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Today's comic, Mysteries of the Obscured, for Tuesday 15th of October 2019

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Tuesday 15 October

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Pretty sure you can just give away artists.

Monday 14 October

Back on track, here's today's Random Encounter update! Shoulda brought a shovel.

Sunday 13 October

Well! That took a bit longer than expected. But here's that Random Encounter update! Congrats on cleaning up a mess that was entirely your fault?? GG

Saturday 12 October

Uhh...! Gonna take me another day with this one, sorry! It's sketched though. Should only be one more day I hope!

Friday 11 October

Heads up! Tonight's comic will be late. I'll try to get it done for tomorrow, because I much rather to update Random Encounter than any other comic, haha. Don't want to fall behind on this one, especially with it getting so close to Halloween...

Thursday 10 October

Time for this week's Key update!

Wednesday 9 October

Here's this week's Death's Door update! These people seem nice.

Tuesday 8 October

Bucking the trend of late updates by updating slightly early! Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update!

Monday 7 October

Late updates roll on!! I guess I'm just having a lazy weekend. Comic will be up in half a day again P:

late edit: alllllright this'll be the last late update for a while!! Here's today's Random Encounter update!

Sunday 6 October

Aaaand now The Breaking will be a little bit late! Still resting that wrist, it will be up in half a day...ish

late edit: Right!! Here's this week's The Breaking update! Time to cut back to some cats, because it's been a while!

Saturday 5 October

Heads up, Fall is going to be like half a day late, I gotta rest my wrist a bit!

late edit: sorry for the delay!! Here's this week's Fall update!

Friday 4 October

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Pros to being friends with the shadowslayer: she will bully a god for you. She will probably bully as many gods as possible. After all, what they gonna do about it?

Thursday 3 October

Naturally this week is conspiring against me updating comics. Now it's power outages, being super sick, hurting my wrist... but still I managed to get this page done! ...by making it a simple one. So here's this week's Key update!

Now I rest, so I can draw tomorrow's comic. Huzzah!

Wednesday 2 October

Kind of a busy week, so I haven't been able to get tonight's comic done on time. I'll see if I can catch up later in the weeeeeeek. This weekend should be a nice quiet one, I hope. So maybe I can catch up. MAYYYYBE

Tuesday 1 October

Welcome to October!! I'd better get started on working on this year's Halloween volume soon, hrmm. Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update!

Monday 30 September

Here's a lovely guest Random Encounter update, from the wonderful author behind Inhuman Interest! Let me drop a whole bunch of links, Twitter, FA, and Patreon! Their work is really great, I love their comics and I love drawing fanart for their comics. FACT.

I'll probably re-arrange the RE archives on Friday though, put this at the start of the current volume so it doesn't interrupt Jake being a big ol jerk, heh.

And tomorrrrrowwww... should be back to normal updates

Sunday 29 September

As promised, here's today's Dhark's Hero Stories update!

Saturday 28 September

IT IS TIME. For me to go out of town!

So IT IS TIME. For a new page of Dhark's Hero Stories!! It's been a little while since the last one, so if you want to catch up on the current volume it starts here!

Thanks to Puyon I've got that comic for today and another page of Dhark's Hero Stories for tomorrow! Then Monday I've got a guest comic to run, and Tuesday I actually managed to buffer P: so I'm fully set until I get back in town!

wait do i have internet access to post those pages down in ... ah nevermind I'll figure it out later

Friday 27 September

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Sometimes, Jake likes to appear a whole lot dumber than he actually is. He is a perception god, even if he's a big dumb exiled jerk. So whether or not he went into this situation knowing how the entire thing was going to turn out or not... hrmm!

Thursday 26 September

Alright!! After two weeks of failing to get that page done, I got that page done! Here's this week's Key update!

I'm busy tonight so there's a chance tomorrow's update will be late. I hope not though, because it's a page I am excited to draw. For at least one panel in it. We'll seeeeeee

Wednesday 25 September

Time for this week's Death's Door update! Is it better than saying that, though?

