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Today's comic, Dhark's Hero Stories, for Monday 16th of December 2019

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Monday 16 December

Hello!! Instead of your regularly scheduled Random Encounter update, here's is a Dhark's Hero Stories update! Because I love posting more of this, and also, I'm a bit tired to finish tonight's RE page on time, haha.

Sunday 15 December

Sorry for not posting anything at all yesterday!! Funny story. I showed up at work in the morning and was like "Alright! Today's gonna be a good day!" anyway things ended up happening and I didn't get home until after midnight. So I went to bed instead of updating the site at all.

So today! I'm catching up! Here's a Fall update and here's an update for The Breaking!

Friday 13 December

Happy Friday the 13th!! Here's that finished Random Encounter page from earlier this week!!

Thursday 12 December

Here's this week's Key update! Key that is not very smooth.

Wednesday 11 December

Time for this week's Death's Door update! I just love drawing Ophidia.

Tuesday 10 December

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Wherein I use the word "rampage" as much as I can

Monday 9 December

Alright! The previous proper Random Encounter page is coloured, and Random Encounter has updated, buuuuut... since I was working last night I'm so tired haha. I didn't quite get enough time to finish it. So here's inks for the top half of the page, and the second half of the page and proper colour will be up on Friday!

Saturday 7 December

I'll shade this in the morning, but here's this week's Fall update!

The Breaking might be skipped this week cuz I'm working. HOPEFULLY next week is better for not missing updates :V at least I have no more medical appointments until next month.

edit: colour's finished!

Friday 6 December

IT IS TIME... for me to sleep a whole bunch cuz I'm tired. I haven't gotten Monday's update coloured yet, but here's a lil bit of a filler page because I realised I could be lazy and draw one of these again, ho ho ho

Thusday 5 December

This week I get to have fun times of medical appointments and finding out a big ol dang surgery I will most likely need to get next year!! So instead of working on comics I am not working on comics.

I'll try to work on comics tomorrow, but tonight time for fussing instead.

Wednesday 4 December

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Ophidia is not wrong. Except about her not being a vampire, that part's wrong.

Tuesday 3 December

Stiiiiill moving awfully slowly! Here's a Random Encounter update, though not fully coloured. Hopefully after this page I'll get back up to speed, because Puyon prepared me some very good layouts to work off!!

Monday 2 December

Comic gonna be late!! I'm tired. I have skipped RE two times in a row though, so I'll try to get it done in place of tomorrow's MotO update...

Sunday 1 December

Welcome to December I'm super tired and so the comic will be slightly late!! Hoping to get it posted in the morning

Late edit: The Breaking has updated!!

Saturday 30 November

Fall time time for Fall!!

Friday 29 November

IIIIIiiiii ran out of time to do tonight's comic. Sorry!! It's been a very, very busy week. Looks like next week will also be super busy, but I'll do my best.

Thursday 28 November

Finally, here's another Key update! And I even got around to colouring the previous page, woo

Wednesday 27 November

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Ra is tiny baby.

Tuesday 26 November

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Col is being boring, so here's Nils!

Monday 25 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! What could possibly go wrong? Yeah I think that's pretty much DHS's motto by now.

Sunday 24 November

Today's comic is gonna be late!! I'll get up early...ish... and finish it. I was too busy stuffing around today instead of working :V

late edit: Here's today's The Breaking update!!!

Saturday 23 November

Here's this week's Fall update! Ceraph is such a nice fellow.

Friday 22 November

Here's finally a Random Encounter update!! Now I've got that page done, yayyyy

Thursday 21 November

Well, I didn't quite get Key coloured. But I did get a page of Death's Door done! So that's a thing. Now I sleep. zzzz

Wednesday 20 November

I think I'm very much on the upswing, but still moving a little slow. I've gotten the next Death's Door page sketched, but not finished... So my plan for tomorrow is, I need to colour last week's Key update and I will trry to update Death's Door then also!! Fingers crossed

Tuesday 19 November

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured! Really that's on you, Col. You get magic and shapeshifting, you really oughta learn both.

Monday 18 November

I was really not expecting to be laid up as long as I have been. Sorry about that!! I haven't managed to get a Random Encounter page finished, but here's the first half of a page! Kinda.

Fingers crossed I'm on an upswing starting tomorrow ;V

Sunday 17 November

Stiiiiiill really sick. Have gotten absolutely zero things done today, but I will see if I can wake up early and get at least a one comic done...

edit: Late update but an update nonetheless!! Here's a Fall update!!!

Saturday 16 November

Looks like today's comic is also a no-go!! Sorry, I am much, much sicker than I thought I was. Ended up at the doctor's today and everything...

Since it has been a long time since the last Fall update, I'll see if I can feel a bit better in the morning and get it done in lieu of tomorrow's The Breaking update. Fingers crossed.

Friday 15 November

Alright, today's comic is sketched, and slightly inked, but it's also going to be slightly delayed because I am a bit too sick to finish it tonight. Sorry about that!! If I can't get it done by the end of the week I'll do my best to try to get an extra page done for Monday. I really wanna move ahead with this volume!! But my stomach keeps holdin me back, harrumph

Thursday 14 November

Here's this week's Key update! Well... just inks for now, I'll try to get it coloured by the end of the week! Worked too hard today and now I'm super tired, whoops. Gotta get my energy back up so I can update Random Encounter tomorrow!!