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Random Encounter

A comic series about the lives of students attending Dhark's Hero School: a place for people (and monsters!) to learn to become true heroes. Even/especially if they're not particularly "heroic".

Random Encounter volume 0

Random Encounter Volume 0

Retcon City

RETCONS YES. Finally rewriting the old canon, haha. Students find their own way to the strange reopening of Dhark's Hero School.

Random Encounter volume 1

Random Encounter Volume 1

Loosely Tested

In which the students arrive at the school, the staff bum around and try to look like they're doing their jobs and also there is monster hunting! Some sort of entrance exam, apparently.

Random Encounter volume 2

Random Encounter Volume 2

Out and About

Loki convinces Danni and Saturn to skip school to attend the celebrations for the annual elemental festival in the nearby town of Mylenor. Hint: it is not the best of ideas. Bonus comics: On Tricksters

Random Encounter volume 3

Random Encounter Volume 3

Maze of the Morning Star

Delta is asked to leave the school and participate in a quest of sorts, to gain money for DHS. Naturally, complications arise, in the shape of a six-winged catboy, and nothing ever goes as expected... Bonus comics: On Traipses

Random Encounter volume 4

Random Encounter Volume 4

Palmed Off

Phoenix Claw and Snatch go on an exciting library adventure. And then treasure hunting. And then some other things happen. Includes: The worst treasure hunt ever. Bonus comics: On Brothers

Random Encounter volume 5

Random Encounter Volume 5

Childish Antics

Jake (yes, that Jake) asks Bluff for a small favour... but what could it be? What? Why is everyone suddenly a child? Whoops somebody annoyed the Goddess of Time. Bonus: On Clock

Random Encounter volume 6

Random Encounter Volume 6

Stable Chump

Markers! Don't ask why. Loki skives off history class once more, and proceeds to yammer on and on about how this one time she was a really great guy in the monster racing business. Bonus: On Nothing

Random Encounter volume 7

Random Encounter Volume 7

Monster Magic

Like a million cats probably. Snatch's family is in trouble, so it's up to him and some taggers-on to help them. Featuring awesome catdudes from fans who entered their designs in a catcompetition. Bonus: On Monsters

Random Encounter volume 8

Random Encounter Volume 8

Ghost Story

Probably what it says in the very creative title. Like, maybe. A rainy, boring evening, which Delta decides to spice up with... a ghost story! Bonus: On Ghosts Vampires

Random Encounter volume 9

Random Encounter Volume 9

Some Consequence

DETENTION. Well, all that skipping class had to catch up to Loki and Claw sometime. And I guess Bluff also has detention for that one thing with the Time Goddess... TRULY A LONG AND ARDUOUS VOLUME THAT SHAUNI DREW A QUARTER OF.

Random Encounter volume 10

Random Encounter Volume 10

Fools' Week

It's the week-long celebration of Fools' Week! A week where people play pranks on one another and try not to be super serious so much. Not everybody at DHS appreciates it. Featuring more comics by Shauni!

Random Encounter volume 11

Random Encounter Volume 11

Trick Tracts #1

April Fools' for 2011. Because... stuffing around drawing terrible things is how I roll

Random Encounter volume 12

Random Encounter Volume 12

False Reflection

Always eager to get away from DHS, Loki convinces Saturn to go with her over the border to Varia for the 'Festival of Mirrors', a celebration of the God of Death. Taide and the rhinos are headed there too. But hey, when do festivals with Loki ever go right? Bonus: On Magic

Random Encounter volume 13

Random Encounter Volume 13

Learning the Lingo

A million thanks to Shauni who drew this whole volume! Here we have the new lingo teacher.... struggling... a bit...

Random Encounter volume 14

Random Encounter Volume 14

Scary Story

Thrills as Merlin tries to get a whole Halloween volume done in one day! Chills as Bluff tells some sort of scary story! Spills as .. I dunno, hope you like sci-fi, it's a change of track!

