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Today's comic, Fall, for Sunday 22nd of April 2018

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Today's comic, The Breaking, for Wednesday 22nd of April 0201

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Sunday 22 April

Sorry for the delay!! I hope this triple-update will make up for it!

I've got a double-update for Fall! Still got quite a few pages to catch up on that I've missed, but getting there...

And here's this week's update for The Breaking!

Friday 20 April

It's time for a doofy little Random Encounter page! Because I need regular breaks from big pages :P

Pretty sick today, but that's OK. I've got more medical stuff lined up for next month. Apparently there is a kind of test where they make you eat a radioactive egg sandwich and this sounds amazing. So I've got that to look forward to, mwahahaaaa I hope radioactive eggs are tasty (I know, probably it is super bland BUT STILL, EXCITING)

Thursday 19 April

T-t-t-t-triple update! First, here's yesterday's delayed Darkness Falls update! Half the fun is coming up with cute monsters for Danni, that is for definite.

And here's a double-update for Mysteries of the Obscured! ...Since I've still got some missed updates of that to catch up on. And that first page would have been meaner to post alone

Wednesday 18 April

Hmm, falling asleep instead of working on Darkness Falls. Kinda fun, but not how I intended to spend the evening.

Sorry about that! Gotta get this dang sick body under control. I will... try to have it up tomorrow. Maybe alongside MotO?? If I can stay more awake tomorrow. Fingers crossed

Tuesday 17 April

Comic time, time for comic! Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Well... that's probably not the response Niya was expecting.

Monday 16 April

Here's today's Random Encounter page! And actually coloured on-time for a change, haha. And there's Darius. Being his regular genius self.

Key, Rel and Jun are from a comic I'm planning tentatively titled "Key Quest". Because why should I limit this volume to crossing over to a bunch of comics that already exist?? haha

Sunday 15 April

Aaaand finally to cap off the week it is time for an update of The Breaking! Nobody ever expects a powerful mage to actually be able to fight hand-to-hand, that's the trick. Also don't be drawing a bow at such short range Pyumi, sheesh. Even if it is your sister and you don't expect her to punch you right in the face.

Saturday 14 April

Fall will be up! ...but a bit later today. Feeling a bit sick and wrestling technical problems... but it'll be up! Hopefully later today, otherwise certainly tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

OK! This week's Fall update is now up! Sorry again for the delay!

late late edit: hey and yesterday's Random Encounter page is now coloured!

Friday 13 April

Happy Friday the 13th, here's today's Random Encounter page! ...only, colour's going to be late once again, sorry! So sick this week... that's not what I wanted! I wanted to not be sick. Oh well.

Anyway... hey! Those people Leo is talking to look familiar... aka, how many comics am I going to crossover in this volume, (it's going to be all of them)

Thursday 12 April

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Oh hey, it's everybody's friend Acer! Always making friends, that guy.

Wednesday 11 April

TIme for this week's Darkness Falls update! This is why they're a team, good teamwork, and at least somebody on the team always comes up with a better idea.

Tuesday 10 April

Right! Yesterday's Random Encounter page is now coloured, and it's time for today's Mysteries of the Obscured update!

Col is a great reporter

Monday 9 April

Well, ran out of time to get today's comic totally finished. So here' today's Random Encounter update! ...but it will be coloured later in the week. Sorry about that! Getting used to getting back in the regular update groove. Also... pretty sick today, which is never fun.

Anyway... comic! Back to this. Leo... is still up to something. Hrmm...

Sunday 8 April

Back to normal updates! ...ugh now I gotta draw stuff, huh. Haha. Here's today's The Breaking update! Can Deimi bluff her way out of this? ...well, Pyumi is a hero, so "act first, ask questions later"...

Saturday 7 April

OK! Week's up, and today's update is.... adjusting the header a bit! To fit in Short Shift!

