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Today's comic, Fall, for Saturday 14th of September 2019

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Saturday 14 September

Here's this week's Fall update! Nice lady, that creation goddess.

Alsooooo I don't intend to update The Breaking tomorrow! Cuz I hecka busy. If I find the time I will, but I don't see any way of that working with my schedule P: But! Comics! Will return the day after probably

Friday 13 September

Aaaa... I once again forgot it was Friday 13th until I was writing the update text. Dangggg missed opportunity

Well! Anyway, here's today's Random Encounter update! The goddess of truth is at least a big a jerk as the god of lies, actually. Slightly less of a murderer though, I guess it doesn't quite add up then.

Thursday 12 September

I absolutely ran out of time to get today's page done, so uh, there's no page today! Let's be fair, it's being an incredibly busy week, so even before I foolishly rewrote the comic at the last moment it was more than likely going to be late. Alas. Also I hurt my wrist a little bit, I think I did too many extra pages lately, haha. Probably I should be better about like, saving those pages for a buffer, from now on. But that doesn't sound like me! Anyway, I'll be continuing to work long hours this week, unfortunately including over the weekend, so there's a good chance some other pages will be delayed this week. But I'll do my best!

Wednesday 11 September

Here's today's Death's Door update! I wish I had a donkey to talk to

Tuesday 10 September

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Pfff... what I gotta try to do at some point is do some double-updates for MotO, it paces much better at 2x a week. Curse you, Key, for taking over MotO's second update slottttt. Or maybe I will curse the week, for not having enough days in it for all the comics I wanna draw.

Oh yeah also I uploaded a new Snorse update! That one's another comic I want to update more P: need more spare time for drawing everything...

Monday 9 September

OK, time to start the new Random Encounter volume with the cover and the first page! This one's mainly about Loki, yeah.

Sunday 8 September

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Ahm is having a great week.

Saturday 7 September

Hey! Uhh, ended up working a bit late, and I may have overextended myself last night. Haha. Fall is sketched, but I'll need to take a break. I'll try to get it inked and coloured after I sleep!

Late edit: Right! I'm up, and so is today's Fall update! Jake is not a genius

Friday 6 September

Alright!! I am ready for this volume to be over, so I hit the "make volume go fast button" and lo, today I have a triple-page Random Encounter update! And that... caps it off for this volume! Yes I'm cutting it in the middle of a scene, because I am a jerk like that :P

Monday I'll try to post both the title page for the next volume and its first page! Since the title page is already finished I'm pretty hopeful I can manage that.

Thursday 5 September

Nearly ran out of time, but managed to get today's Key comic updated! This seems fine.

Tomorrow's update might be late, but hopefully not. We'll see, suddenly a bit busy, soooooo there's that. I'll do my best!

Wednesday 4 September

Time for this week's Death's Door update! If they were organised they could probably have done something much smarter. But here we are.

Tuesday 3 September

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Nils is right except for the part where anybody believes anything in Mysteries of the Obscured*.

*except for Acer

Monday 2 September

It's Monday again, but at least that means there's a Random Encounter update! I'm glad I got this one done on time, there's too many people in it. And Dharfi has the sourest grapes

Sunday 1 September

I'm all caught up with this double-update! Here's today's regularly-scheduled The Breaking update! Ahm is the smartest person in this entire comic.

And here's that late Death's Door update! Sleeping on your wings probably isn't comfortable, but I guess if you're that tired it doesn't matter.

Saturday 31 August

Welcome to the last day of winter!! And here's this week's Fall update! I have no idea how I'm going to draw Gaea directly interacting with Jake, but, well, that's a problem for next week's Merlin

I'll do my best to update Death's Door alongside The Breaking tomorrow since I missed it earlier, but no promises... Monday's Random Encounter page is liable to be tricky to draw too, so it'll be a busy weekend!

Friday 30 August

OK!! Luckily I got a bunch of sketches done over the weekend, that made it (relatively) easy to get tonight's comics finished, even though I ended up working late. This scene was kind of bumming me out so I decided hey, let's get the entire thing out of the way with a two-page Random Encounter update!

There's only like. Uh... 4? Pages left of the current volume. I think. And then... a new volume. I want to draw the last page of this volume because I am looking forward to drawing the very last cell. So! I'd better get some rest and then get back to comicking!

Thursday 29 August

I feel like I probably should have seen it coming that being so sick yesterday would have stopped me from updating today too, but I like to live in optimism. That said, the next Death's Door comic is sketched and fairly simple, so I'll do my best to catch up later in the week! Probably not tomorrow though, I want to try to get Random Encounter updated after I get a good rest.

Wednesday 28 August

Me, ten seconds after finishing a page of Key: ahhhhhhhhh wait it's Wednesday

I'm very sick today! Haha that's my excuse. Death's Door will be up tomorrow!! For now here is a Key update!

Tuesday 27 August

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Great sample size there, Nils.

Monday 26 August

Time for today's Random Encounter update! This isn't the best roadtrip Jinx has been on.

Sunday 25 August

And here's this week's The Breaking update! Hooray for managing a full week of updates. Haha I would like to make that less of an achievement and more of a normal week...

Saturday 24 August

Alright! Little late, but here's this week's Fall update! I'm sure Jake isn't wrong about all of those three.

Friday 23 August

Time for today's Random Encounter update! Time to go home.

I'm definitely going to update Fall this week, but it'll probably be a little bit late! I forgot I had other things to do first, whoops

Thursday 22 August

Thankfully I'm keeping up with comics a bit better this week! Here's this week's Key update!

Wednesday 21 August

Alright! Here's this week's Death's Door update! Oph doesn't usually talk to people who are also dead

Tuesday 20 August

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Nils is a professional.

Monday 19 August

Time for a new week, and a new Random Encounter page! The queen of Gardenia is super tall. And Saturn is super short. And ummm I'm hoping there's not too many pages left of this volume, but I got a bit more scripting to do before I figure that out for sure P: better get back to work

Sunday 18 August

Right! It's a bit late, but here's this week's Key update! Yeah that middle panel took a bit of doing, haha. But hopefully next week I'm more successful at updating all the comics!