Tuesday 24 September

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! They're strangers, duh

Monday 23 September

Hi! I'm going to be out of town this weekend, so I should absolutely be working on a buffer for then, or else I'll likely miss some updates. However, my desire to post extra pages is greater than my desire to prepare for the future, so here's a double-page Random Encounter update! If I miss some updates between Saturday and Tuesday, uh, you know why...

Sunday 22 September

Unfortunately I didn't manage to catch up on Key. But I did manage to get this week's The Breaking update done! Never in his life has Ahm more wanted to turn into a bird and fly out the window more than in this moment.

Saturday 21 September

Here's this week's Fall update! Jake realises he makes bad decisions, finally.

And me too, I just realised how many comics I have to get drawn tomorrow... and then it's the end of the week... Will I get Key drawn for tomorrow?? Maybe, if I skip The Breaking again. Hrmmmmm not ideal

Friday 20 September

Here's today's Random Encounter update! You're not meant to speak ill of the dead or whatever, but Loki's great grandpa is a terrible person.

Thursday 19 September

Hey, hey! Still sick, but slightly more productive. Here's yesterday's Death's Door update! Uh, unfortunately I didn't get Key drawn though. It's bad place to stop the story for 2 weeks though, so I might try to draw it later on in the week to catch up.

But hey! Today's 15 years since I started drawing these dumb things, so here's a little something extra!!!!

Here's to another some number of years!

Wednesday 18 September

Wow, I'm sick. I'm going to lie down, and see if I can draw a comic in the morning ....

Tuesday 17 September

Hey I did say last week I was interested in doing more double-updates for Mysteries of the Obscured, so here's a double-update for Mysteries of the Obscured! Most mimics get their first form while they're very young kids. Nils is not most mimics.

Monday 16 September

Like I said, I missed Sunday's update, but here's today's Random Encounter update! Loki status: still dead

Saturday 14 September

Here's this week's Fall update! Nice lady, that creation goddess.

Alsooooo I don't intend to update The Breaking tomorrow! Cuz I hecka busy. If I find the time I will, but I don't see any way of that working with my schedule P: But! Comics! Will return the day after probably

Friday 13 September

Aaaa... I once again forgot it was Friday 13th until I was writing the update text. Dangggg missed opportunity

Well! Anyway, here's today's Random Encounter update! The goddess of truth is at least a big a jerk as the god of lies, actually. Slightly less of a murderer though, I guess it doesn't quite add up then.

Thursday 12 September

I absolutely ran out of time to get today's page done, so uh, there's no page today! Let's be fair, it's being an incredibly busy week, so even before I foolishly rewrote the comic at the last moment it was more than likely going to be late. Alas. Also I hurt my wrist a little bit, I think I did too many extra pages lately, haha. Probably I should be better about like, saving those pages for a buffer, from now on. But that doesn't sound like me! Anyway, I'll be continuing to work long hours this week, unfortunately including over the weekend, so there's a good chance some other pages will be delayed this week. But I'll do my best!

Wednesday 11 September

Here's today's Death's Door update! I wish I had a donkey to talk to

Tuesday 10 September

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Pfff... what I gotta try to do at some point is do some double-updates for MotO, it paces much better at 2x a week. Curse you, Key, for taking over MotO's second update slottttt. Or maybe I will curse the week, for not having enough days in it for all the comics I wanna draw.

Oh yeah also I uploaded a new Snorse update! That one's another comic I want to update more P: need more spare time for drawing everything...

Monday 9 September

OK, time to start the new Random Encounter volume with the cover and the first page! This one's mainly about Loki, yeah.

Sunday 8 September

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Ahm is having a great week.

Saturday 7 September

Hey! Uhh, ended up working a bit late, and I may have overextended myself last night. Haha. Fall is sketched, but I'll need to take a break. I'll try to get it inked and coloured after I sleep!

Late edit: Right! I'm up, and so is today's Fall update! Jake is not a genius

Friday 6 September

Alright!! I am ready for this volume to be over, so I hit the "make volume go fast button" and lo, today I have a triple-page Random Encounter update! And that... caps it off for this volume! Yes I'm cutting it in the middle of a scene, because I am a jerk like that :P

Monday I'll try to post both the title page for the next volume and its first page! Since the title page is already finished I'm pretty hopeful I can manage that.