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Ember Ernesto

Name: Ember Ernesto

Nicknames: Em

Classification: Healer x Brawler

Age: 16

Gender: F

Species: Feathry

Roomate: Annaliese Ernesto

Family: Annaliese (twin sister), Martelle(cousin), Millaray (Mother), Carlyle (Father)

Character: Ember is a passionate person who is empathetic and tries to be understanding of everyone. She believes a good person can be found in most everyone and often tries to draw out that side in anyone she meets. Ember can be stubborn in trying to always help others, which does lead to some people taking advantage of her leniency and trust.

Ember is incredibly patient and tolerant of others. She tries to calmly handle situations and problems, but can get worked up if anyone refuses to listen to her. She prefers to avoid violence and persuasion by force, but will pull no punches if her patience and goodwill are expended. She is especially merciless to those who she realized have abused her kindness and betrayed her trust.

Ember doesn't like to cast judgement on someone based on things such as race or religion, but was raised an Elementalist in a Feathry-Only town, so some bias has been internalized, though she actively tries to suppress it.

History: Ember's story will be told in Dhark's Hero Stories, Volume 3.

Ember and her family was raised in a feathry-only town, and, as a result of such an environment, she and her sister were forced to internalize some toxic social views in order to avoid being ostracized. This has resulted in a rather rocky relationship between her and her half-feathry cousins, who she never actively antagonized, but made herself scarce when they needed to be defended.