for it, Loki said that dragons are like people, only more annoying. Mwali is probably worse than that, but hey nevermind friendventure time!! I'm sure this will end well

Sunday 11 September

It's time for this week's The Breaking update! Devi knows all the hot job-hunting tips

Saturday 10 September

OK! Random Encounter and Death's Door are both up now, but just inks for just now!! Once I have slept then in the morning I will begin colouring! Really ran out of time again today, but we're getting closer!! Tomorrow will be a day for finishing many comics - I hope!

Edit: Ok!! Both coloured now! You may need to refresh to see them

Friday 9 September

Bwahhh. I don't want to miss any updates this monh, but... I do have this new job. Things are crazy busy. That's good but also bad! Run out of time to get today's comic done on-time, but it and tomorrow's Death's Door update are both sketched, so hopefully tomorrow... depending on how busy things are at work... I'll be able to post them both!

Sorry for the delay!

Thursday 8 September

Shuffled update!! That means today is time for this week's Dhark's Hero Stories update! Psst. Want to know a secret? Krova's great. Wait that's not a secret, tell everybody

Wednesday 7 September

It is Wednesday, and there should be a Dhark's Hero Stories update this week... but not just yet! Just a little longer! So for now, there's an early New Game+ update! Gotta have comics, yessss

Tuesday 6 September

Here's today's New Game+ update! Art's just being pedantic, nobody but a light power would say that early morning isn't morning. He just thinks it doesn't count unless the sun is out.

Aaaaaand yesterday's Random Encounter is now proper coloured too. I'm not sure how the rest of this week's updates will go, as if being behind wasn't a good enough start to the week, my arm is giving me hell which is slowing things down significantly too. Oh well. I'll keep trying to get things done as best I can!

Monday 5 September

Oof, sorry to pull partial colour again, but still catching up. Anyway... better than nothing, so here's today's Random Encounter update! I hope to get it coloured tomorrow, we'll see how quick I get New Game+ done :V

Sunday 4 September

It's time for this week's The Breaking update! I'm glad it's kind of a relatively simple page this week, phewwwwwww I am still behind on a few things. But! Working on it! Always more comics to draw, yesss~

Saturday 3 September

Death's Door has updated! And yesterday's Random Encounter is now fully-shaded too. Now to try to stop falling behind more! And... to try to catch up... a little.. or build a buffer... or... ooh, sleep. I could sleep.

Friday 2 September

Monday's Random Encounter is now shaded, and that means it's time for today's Random Encounter update...to be flat-coloured, at least. Shading to follow tomorrow! And I hope this sort of thing is the closest I get to missing updates this month. Catching up and falling behind, but getting closer!

I coulda designed new characters, but... I missed these guys so I had to bring them back :v

Anyway... Val! I don't get to use her enough. Maybe I should make the next short volume be about her. But then I need to think of something for that. Hrmmmmmmmmmmm I should check my notes

Thursday 1 September

Right! It's time for today's New Game+ update, and welcome to the first day of spring! Unless you live in some sort of weird hemisphere that has like reverse seasons. I dunno, I ain't judging your life choices. UMMM ANYWAY! New month! It is my goal to not screw up on updates this month. Yes, it is a very big goal for me. And kind of dumb, there's a lot of things that will be happening this month to conspire against me and make me fall behind some more, but... well! We'll see!

At any rate, getting th-

WOW GIANT SPIDER ON MY HAND geez welcome to spring ughhhhhhh i forgot what i was saying i need to get out of here goodnight