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The Rhinocerops Race

General Traits:

The rhinocerops are easy to spot, with their scaly skin, long-muzzled faces, and three facial horns. Some rhinocerops have fins on their head as well, but not all. Females tend to have larger fins, while males tend to have larger horns.
In Random Encounter times, rhinocerops are very unsociable and tend not to wear much, if any, clothing.
In New Game+ times, many of them tend to wear religious articles of clothing, usually the same thing all over.
The patron god of the rhinocerops is the God of Balance, who may or may not exist.
The average lifespan of a rhinocerops is 55-80 years.


In and before Random Encounter, the rhinocerops race was infamous for its random acts of violence and uncaring attitude towards anything living besides themselves. This coupled with the fact that rhinocerops seldom moved in groups of smaller than three and lived in all-rhinocerops communities made the other peoples avoid them like the plague. There were of course a few rhinocerops who weren't like that, but not very many.
After the alleged ascension of the God of Balance (between Random Encounter and New Game+), the rhinocerops began to realise there was more to life than beating up people and causing trouble. They then mostly followed the God of Balance in a life filled with honour, and placed high importance on things such as the protecting of the weak and keeping of the balance of strength between the light powers and the dark powers.


Who is the God of Balance? Well... that's a secret.