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Enka, Ren and Tarl

Names (from left to right): Ren, Enka and Tarl

Nicknames: none

Classifications: Thieves and bandits, mainly

Ages: 27, 25, 28

Gender: M, F, M

Species: Scaler, half-scaler half-human, Scaler

Family: unknown

Character: Ren (the short brown scaler), Enka (the cranky half-scaler half-human) and Tarl (the tall red scaler) are a trio of ne'er-do-wells.

Ren and Tarl argue a lot with each other, but they'll follow Enka anywhere. Enka is bossy, that's why she's the boss. Seems to make sense.

History: Enka's main (and only) goal is to fly. As a half-scaler, she had teeny little wings she's incapable of flying with, and she does not like that at alllll. She also doesn't like that her skin grows patches of scales. She's generally cranky about that. Luckily she's got her friends to help her out! But all their plans involve criminal enterprise, so...

Luckily the one "criminal enterprise" these three have been caught for so far involved stealing magic from felimara, but that's apparently not super illegal so they're still on the streets, doin' fine.