This is a comic that I'll only update when I've finished a volume. And I'll only start drawing a volume when I have time and also an idea, so it might not update terribly often... but I wanted to draw Brunhilda, so I drew Brunhilda!

Keetah helped out with some art for the "back cover" of this volume (because I want more pictures, pictures of Brunhilda!!). Keetah also helped out with a comic yesterday... Well! I sort of had to end the week with this particular comic, because adding it to the header sort of gives the whole game away, somehow even moreso than my particular brand of complete lack of subtlety.

Of course, I spent this whole week doing a whole lot of updates to the site. Alongside the announced updates, I also added a new volume of a comic every day.

Which brings us to today of course! Which we've been over, haha.

To be honest, my original plan was just to update Free Turn every day. But then I always think, if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. So once again my prank is on myself, making myself do way more work than usual... but hey! For once I was actually totally prepared!! Almost all of these pages were done October through January, with Death's Door taking a bit longer... but the only pages I actually drew this week were a few pages of Short Shift and one page of Random Encounter. So it was a nice, relaxed week for me! Which is excellent because being so sick I love a good relaxed week, haha.

I know I've missed a lot of updates in the past two months, so I hope this sort of makes up for some of it! I'm going to go back to regular updates tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to keep up! Got more doctor's appointments this month so hopefully I can keep my health under control - that'd help with the updates!

See you tomorrow with The Breaking!

Friday 6 April

Phew, very close to the end of the week-! Just a few more little pages today!

There's a new page for Myria!

And a new page for Melusine!

What's a melusine...? Bit random I suppose. But one day I will get off my butt and do a story that is underwater and has mermaids and melusine. But that day won't come until after Darkness Falls is over I think. And probably after I do a second volume of Death's Door, too. So... at some point I would like to! But it might take a little while...

That's on me for picking up a bunch of long-running comics instead of doing more little ones though, haha. Random Encounter, Mysteries, Fall and The Breaking... you run too long! If only there were more days in the week :P

Anyway, one more day! I dunno what I'll do for site updates though, sort of got a lot done all at once. Maybe I'll do something more minor tomorrow, small header updates or something.

Thursday 5 April

Getting soooo much done this week!

There's a new page for Vampires!

And a new page for Ghosts!

My original plan to be honest wasn't to get quite as much stuff done as I have but hey! Stuff! Only two more days of site updates and then I'll return to regular updates. At that point I might rethink the schedule, depending on my health, but we'll cross the hurdle when it comes. For now! Stuff.

For tomorrow! Uhhh I should probably add a page for Myria! And maybe some other types of people we haven't seen yet because I somehow never did an underwater story with mermaids and stuff. Maybe! Done too much death related stuff today probably, it sort of became a theme. But hey I haven't drawn a lot of these characters in a while, so that was fun!

Wednesday 4 April

More than halfway through the update week! Lots of little cast pics today.

Snatch's cast pic has been updated!

Claw's cast pic has been updated!

And Princess Paige now has a character page!

It's another Mysteries update today. ...what? I mean the update image probably


Tuesday 3 April

More site updates! ...Just little things today, since I had to do art for a change, haha.

Darius now has a character page!

And so does the Sinclair family!

I also made a few minor updates to Drake's page, but nothing major.

What about tomorrow's update...? Hrrmm... a mystery... many mysteries? Something else obscure. I'm thinking if I get time it is time to update the art for Phoenix Claw and Snatch's pages, and write some more stuff there.

Monday 2 April

Another site update day! Since I figured out lots of stuff yesterday I could get even more done today!

More pdf downloads are available, for:


Free Turn

Loose Change

Dhark's Hero Stories

And I've also done some updates to the cast page of The Breaking!

What will I do tomorrow...? Hrmm... not sure yet. Maybe Random Encounter character pages, or... something else. Keeping things loose! Change is good? IDK I just got lots of stuff to clean up around here I think.

Sunday 1 April

Hello!! Nothing terribly exciting today, just some minor bits and pieces to update the site!

