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Pluto Ba

Name: Pluto Ba

Nicknames: none

Classification: Elemental Mage

Age: 15

Gender: F

Species: Human

Roomate: Eon Ka

Family: None

Character: Pluto is usually quiet, lost in introspection. She can be reasonably chatty with her 'sister' Eon, but rarely. She likes to sit in the background, and be apart from things. But when she's thrust in the middle of things unexpectedly, she has a short fuse and isn't above yelling a lot and having a bit of a tantrum. She'd usually much prefer to walk off somewhere quiet though, and be by herself.

History: Pluto grew up in an orphanage in the southern continent of Gaenor, with Eon and a whole bunch of other kids. She doesn't really remember anything about her family, but she does have a small gem that was left to her from her mother. This gem is an enchanted talisman that increases magic power and concentration, and helps in casting spells without reagents - which is super handy for Pluto, because she is slowly being quite an accomplished elemental mage. Of course, she sucks at hand-to-hand combat and using any sort of weapon.

Pluto has led a pretty good life so far, all things considered. It was a dream of hers and Eon's to go to an academy to become master elemental magi, and through a bit of good luck they managed to end up at Dhark's Hero School which is... near enough. She's been enjoying it so far, apart from oh, Mana and Dia's random quests. She's been having a few strange nightmares about random ladies killing themselves too, but that's something that's been going on for a while, so she's eh, mostly used to it by now. Or expecting it, at least.