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Name: Mia Gardenia

Nicknames: none

Classification: Princess

Age: 27

Gender: F

Species: Halfie (cat)

Family: Father and mother

Character: Mia is extremely spoilt, extremely rude, and extremely ill-tempered. If anything doesn't go her way she tends to throw her royal weight around until things do go her way,and woe betide anybody who gets in her way.

History: Despite being a Princess, and ostenably schooled in ettiquette, Mia behaves like a spoiled child. Being the only daughter of the King and Queen of Gardenia, there's probably a reason for that... probably because she is incredibly, incredibly spoiled. Though she's meant to be training to be the Queen, there's actually very little demands placed on her.

Mia's pretty much allowed to follow whatever pursuits take her fancy, and tends to act erratically as a result. Most of the Gardenian royal guard dislike her very much.