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Annaliese Ernesto

Name: Annaliese Ernesto

Nicknames: Anna

Classification: Mage x Swordsman

Age: 16

Gender: F

Species: Feathry

Roomate: Ember Ernesto

Family: Ember (twin sister), Martelle(cousin), Millaray (Mother), Carlyle (Father)

Character: Annaliese is stubborn, and condescending. She's impatient and rude, often called a brat by others. She tends to be cynical and wary of strangers and tries to keep others at a distance. She tries to act with an air of confidence, but it just comes off as more arrogance. Others tend to find her bossy and selfish.

...that isn't to say she's really a bad person. Anna is insecure due to harassment she suffered through her childhood. She thought she had to grow a tough exterior in order to protect herself and others that she cares about. However, she's starting to regret and dislike that state of mind and wants to be a better person. She's envious of her sister who she views as an infinitely better person than herself.

Anna came to DHS in hopes that it would help improve her character. Being exposed to such a variety of people may have helped with that a little, but she still gets frustrated with people she doesn't understand. Her prejudice of some kinds people still get in the way of her judgement of others, even if those people are her friends.

History: Annaliese's story will be told in Dhark's Hero Stories, Volume 3.

Anna and her family was raised in a feathry-only town, and, as a result of such an environment, she and her sister were forced to internalize some toxic social views in order to avoid being ostracized. Anna adopted more aggressive behaviours and would often alienate or insult her half-feathry cousins. Though she now realizes what she did was wrong, she is unsure of how to fix the damage she's done.