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The Myria Race

General Traits:

Myria are often referred to as "weird bugs", since that's kind of what they are. They have 4 arms (2 ending in hands, 2 ending in scythe-like claws), 2 legs, and 6 wings. With large, compound eyes, antennae, and hard exoskeletons, they very much fulfill the "weird bug" look. Myria are very short, and tend to be fairly spindly.
There are only around 6 myria colonies in the world, and though myria tend to mass in large numbers, they don't often leave their hives. Many people don't really know they exist. Myria colonies are typically overseen by one "queen", who is responsible for all aspects of colony life. Myria have been known to show some type of hive mind in some instances... but not many outsiders get to interact with myria, so it's hard to say how strong this is. It seems to vary by colony as well.
Apart from looking weird and massing in colonies, myria aren't so different to other peoples. They can and do use the gods' magic, though they often have large, complex magical ceremonies involving hundreds of myria to cast complicated spells.
It can be very difficult for outsiders to tell the gender of a myria.
The patron god of Myria is Jeren, God of Peace.
Myria tend to live shorter than most other races, usually around 40-60.


Nobody really knows where myria came from, whether there used to be more or less colonies, or any of that sort of thing. This is due to myria not really allowing outsiders into their hives, and being highly secretive with their histories.


Myria will often act weird intentionally when outsiders are around