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The Fey Race

General Traits:

Were are unusual in a similar way to the Fey, in that being a were is a trait a person gets on top of being another species, in a random sort of way. It's not possible to predict if somebody will become a were before their first transformation.
Were traits will typically manifest in childhood, by a sudden involuntary transformation into a particular animal or monster. Usually it is the same species as an animal or monster that the child has grown attached too, but sometimes it's completely random. After the initial transformation, a were is able to change forms of their own power. Any clothes they're wearing get transformed with them.
Weres usually share identifying markings between forms, like stripes or a general colour scheme.
Apart from the ability to transform, weres have no physical indication they're a were.
The patron god of the were is Cera, Goddess of Secrets.
The lifespan of a were is the same as their underlying race.


Were aren't really a distinct race, as their traits don't pass from generation to generation. They typically integrate into whatever species they're born into.


There are some odd cultures who consider Were to be monsters.