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Friday 29

Oof, I'm really sorry there's no comic today. I'm still getting into the swing of working all day again! But I know I've been missing Random Encounter updates a lot lately. This volume is being a butt to draw, and I am not finding the time to draw it very easily. Next week will be better!

For now, here's a picture of Peony as a DMFA-'cubi, and a short comic followup I did for laffs.

Thursday 28 August

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Which continues to be more hugging than my other comics. It probably needs that to balance out all the other stuff.

Wednesday 27 August

One more cast update for today! Sorry it ain't more, but I made the mistake of buying Risk of Rain for my brother. Now he keeps inviting me and my housemate to play it multiplayer with him and I JUST CAN'T SAY NO so I end up wasting a lot of time and not working on drawing, hahaha I should stop doing that for sure.

Iiiiii'm going to copy the commentary I put up for this on Tumblr because it's probably the most interesting ramble I've had with regards to character updates so far.

Evo! The worldís worst librarian. Since she canít actually read lingo.

Anyway! Probably most of my current readers arenít aware of this, but way back in the day I hung out with some cool dudes on the TFS New World forums (Tolka was the first person to draw DHS fanart! What a swell guy :3). A MILLION YEARS AGO or probably 9 years ago we did a Round Robin comic that lasted for about as long as those things tend to last for. Evoís of one of the races of aliens I used for one of the comics I drew!

I donít think anybody else has a copy of the comics, but I put them up on my site for the hilarity of everybodyís old art: right here.

I donít have a record of who drew what (some are obvious to me, others not) but thereís a lot of familiar faces! Me, Tolka, Shauni, RollingEye, Dark Key... I canít remember anybody else, sorry :C

Tuesday 26 August

Here's today's Way Back Home update! I think there's one thing we can all agree on. Myra has not slapped her brother enough.

Monday 25 August

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Haha, fake-out! The second half of the comic is a scene change. Much easier than drawing a brawl with all those dang characters in the first half. Andddd there you go! Now you know why Joel is such a well-regarded racer: he is #1 at smack-talk. And also #1 most punchable face, but that goes without saying :P

Sunday 24 August

Here's this week's The Breaking update! I gotta admit, this comic is still weird for me to draw. I mean there's these characters that I used to work on back in 2005-2006 like all the time, and who I haven't touched since then. And here I am again, but everything is a zillion times more better drawn and the story's reasonably pinned down and it's turning out even better than I'd wanted it to when last I worked on this story. Yeah. Feels good. And weird. It's a pity that I only update this one once a week, I'd like to do more of it.

On the other hand I also like all my other comics and I don't want to do more than one page a day updates so hahaha idk. I have a lot more site updates to get done for Wednesday updates (because if they ain't set as a regularly-scheduled thing they won't get done. I know this haha), but after that I would like to go back to daily comic updates. Buttttt then it's like... bump up this or another comic for an extra update a week?? Or.... pull out one of the other comic stories that are waiting for updates, like that Daisy sequel or that thing about the lady who's been appearing in Saturn's dreams or something else I've got more along the lines of Loose Change. Too many choices, argh! And that's only like, the most likely new comics. I've also got a few other short stories that I've been sitting on for years, like... I dunno, Jake's actual backstory?? Haha.

Anyway! Nothing else for it, I'll have to work harder on the comics I currently got going and hopefully miss less updates, then eventually one of them will finish and I'll cycle through a new comic and that will keep happening, forever or more likely until my hands fall off.

Saturday 23 August

Here's today's New Game+ update! Zack: likes murdering, dislikes being murdered. I guess that makes sense.

And here's yesterday's Random Encounter update, sort of. Sorry, it's just the top half, uncoloured. My arm is hurting more than usual this week (curse yoouuuuu long-term muscle and nerve damage) and even though it ain't my drawing arm it is still right distracting. Blehh. Monday's update I'll have the rest of this page done and coloured!

And Monday I'll be starting a new job! ...kind of. Well it's a short-term contract at a place I used to work that I know is super easy stuff so it's like... excellent, a boring job to make me excited for working on comics in lieu of that. And extra money. And short-term so I will not be staying there, the best of all. And... ummmmm.... after that wow I should really like, organise things so that I have a buffer of comics SOMEHOW for when I go to China in November, and hopefully New Zealand after that. And I guess I should start working on the Halloween volume soon?? So it's not all last minute?? What is this.

Friday 22 August

Sorry guys, I was kind of distracted by real-life, job-related stuff today! That and Risk of Rain. Mainly the first one though.

Today's update is on the waaaaaay. It'll be up with New Game+ tomorrow so help me!

Thursday 21 August

Here's today's Way Back Home update! I seem to draw people being slapped fairly regularly. I'm not saying that's a problem.

Also I got anther character update done to make up for yesterday! Here's Taide:

Wednesday 20 August

Right! Character updates!

Sorry, there's only one for the day. I started to try to work on another but then my tablet driver crashed and THE RAGE. IT BUILDS. Friggin' wacom drivers have always been so unbeliveably terrible, if it's not one thing it's another... Anyway! Since it's 11pm and if I want to get any more drawing done I need to reset the computer I figured I should just give up :V

I might try to get some more done later in the week, but I'd rather focus on comics so that may or may not happen. We'll seeeeeee

Tuesday 19 August

Here's today's Way Back Home update! Elle's family are super-traditional feathries. Which is a codeword for 'racist'. Also her brother still lives with their parents haha what a winner.

Monday 18 August

Here's today's Random Encounter update! It's a(nother) guest comic from my good mate Tempest! Because I find it MOST HUMOROUS. This, and googling for pictures of cats riding dogs like horses. THESE THINGS AMUSE MERLIN.

Saturday 16 August

Late update!
Here's yesteday's Random Encounter comic! On the road again! ...or something.
And here's today's New Game+ update! Ceraph Claw knows better than to hang out with weirdoes. In that way she is much smarter than Phoenix Claw.

I'll most likely be skipping tomorrow's update! Because I'm doing family stufffff for the rest of until then so I won't have the time to get it done :P

Bwargh I think there is something wrong with me today... I have completely lost steam and just bwargh'd out. I am partway through colouring both Random Encounter and New Game+ so it really shouldn't be much longer?? ?????

Seriously I have finally gotten both of these comics to the easy part and now I'm just BWARGH

I DUNNO I should probably just chill out, it's almost midnight I'm sure everything will look more tolerable in the morning.

Friday 15 August

Sorry! I got stuck working on a bunch of other junk, so today's update will be late. I'll post it when it's done, should be done by tomorrow's New Game+ update!

Thursday 14 August

Here's today's Way Back Home update! I think those hero guys might have the wrong idea. Either that or Arc has the wrong idea, because that is a much better idea, mwaha.

Wednesday 13 August

Here's what I got so far for character updates!!

I'll try to get one more done before I conk out for the day, but I figured I'd post what I got immediately. Why not? There we go! That's it for the day!