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General Traits:

Felimara are a type of monster with two forms - one four-legged lion-like form, and an person-like anthropomorphised version on two legs. They can speak lingo in their person-like form, though they usually have some difficulty speaking it. They tend to be less intelligent than the average person, and are highly territorial. They can get along with people sometimes, but usually don't.
Felimara are born looking just like ordinary big cats, but over time as they win fights they grow horns and wings. Accomplished felimara can fly with their large, batlike wings.
Male felimara have tusks growing from the teeth of their lower jaw, and have horns that grow outward from their head. Female felimara have large canine fangs, horns that grow first outward then curve inward, and in their person-like form they tend to have a big fluffy patch on their chest.
The innate magic of a felimara is what they use to switch between their two forms. They don't have any additional magic skills on top of this.
The average lifespan of a felimara is 40-50 years.


Felimara are one of a number of monster species that have two forms they can switch between - the "mara" in their name is used to indicate they're that sort of shapeshifting monster.