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Today's comic, Mysteries of the Obscured, for Tuesday 12th of November 2019

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Tuesday 12 November

Back to normal updates makes today's update a new page of Mysteries of the Obscured! A giant bear would have solved all of Col's problems. Giant bears solve all problems.

Monday 11 November

Time for a new week, and a new Random Encounter volume! Back at DHS, and this one is written by Puyon, who also did all the layouts! Except for the first 3 pages which I added, so if they're not up to par that's on me haha. But seriously I'm looking forward to working on this volume, I really like it!

Sunday 10 November

Right! Time to return to normal updates, so here's this week's The Breaking update! Well, they're both cats, mostly, kind of, anyway.

Saturday 9 November

Sorry!! Quite unwell today, so comic will be a little late. I'll do my best to get it posted, I'll try to make it only half a day late!

Late edit: Sorry for the delay!! Here's that Random Encounter update! Good news is that Monday's cover page update is already drawn so at least that one won't be late, haha. Hopefully I'll be back with The Breaking tomorrow!

Friday 8 November

Alllll right! Sorry for the delay! Here's the next Random Encounter update! Hmm. I'm sure she's fine!

One page left, and then a return to normal updates! Health permitting :P

Thursday 7 November

The good news is, there should only be two pages left of the Halloween volume! The bad news is one of those pages won't go up tonight. Sorry! So tired today, it's been a long day. Also, drawing Random Encounter is hard lol, I'm honestly surprised I didn't falter earlier, ha ha...

But! I will return tomorrow and do my best to draw a new page!!

Wednesday 6 November

Time for today's Random Encounter update! Maybe "pray" is the wrong word still...

Tuesday 5 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Phobos.

I thiiiiink this volume is going to turn out around 11 or 12 pages. Which is a bit long for a Halloween volume maybe, but psssh! That's how long it seems like it's going to be! And I had to have more Saturn, so that works out. Really, the original Halloween story I had planned for this year was much longer (and much more directly relevant to the main characters, if that makes sense). But the timing didn't work out. But... maybe I can do it next year, hrmmm we'll see.

Anyway! Most importantly is I should get this volume finished this week and then get back to normal updates! And then also I can start the next Random Encounter volume, which is one I'm very excited about because it's written by Puyon!

Monday 4 November

A new week, a new Random Encounter update! Sure hope Phobos didn't just send that poor dryad to their death P:

Sunday 3 November

A whole week of Halloween updates?? Well, probably it will be done before another week passes, but here's today's Random Encounter update!

Saturday 2 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! "What could possibly go wrong?" - Saturn, in all of her lifetimes probably

Friday 1 November

Welcome to November! Let's continue celebrating Halloween with a Random Encounter update! Full disclosure I'm not totally sure how long this volume is since I am still putting together the layouts, haha. But the Random Encounter updates will continue until this volume is finished!! Otherwise it will be too long past Halloween, and that might get embarrassing.

Thursday 31 October

Happy Halloween!! Here's today's Random Encounter update! RIP the shadow (again).

Wednesday 30 October

And so continues the Halloween volume with a new page! Well, it is a Halloween volume, so let's make with the storytelling!

Tuesday 29 October

So, here's the first page of the Halloween volume! Yeah nah these two dinguses could definitely have planned this entire thing better. But here they are.

Monday 28 October

Alright!!! Finally time to start this year's Halloween volume here's a Random Encounter update, with the cover page! Yeah it's these two idiots again. I mean, it kind of has to be, haha.

Sunday 27 October

Busy daaaay. The Breaking will be late but I will endeavour to update it sometime today!! While you wait, here is a new Snorse page!

Late update: Sorry for the delay! Here's The Breaking update!