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The worlds of the DHS Continuum were both created by and are ruled over by a large pantheon of gods and goddesses.

These gods are arranged in a hierarchy. At the top are the "Creation Triad" - goddesses who created everything. Just below them are the "Nine Magic Gods" - the three elemental gods and the other five gods of magic (previously there were nine of them but one got kicked out and they never got around to renaming themselves). Below them are the "Lesser Gods" - other gods and goddesses (such as the gods of luck, the goddess of wishes...). Below that are the "Lower Deities" - mainly deities that serve other gods (such as the reaper of souls who serves the god of death), but also some individual deities (such as the deities of emotion). At the very lowest rung is Jake, the Trickster God, formerly one of the nine gods of magic.

Profiles of gods and goddesses will be added over time.

Nine Gods of Magic

Elemental Gods

Ceraph the God of Wind Leviathan the God of Water Phoenix the God of Fire

Perception Gods

Marie the Goddess of Truth Jude the God of Knowledge

Movement Gods

Emelia the Goddess of Time Clyde the God of Change Altair the God of Death

Lesser Gods

Felix and Felicity, Gods of Luck

Not sure if God or Not(?)

Daryil, God of Debauchery

The Lowest Rung

Jake the Trickster God