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Name: Nix Thorne

Nicknames: none

Classification: Monster hunter, musician

Age: 35

Gender: F

Species: Dryad, werebear

Family: unknown

Character: Nix is the owner of the monster shop in Mylenor. She provides DHS teachers with a wide variety of silly monsters to train the students with. Sometimes she goes out on hunting missions to source the meagerie she keeps, but more often she just trades with people for them. She's very wily, and always gets the best out of a deal.

She's also an accomplished musician, specialising in rap and hip-hop music that's actually very popular around Gardenia.

Nix can transform into a large brown bear, which she very much uses to her advantage.

Nix is usually seen to be in a good mood.

History: There's some weird secret in Nix's past as to why she's a dryad who has non-leafy hair. Is it because she's only a half-dryad? Or is it because she was cursed in some way? Or is it because she was originally designed for another purpose and totally shoehorned in? I refuse to answer that question. It's probably because she's a grass-dryad and has super-sharp grassy hair that she paints to look ridiculous.