I say "minor"... well, I added pdf download options for the following comic archives!

Random Encounter

New Game+

Way Back Home

Relatively minor to look at, but took a bit of time to put together. Many, many thanks to Tapewolf of Project Future for helping me with these! Without him pointing out which tools I could use this would have been a lot more frustrating, haha.

Now, regardless of whether I'm posting art-related site updates or not, I think I'm also going to do little sketches like I've posted today about what's new. Gives me a little something extra to post, anyway!

See you tomorrow, with more new little site updates! Hopefully this week goes well, and I get lots done! It's nice not to be updating a comic page everyday. Like I'm FREEEEEEeeee. Turns out sometimes change is as good as a holiday, hrmmmm

*rubs hands together in what I assure you in a completely non-suspicious way*

Saturday 31 March

Here's this week's Fall update! Yep, still an idiot.

Not feeling too terrible lately, so that's good! Well, still quite ill, but manageably so. Hopefully I can post lots of goodies over the next week! Tomorrow I'm planning on doing some updates to the Random Encounter archives. We'll see.

Friday 30 March

Right! Here's today's Random Encounter update! You can probably see what panels gave me trouble on Monday... but it's done now!

Aaand hmm. Lots of familiar people...

AAAAAAND HMMM. That'll be the last Random Encounter page for about a week! Gonna update Fall tomorrow, then spend a week starting Sunday posting other things than the normal schedule, because.... because. Got lots of bits of site updates planned. Which I already said! But YEAH.

Thursday 29 March

Phew! Managed to get a comic done!! Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update!

Now to gather my strength so I can do another comic!!

Wednesday 28 March

Bwah, another day like this... today! Was not great. I should have stayed home and slept. Dang sick body.

I think at this rate I might have to do something next week to catch up or otherwise make up for all these missed pages - I'm a week behind now, tch.

Sorry again about the missed updates! Hopefully I am less sick doon...

Tuesday 27 March

Hmmm after yesterday's update I was raring to do more pages. But... sort of bit off more than I could chew with the next Random Encounter page! Well... you'll see. When I finally get it finished! Hopefully Friday?

I would like very much to not miss any other updates this week... so I'll have to have a good rest and see what I can do the rest of the week! Got too much to work on at the moment, really giving me trouble setting aside enough time to get comics done...

Ah, that reminds me. As is traditional, and as I have mentioned a few times now, start of next month is going to not be regular updates! It'll be something else. And right now I'm planning on taking a little break and doing general site updates. Adding a few things to the species page. Adding and update a few Random Encounter character pages. That sort of thing. Way less exciting than usual, but uhhh... I could probably use a little break, eh? Maybe it'll give me a chance to slowly catch up on things!

Monday 26 March

As I mentioned might be the case yesterday, didn't quite get the time to do a Random Encounter page. However! I do have those two Mysteries of the Obscured pages! So there's that!

Hopefully I'll be able to do Random Encounter tomorrow, but uh... we'll see. Looks like it's going to be an extremely busy week this week.

Sunday 25 March

OK! ...extremely tired, so all I've gotten done today is an update for The Breaking! Which is better than nothing, but not as much as I'd like to have gotten done, pwahhhh.

So tomorrow's update... I'd really like to do a lot of catch-up work tomorrow! But uh, not specifically for DHSComix, I got loads of other stuff I fallen behind on while being so sick and busy. So I am thinking... There's a good chance I won't have the time to do a Random Encounter update tomorrow, which is a bit annoying! But I might have time to do Tuesday's Mysteries of the Obscured update early, and possibly catch up on the update of that I missed this week. So... I'll try to post one of those two possibilities next week!

...and soon. SOOOOON I will try to have the time and ability to catch up on all these missed updates. Or something.

Saturday 24 March

Time for this week's Fall update! Offer Altair help with his work = Altair is now your best friend forever. I can relate :P