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The Dryad Race

General Traits:

Dryads are (as the name suggests) plant-like people. They have leaves, flowers and/or grass instead of hair, and bark-like skin. Most of them gain a lot of their energy from the sun and air, and don't have to eat very much compared to the other races. They do need about the same amount of water though. A particularly hungry dryad can root themself to the ground to get more nutrients without eating, but it takes several hours to do, and several more to undo. They're on the whole quite easy-going and friendly, as they don't have many needs they tend to be very generous to both friends and strangers alike.
Most dryads are members of a larger clan of dryads, and they meet every few decades to catch up. A dryad can be expelled from their clan, though it's uncommon. As part of their coming-of-age, young dryads are expected to travel the world before settling down, either in their clan's ancestral land or further afield. Very rarely a clan will branch into smaller clans.
The patron god of Dryads is Nira, Goddess of Abundance.
Dryads can live considerably longer than most other races, it is not uncommon for them to reach 200.


Dryads have always been around LaRaGa and its mirror world, though not in very large numbers. There's 12 current dryad clans, plus many more dead clans with no more living members.


A dryad's leaves can turn yellow or red before they fall off, either all at once or one at a time as part of continuous regrowth.
Some dryads can grow fruit as well, though this fruit is sterile and can't be used to grow more dryads as dryads reproduce similarly to humans.
Most dryads steer right clear of Nature Powers, as their mastery over plants can cause ill effects in dryads.
A lot of the dryads around LaRaGa are actually not native - they're offworlders.