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Scope Marsh

Name: Scope Marsh

Nicknames: none

Classification: Brawler

Age: 14

Gender: M

Species: Half-monster

Family: Father, five older brothers

Character: Scope is studying at a hero school that is not actually Dhark's Hero School - he goes to Hero High, in the south of the continent.

Scope is kind-hearted and jovial, but not very bright. He generally gets along with anyone, and goes along with all sorts of dumb schemes that Stanza and Azure come up with. More than anything, he wants to be a hero and fight monsters and save the ladies and the dudes.

History: Scope grew up in a secluded homestead with his immediate family, fighting monsters and living off the land. He's not had much formal schooling before, which explains a few things. He's all about fighting monsters with his bare hands, though. He wants to be a great monster slayer just like his dad.

His older brothers are all much better fighters than him, and are also far less educated.