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Puyon Mannula

Name: Puyon Mannula

Nicknames: None

Classification: Trickster (Openly a trickster at DHS)

Age: 15

Gender: F

Species: Human

Roomate: Jin Colfer

Family: Krova (Half-Sister)

Character: Puyon is incredibly reckless, which makes it seem like she cares very little for her well-being. She tends to act before thinking, following whatever she believes is right at the time. Her moral code tends to take priority over what she knows would be the smarter thing to do.

Puyon naturally hates the bad rep that tricksters have, and hopes to change people's opinions of them. She's honest and won't lie unless she felt it was absolutely necessary. She always honors a deal or a promise. She hates thieves, especially ones that don't really need to steal. Puyon respects people who respect her, especially when they know she's a trickster. She reserves her pranks for people who are hostile towards tricksters, especially people who are set in their ways about it.

While Puyon doesn't seem to mind people knowing she's a trickster at DHS, Puyon takes care to make sure the identities of other tricksters are kept a secret. Part of her ploy involves befriending people who are obviously not tricksters, like Ember Ernesto who's a healer, or Mariam Noles, who's an alchemist and can't afford not being able to use elemental magic. She happily accepts the blame for any pranks or tricks in the school as well, though truth be, she's not usually responsible for them.

Puyon does often blame herself if things go wrong and tends to be hard on herself. She still blames herself for all the mistreatment she's suffered from her past.

History: Puyon's backstory is told in Dhark's Hero Stories, Volume 1.

After leaving a horrible home life, Puyon was left in the care of the trickster mob in Mylenor, who would teach her how to be a better trickster. She left for DHS because she was curious to know if she could actually be a trickster and a hero.