Random Encounter volume 15

Random Encounter Volume 15

True Enough

With some persuasion, Jinx tells the story of how he got his ears and tail. For realsies. And not digitally drawn this time, howabout. Bonus: On Nothing.... again

Random Encounter volume 16

Random Encounter Volume 16

Like the Dead

What like the dead?! Saturn's having nightmares, so it's probably time to get to the bottom of their cause! Bonus comic: On Jake

Random Encounter volume 17

Random Encounter Volume 17

Foolish Behaviour

April Fools' 2012! Randomly uploading a different volume for a week! Well, it's a Fools' Week prank with Peony and... Jinx's uncle Leo??? Wait who's a trickster??

Random Encounter volume 18

Random Encounter Volume 18

Nipped in the Bud

Surprise guest volume! Taide and some other teachers cook up a little exam for the students.

Random Encounter volume 19

Random Encounter Volume 19

Graveyard Shift

More spooky Halloween story time! Something about zombies. SPOOKY ZOMBIES OWOOOOOO

Random Encounter volume 20

Random Encounter Volume 20

Spirit of the Season

A holiday volume! Since Christmas is summertime here, it's a holiday themed similarly to the summer solstice; the holiday of Sola's Feast!

Random Encounter volume 21

Random Encounter Volume 21

Another Track

Another delightful guest volume from Tempest_Ryo! This time, a little something different?

Random Encounter volume 22

Random Encounter Volume 22

Out Field

Dharfi and Shauni have a great idea to take the students on a field trip -slash- war re-enactment. It's a great idea, until an extra army gets involved...

Random Encounter volume 23

Random Encounter Volume 23

You mean that cat's high?

April Fools' 2013! Because I always love being terrible, here is a delightful after-school special about a very important subject.

Random Encounter volume 24

Random Encounter Volume 24

Poison Pen

The princess of Gardelvia is around for a royal visit. There's like, a bunch of ways this could go badly, huh? Bonus comic: On Titles

Random Encounter volume 25

Random Encounter Volume 25

Where we're Were

Turns out there's a lot of weres around here. A short follow-up to Free Turn volume 2

Random Encounter volume 26

Random Encounter Volume 26

Larger than Life

Claw and Nettle go into town and run into a strange man, that Jinx also seems to have an interest in... Bonus comic: On Immortals

Random Encounter volume 27

Random Encounter Volume 27

Suddenly Zombies

...Probably the silliest Halloween volume I could possibly come up with. Probably.

Random Encounter volume 28

Random Encounter Volume 28

Mind yer Manners

I love not drawing comics almost as much as I love drawing comics. So here's a volume I commissioned from Keetah, who is a marvellous artist and a delightful person!

Random Encounter volume 29

Random Encounter Volume 29

Of a Feather

A short history lesson. With Shauni??

Random Encounter volume 30

Random Encounter Volume 30

Piggy in the Middle

A bunch of guardians visit DHS, and actually they are all jerks. All both of them. Bonus comics: On Guardians

Random Encounter volume 31

Random Encounter Volume 31

A Bird in the Hand

Is worth... some amount? A random holiday special, because holiday specials aw yeah

Random Encounter volume 32

Random Encounter Volume 32

Further Off-Track

Another Tempest guest volume! Back to something different! Bonus comic: On Marlowe

Random Encounter volume 33

Random Encounter Volume 33

Trick Tracts #2

More trick tracts!! More april fools!! More!!! MORE!!!!

Random Encounter volume 34

Random Encounter Volume 34

An Enchanting Visitor

Just in time (or maybe a little late), the requested Enchantress comes to fix the school's defences. Probably.

Random Encounter volume 35

Random Encounter Volume 35

Fight or Flight

Loki somehowwww manages to get herself suspended, so hey, what better time to run off to the monster races? Bonus: Daryil

Random Encounter volume 36

Random Encounter Volume 36

Horror Story

Halloween 2014! Some sort of horrifying horror! And it's ghosts. OooOOoOOOOO.

Random Encounter volume 37

Random Encounter Volume 37

Out There

The truth is... something something. Drawn by Keetah Spacecat!

Random Encounter volume 38

Random Encounter Volume 38

Far from Home

Another short holiday volume - slash - love letter to Realm of Monsters. All dryads in this volume are Shauni's characters!

Random Encounter volume 39

Random Encounter Volume 39

Fit for a Queen

Claw- sorry, Phoenix- is on a quest to save a princess! ...Well, the princess is already safe, just a matter of getting her home!

Random Encounter volume 40

Random Encounter Volume 40

By Ear

Back at school, Nettle has questions that Jinx doesn't want to answer. Bonus comics: On Ears

Random Encounter volume 41

Random Encounter Volume 41

Beyond the Veil

Oh yeah, these guys again. Bonus comics: Purgatory

Random Encounter volume 42

Random Encounter Volume 42

Starship Bloopers

Drawn during a heatwave because... computers and heat, urgh. Also drawn considerably earlier than its place in the archives would warrant but.. SPACESHIPS!

Random Encounter volume 43

Random Encounter Volume 43

Fighting Mad

Ohhh dear... The Gardenians are back, and they look mad

Random Encounter volume 44

Random Encounter Volume 44

Spooky Story

More Halloween stories! More!! This one's written by Puyon!

Random Encounter volume 45

Random Encounter Volume 45

Jumping at Shadows

The story of the monster Jake created, and more importantly, the hero that defeated it

Random Encounter volume 46

Random Encounter Volume 46

Trick Tracts #4

Trick Tracts!!! If I don't do goofy stuff for April fools' then I might go crazy...crazier

Random Encounter volume 47

Random Encounter Volume 47

New Kids on the Block

New kids...? Ooh, finally there's some new students at DHS!

Random Encounter volume 48

Random Encounter Volume 48

The Old Guard

It's time... for another Halloween volume!!!

Random Encounter volume 49

Random Encounter Volume 49

Ringing in the New

So much new around here! What's even going on...?

Random Encounter volume 50

Random Encounter Volume 50

By the Blade

More sword shenanigans... what is the deal with Saturn's sword, anyway...?

Random Encounter volume 51

Random Encounter Volume 51

The Prince and the Prankster

Story by Puyon, also involves... Puyon!

Random Encounter volume 52

Random Encounter Volume 52

Trick Tracts #5

Happy April!!

Random Encounter volume 53

Random Encounter Volume 53

No Place Like Home

For good or for bad, there's no place like it...

Random Encounter volume 54

Random Encounter Volume 54

Set in Stone

Just a little bit of statue-building, and learning things from Val!

Random Encounter volume 55

Random Encounter Volume 55

Tales of Terror

That time of year again! Time to get spooky!

Random Encounter volume 56

Random Encounter Volume 56

Dream a Dream

Azure gets up to very stupid shenanigans. Which is about standard for her.

Random Encounter volume 57

Random Encounter Volume 57

Out On the Town

2017 is finally over heyyyy

Random Encounter volume 58

Random Encounter Volume 58

On the Same Page

Old friends and new...

Random Encounter volume 59

Random Encounter Volume 59

A Volume of Filler

It's an April surprise, sssshhhhh

Random Encounter volume 60

Random Encounter Volume 60

Living Large

Random Encounter volume 61

Random Encounter Volume 61

Stormy Weather

Halloween 2018!! Er.... kind of

Random Encounter volume 62

Random Encounter Volume 62

Shine a Light

With Nova at the school, Loki could really become a light power. And Orianna... is still off pretending to be a light power and Loki Kiborn.

Random Encounter volume 63

Random Encounter Volume 63


The Living Shadow is back, and it's up to the shadowslayer to return and save the world

Random Encounter volume 64

Random Encounter Volume 64

I'm Coming Home

Loki is dead

Random Encounter volume 65

Random Encounter Volume 65

Strike Fear

Halloweeeeeeen 2019! Saturn and Loki in the woods telling a story, continuing their series of bad decisions

Random Encounter volume 66

Random Encounter Volume 66

Right By You

Back at DHS, some tricksters are having a hard time since the Living Shadow's rebirth. Writing and layouts by Puyon (excepting the first 3 pages)


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